Landmatters Planning Success!

Barn at Landmatters

Few months ago we let you know Landmatters were approaching their latest planning deadline (they have had a few temporary permissions), now we can happily let you know they won and have Permenent permission to be on their land!!!

Here are a few words from them!

Established in 2003, Landmatters has now achieved permanent planning
permission for its development of horticulture, forestry, education and 8 low-
impact dwellings on its 42 acres in South Devon.

An application to remove Condition One, which limited the previous permission
to 5 years, was approved by South Hams planning department in April.  There
were no letters of objection, and over 100 letters of support.  A big THANK
YOU to all who wrote in and to everyone who has visited and supported us over
the past 13 years.

The application papers can be found on the Planning Portal under the reference
no.  0438/16/VAR