Welcome to the Noticeboards section. We get a lot of requests to put messages on this site and here's the place where they go. Most messages will only appear once they have been approved by a moderator. These are the categories that messages are displayed within:
Places needing Members
Places needing Volunteers
These are notices placed by existing UK communities that already have a full entry on this site. If you want to place (or remove) a message in this section on behalf of your community then you first need to navigate to your entry. Once there you can log in to the Content Management System. If you're an existing community that we don't know about then e-mail us to request an entry. We will require some information and a postal address from you before we consider giving you a listing - take a look at other entries to see how they have answered questions and selected particular icons. Once you have an entry then you'll be able to log in and keep it up-to-date.
Forming Groups
These groups are at many different stages of development. Some may be a bunch of people with an idea, some may be at a very advanced stage - perhaps about to purchase a property and looking for people with capital and commitment. Bear in mind that much of the information may be aspirational. We would expect Forming Groups to be looking to set up within the UK; have reasonably thought through ideas; and to have a fair number of prospective members already. So if your group doesn't match these criteria please put a notice in the People forming a Group section described below E-mail us to request an entry as a Forming Group. We will require some information and a postal address from you before we consider giving you a listing within this section. Once you have an entry then you'll be able to log in and keep it up-to-date.
People forming a Group
These are individuals, small handfuls of individuals or families that would like to find others to get something going. They're likely to be at a very early stage and so not big enough or thought-through enough to go into our Forming Groups section.
Properties might suit Communities
These are mostly notices about properties that might be suitable for communal living. Sometimes there may have been some kind of community resident there in the past or an existing group all want to leave at the same time.
People needing Communal Places
These are individuals or families who would like to join a group. More likely it will be an Existing Community but they might welcome an approach by a Forming Group.
General Noticeboard
Anything else that might be of interest to those who have an enthusiasm for communal living. As a registered user of this site you can place a single message on any of these last four noticeboards. You can edit, update, replace, move to a different noticeboard or remove your notice from public view at any time by logging in to your account. If you're not already registered then sign up now. If you placed a message at some time in the past then your e-mail address will be recognised. Please make use of this existing account and don't worry that you may have forgotten the password - the system will give you the opportunity to reset the password via a one-time login. You may also find that your User Name has had a number added to it to distinguish it from another user with the same name (e.g. two users both called "Jill&" will have become "Jill 1" and "Jill 2". If this is the case then feel free to edit your User Name. You still won't be able to have the same User Name as another person but you may well wish to replace the number with your family name. And remember... spaces are permitted!