Commune on the Moors Book Launch

Commune on the Moors book launch

Commune on the Moors Online Book Launch

Taking its inspiration from the famous Summerhill School, Lifespan Community was founded in 1974. Its nineteen terraced houses are situated high on the Yorkshire Moors. Lifespan has certainly been through many phases, changes, triumphs and tribulations since that time. But it’s still going strong. Communes on the Moors tells the story of what happened in those intervening decades.

And now the BBC are getting in on the act! They’ve made this clip (first broadcast on 16 April 1975) available online with the text: “Pensioners Annie and Spencer Gaunt were left to their own devices in the hamlet of Townhead, until a new ecologically-minded commune moved in. Folk singer, Hylda Simms, was the driving force behind the new Lifespan settlement.”

This event was enjoyed by about 60 people on Tuesday February 2nd 2021

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