Wild Peak Housing Co-op

Postal Address
Lawn Cottage
Wyver Lane
DE56 2EF

Electronic Mail friendsofwildpeak@gmail.com
01773 850493
Year started
Rural with 2 miles to nearest town/trains
Number of over 18s
Number of under 18s
Legal structure
industrial and provident society
Open in principle to new members
Charge visitors
Work in Lieu

We bought a property with land in Derbyshire. As well as housing the members and managing the property, the Co-op has further project ideas for the future, including: Conserving and developing the architectural and heritage value of our buildings. Exploring the possibility of sustainable and/or low impact new buildings and conversions to enhance the architectural and landscape value of the site. Ecologically based land management to conserve and enhance the biodiversity of the site. Sustainable, local, quality food production and food services. A base for community enterprise and cultural and recreational activity. A place for children to experience educational contact with nature and food production. Developing renewable energy solutions that work in harmony with the sensitive landscape of the Peak District.

community does not share income
community does not require capital from members
community does not have broadband internet access
community does not generates any of its own electricity
community does not use solar energy
community buildings insulated to a high standard
community members use bicycles
community does not have an organised system for car sharing
community is not accessible by public transport
community does not share utilities
community has tool sharing system
community has organised systems for recycling
community has some kind of ecosewage system
community is involved in land management
community does not grow vegetables
no communal animals
regular communal meals
community does not have policy which restricts smoking
community buildings not wheelchair accessible
community is involved in campaigning

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom


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Wild Peak Housing Co-op is currently looking for new members

Wild Peak is looking for members!   We have six spaces opening up at our housing and land coop in Derbyshire.

Send them a message:

Wild Peak Housing Co-op is currently looking for volunteers

Send them a message: