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Accommodation, South Pembrokeshire

House share available for one or two persons in nice victorian house in small hamlet by estuary in south pembrokeshire. Use of whole house and productive organic garden overlooking the waterway.English as a Foreign Language tuition available as an option.Working studio in house also.No extra utility bills.State support is fine.£330 pcm fully inclusive.Thank you.Contact glyn james either via this site or direct on 07392060754 or Thank you.

message posted by Glyn
Living the dream :-°

Hi. Have you found anywhere yet?. It's not all it's cracked up to be. I bought a property to renovate with 15.85acres, currently in a caravan at the side of the property, water from a well (not clear water but clean, no flushing toilet as of yet (shite in a bucket) toilet but ready to change that. I'm currently on a petrol generator but hoping to mount my wind generators before Christmas (lol), go gas cartridge stove (one cook and you're out of luck) and it's pretty cold but I have a dream.... You're welcome to come and help me renovate my property in exchange for a place for life on my land as a guest of course but as long as you want to stay, (let's see if I can't sort the electricity situation out). Reply if you're interested. Patrick :-) a few relevant websites i've come across in the past few years... and so on and so on....... this lists eco villages worldwide and is beneficial to diggers and dreamers. Regards, Patrick.

message posted by furey2310
Small living addiction

I am an active female pensioner with a dream of living in a small chalet/shepherd's hut/flat as part of a community or smallholding. I have volunteered in couple of places on Diggers and Dreamers in kitchen, housekeeping and gardening (although I'm no horticulturist!) I am keen to live with ecology and clean environment as paramount. I have a background in accounts both paid and voluntary in commerce and charities. I can cook for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. I am comfortable caring for animals, domestic and farmyard inc. Alpacas! I have a clean driving licence but do not have my own car. I have a small rescue cat who lives indoors and I occasionally care for a 14 year old pug - we are all very quiet, clean, tidy and careful. I'm happy to work to augment any rent but can pay contribution to accommodation, food etc. Ideally a small place to live within reasonable travelling distance to outskirts of Bristol. Anybody out there with a space for me? Trish no Trash

message posted by Trish no Trash
Presenting my new book

My new book «Emily and the Hermit» is now printed and available for free circulation. The book is a dialogue on political philosophy, treating many questions of self-sufficient and democratic life in rural settings, along with other subjects. I believe it will interest people who are thinking about forming, joining or improving a self-sufficient community in economic and human terms. Should you be interested, I would be happy to send a copy of the book to an address of your choice.

message posted by Gregory Name
Wanted:caravan parking or barn/yard to rent/anything??

I'm medically retired from NHS and looking to move soon so seek parking to rent for a touring size caravan in which i live full time. Ideally a quiet spot on a family farm with water electricity on site or small rural certified caravan site. Or would rent a rural yard or barn steading with yard or forest/woodland site. Or alternatively may consider caretaker/security/warden/housekeeper arrangement,Ive plenty of experience and can provide references. Must be pet friendly,ive two cat companions. I currently work part time as a photographer and writer but ive experience with heavy plant and machinery and large livestock /heavy horses and have an hgv license. Not at all interested in living in a large working farm commune or religious/spiritual development centre (Im often asked,please dont waste your time asking me.Iike my peace and quiet and have no time for religion at all.) IM looking for somewhere in highlands or islands of Scotland,preferably western Scotland. Feel free to message,Ill reply asap subject to internet being available.

message posted by CristianoR
Bulgarian Road Trip

Hi from the 02/01/2019 to the 19/01/2019 i will be on a road trip to Bulgaria to look at properties in the Popovo area of Bulgaria i have 4 seats spare if it is of interest to anyone the fully inclusive cost of travel is £250 per person plus of course your food and accommodation im thinking hostels is the way to go to keep the cost down, if you would like to have a chat about the trip drop me a line. Regards Clive.

message posted by Vectis1956
would anyone like to come and help us in Bulgaria ?

Hiya everyone.......... I'm Annette, and with my Husband Chris... have this wonderful little farm here in Bulgaria, And, as you can probably imagine, were always needing a little extra help around the place. currently, I have 5 horses....3 Donkeys...Ducks and Chickens and rabbits, we also have 3 Dogs and 3 Cats. So, we were wondering if there is anyone out there that has their own little home, such as a caravan or a camper van that would like to drive over and park in our field in exchange for helping us out, we can supply electric and water to your little home, and of course, if you help us, the parking and electric and water would be absolutely free. Bulgaria is a wonderful little country, Which is right next door to Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia to the west, and Roumania to the North, we get about 300 days of sunshine each year, even today, the sun is out. Interested ? if so drop us a line for more details, our email is... Oh.. one other thing, not sure if I'm getting my messages properly ?, so dont forget to include your email... thank you. Bye for now. Annette and Chris.

message posted by Annette and Chris
9 acre Finca Catalonia

9 acre finca has olives, almonds, vines and 3 bed house ,lovely views, 4 kilometers to village which has everything - house sound and dry but requires fitting out, would suit DIY skilled person, offers around £30,000

message posted by Thomas Davison
For Sale

I have previously lived at Old Hall Community in Suffolk (twice) and now have a share in a field in Norfolk. Due to a change in circumstances I must now sell my tiny house. I have reduced it to £6,500, but will consider any(sensible)offer. This 14' x 8' Tiny House on Wheels was built by Tiny Eco Homes UK a year ago to my requirements but is now looking for a new owner. I started kitting it out with a few shelves and a table but it is more or less a blank canvas for someone to sort out to their own requirements. Perfect for use as a home office, garden room, glamping pad, granny annexe, for camping or even as a mobile studio. The exterior has thermowood cladding for long life; Interior has part pine, part plywood walls; Pine cladding to the ceiling; High density foam wall and roof insulation; PVC double glazed windows; Oak double glazed exterior door; There are 3 large storage cupboards at the rear which are accessed from the outside;Fireweaver woodstove fitted;Galvanised chassis, fully road legal for towing; The trailer is prewired with lights fitted and has a removable tailboard. There are some photos of it at - it's the small one! A couple of interior photos as well It is situated is North Norfolk. Please get in touch if you are interested or if you have any questions.My email is Thank you for looking.

message posted by Pam Norris
House and Pet Sitter Available over Christmas

I am a responsible, mature female with a love of animals and I am available to house and pet sit from 22/12/18 to 04/01/19. I have worked as a secretary in the past and also have a level 1 certificate in horticulture, so if you need your garden/open space tidied over the holiday, I'm the person you need. I live in the Midlands area and can travel anywhere in the UK, I would be using public transport so a contribution towards travel expenses would be appreciated. I would be able to provide references. I look forward to hearing from you.

message posted by Wendy Rogers
Looking for a place to live and play music.

Hello. I am a 36 year old woman. I am looking for a completely different situation for living. I want a place to live (I live in England) where I am free to sing any time I feel like it. Also, who accept DSS. Also I would like some company. If it is alone that is fine. If it is a room in your house that is also fine. I am sort of also hoping for people who know about alternative healing techniques as I am looking for complete rejuvination. If not it's fine too. Does anybody have any offers? Also I would really like to get to get together with musicians who are looking for somebody to sing. So altogether I want a place to live where I am free to sing, eg thick walls in a house or preferably no nieghbours or even better; a community where there are spiritual healers and musicians galore. A place where I can feel free and confident! Are there any offers or ideas?

message posted by Emma Kitching
Spain-Working with Animals for Healing people recovering from trauma or terminal illness

I put a notice up a while back to do this in South America. Unfortunately, my husband died recently, so things have changed and I am moving back to the EU. I am looking for mature caring souls who have been through a lot themselves, and who are looking to be around conscious people and to help heal others/ to share life on a finca/ farm in Spain to set up the following- A Sustainable Farm for Animal Therapy/ Human Healing working with specific animals/ Ecology/Art therapy retreat* for Healing people recovering from PTSD/severe trauma, grief, suicidal depression, or terminal illness. Suitable for people who are personally experienced with animal and human healing/ to create a co-operative with 4 other like minded healers/ecologists/artists/writers/alternative folk, location in rural Spain but not too far from the city or town. Possibly we could adapt an existing finca/farmhouse/ people with pets are welcome/ people deeply interested in offering healing or working with animals and ecology. People who have experienced and have or are recovering from grief, or who have survived and are healing or overcome deep trauma also welcome. Mostly kind hearts and wise souls and people not looking for drama, but also aware that we are all human, we need to express our humanity but in considerate and respectful forms of communication and expression within a safe and supportive community, maybe a quirky caring family of supportive folks who can all help one another to make an alternative life with an alternative community of warm reliable, real human beings and animals. lastvoicesofgaia at gmail dot com I speak English and Spanish, I have been an ecologist and rain forest activist in central and south america for eleven years. Im an author, environmental writer, paint, am a hypnotherapist, reiki, energy work, qigong, meditation /wounded healer. I have recently survived some unbelievable horrors and need to create a firm ground of healing and love to help create a new purpose in my life and help others heal too, especially looking for courageous people who are at the same point, the kind of people who have been through hellfire and back, the kind of folks who understand the depth of corruption and evil, but who want to counteract that with being kind and establishing caring solutions and ways to transform the craziness of this world by doing something that will help others. This is all I can do to keep going after losing my husband who went through serious injustices and who was my soul mate.

message posted by Carla Shaw
Anybody out there

Are there any older people thinking of downsizing and considering tennants in common purchase of property to share as an alternative? Lincolnshire, North Norfolk, Yorkshire, fairly near coast.

message posted by L Buton
Communally minded adult for vege home in London

Do you want to live somewhere that is a home rather than just a house? Are you a mature and responsible person who can take initiative and enjoy the benefits of working together to make a place function for everyone? The household is currently made up of 6 adults and two children, and we are looking for another adult to complete the home. If you are vegetarian (or happy to live in a vegetarian home) and interested in living communally then you could be the right fit for The Nevill. We live in a large converted pub, with lots of history and communal spaces; including dining room, spare room, a photographic dark room, garden, cellar/workshop and bike shed. The rent is £600/month and bills are £210/month which includes all utilities (wifi, electricity, gas, water, BT, TV license) AND food/drinks (except booze!) AND consumables (cleaning products, washing liquid,loo roll etc.)... Deposit of £600 is also required. The room is available from 1/12/18. We all share responsibility to cook, clean, shop etc... for the house and one another. We don't have rotas so want to live with people who can take responsibility to do what's needed. We're busy people, from various places and with broad interests (art, architecture, film, theatre, activism, football and the pub quiz!) who want to live in a friendly home, socialising, relaxing or having a rant with a cup of coffee/herbal tea or a glass of whiskey/wine/beer depending on the time of day. We share meals in the evenings whenever possible, taking turns to cook for each other. We meet people at least twice when filling rooms and have a 3 month probationary period to try and get the right fit. Please get in touch and tell us about yourself and your experiences and expectations of communal living if The Nevill sounds like a good fit for you!

message posted by The Nevill Community
Wanted: Good woman 45-65 ish

You: Calm, nurturing, happy, strong, resourceful, empathetic, and open minded, with driving license and desire to become live in friend, social companion and helper. Me: Vivacious, sapiosexual lady in mid 50's with anxiety and a moderate degree of PTSD, not interested in dating. Many interests, including rocket mass stoves/heaters, composting toilets, living off grid, permaculture and community living etc :-) Accommodation is offered rent free in exchange for help with cooking, cleaning and initially help to declutter and organise other stuff around the home. You would need to pay your own way when it comes to food and housekeeping costs because I'm very much into good quality food and making as much as possible from basic ingredients, where practical, avoiding processed food. No palm oil, hydrogenated veg oil, etc... The eventual hope is to co organise and develop a structure that will be the launch pad for a small community to develop. If you enjoy a challenge, are reliable, respectful, warm and friendly with a sense of humour, integrity and desires to build a self sufficient, permaculture type way of living as as green and frugal as possible, please contact me! :-) I have my own large (but for the moment cluttered) home, 2 miles from the beach with a small garden and a friend half a mile away who has a garden that can be developed like an allotment. I am located in between the popular seaside towns of Poole and Bournemouth, on the south coast of England and ideally located for all amenities and transport links. For now, this means being located in town but my ambition is to find something quieter without being far from the necessities. I have just acquired a small, old motorhome too and am aiming to get out and have fun times as soon as I can find the right lady to enjoy helping me gently build the confidence to expand my horizons. So someone with relevant experience too would be pretty wild! :-) Long term goals are to research the foundation of building a small intentional community for the joy of mutual support and friendship. I am working to sell my home when the appropriate group of people have coalesced and when we have identified what direction we need to go in based on group skills, needs and resources. If any of this resonates with you, please do message me with details of you and your circs, hopes and dreams at bumfodderdisposal at gmail dot com and I will respond. Include a phone number and the times you are available too and I will be very pleased to phone you! For some reason I never seem to get proper notifications from this site and have missed too many messages so please do email me directly on the address above if you want to be assured of a reply. Looking forward to hearing from you. :-) Ad astra, let the adventure begin...! :-)

message posted by Sprogella Sprog
Flat to rent in Mid-Wales co-housing

Flat to rent in the beautiful Dyfi Valley (mid-Wales). It's a 3-bedroom, semi-furnished ground-floor flat in a 'co-housing' that shares 8 acres of beautiful gardens, fields and woodland with neighbouring flats. There are stunning views of the valley. The nearest towns are Machynlleth (6 miles) and Aberystwyth (12 miles) and it is convenient for the bus and for Dyfi Junction train station. The place would suit community-minded person/couple/family. The rent is £580 per month (does not include utility bills) For more info write to

message posted by Amanda Starbuck
Vacancies in Sustainable Community in Gweek, Cornwall

Holifield Farm Project is a community project based in the beautiful hamlet of Gweek, South West Cornwall on the Helford River. We believe in renewable energy, sustainable development and recycling. The main business on the farm is a Day Care centre for adults with special needs. The trainees do horticulture, animal care, lots of arts & crafts, yoga and more. We also run events, hire out marquees, process salvaged timber, and we have several other building & maintenance jobs on the go. Including a Hostel which is nearly complete. TO READ THIS MESSAGE IN A MORE READABLE FORMAT GO TO We are looking for a couple of positive, passionate, ethically-minded people to move onsite, preferably in their own caravan (accomodation is up for discussion), in exchange for one day of work per week each on Holifield Farm Project. We ask for some extra voluntary days when we run our few annual events. THE JOBS/SKILLS WE NEED COVERED: A Personal Assistant (PA) to oversee the PR and Marketing of some aspects of our project also to manage communications and admin. The ideal candidates would have good organisational and communications skills. Experience of funding applications is desirable but not essential. The job description : To help promote and co-ordinate some of our projects including: ROOTS One Planet Thinkers Collective is a non-profit social enterprise. Read more here We need someoneto manage ROOTS: *to update the blog regularly with sustainable, environmental useful information - focusing on low-impact living. *to source and apply for grants and fundraise in order to run events about low impact living. *to organise these events which could involve workshops, flims & talks to do with low-impact living *to manage social media & marketing to do with Roots Hostel - Our hostel is nearly complete and ready for providing short breaks for people with Special Needs. The candidate would help with the PR marketing of this project along with possible funding bids. The job role would be flexible and we also welcome applicants with experience of working within the Caring professions or with building/construction experience. THE FACILITIES: We have a flat established site for a caravan/cabin/structure, have a communal shower (20p for 2 mins), compost loos, flushing loos, wifi available in the tea room in the evenings, bank holidays & weekends, communal washing machine. There are drinking water taps (from our borehole) and a possibility of access to electricity, although your own solar panels would be ideal. We have monthly community meetings and communal meals once every 2 weeks, usually on Wednesday evenings. If you feel you are the person or couple for the job (family friendly), please email us on with a bit about you & we can organise a time for you to come and meet us and get a feeling for this unique project, and whether it's for you. This would ideally be week days between 9 and 4 when the day centre is on. More info about the farm at PS. For clarity, the above jobs would take place as part of your one day per week exchange for living here - we don't currently have any paid positions.

message posted by Holifield
I have a dream - a retreat by the sea, and looking for friends

Someone once said that "if you do the job you love - you never work a day in your life." Thats my dream retreat. Hello all, I am a single woman 50, I am ready and keen to change my life in pursuit of my dream - a retreat, a place where one can relax, escape rate-race and enjoy the company of others similar-minded people, or have one's privacy. Its a place by the sea, with mostly out of doors lifestyle, where you can watch sunset on a beach, and always have someone(s) who's willing to join you whether its a snack on the beach, day out, just to talk or not, with no pressure. Its a place where a group of people, possibly from different background, working together to keep this place going, to be that special place. And everyone can be just themselves. No big parties or noise, off the beaten toursty track. Place that eventually can becomes a home for people who's running it. I am a dreamer, but with a lot of practical skills and experience. Creative, imaginative, reliable and very positive in the right environment. Most of all, a good friend for those who appreciate good real friendship. I live in UK for 26 yrs, before it was a city on the Black Sea. Neither of those places feel like home any more. So, I am on a mission to find that special place by the sea which I and hopefully few others can call home and be happy. This place may exist but if not - let's make one. With a positive attitude, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Please get in touch if you have same or similar idea. I am open to suggestions and ready to answer all questions. You could use this site or send me a message to eli71_gr at onetel dot com. Look forward to hear from anyone who's interested Many thanks / Natasha

message posted by angelpuzina
Permagricole, Near Bordeaux, France

Permagricole - South West France – Live-in Helpers Wanted We are looking for short and long-term live-in helpers who want to contribute to a new permaculture and agroforestry project on our farm in South West France. The farm, which has registered organic status, is situated around a former cognac distillery and extends over 100 acres. It is 45 minutes North of Bordeaux, 2km outside the town of Montendre. The farm consists of a vegetable plot, lake, stream and expansive meadowland that over time will be developed into forest gardens. In our first year of running we have developed a fruit and vegetable plot. Over the next year we will be expanding this current plot as well as planting 20 acres of mixed trees. In due course we will intersperse these trees with mixed perennial crops. We will also be introducing chickens and other livestock to the farm. We have converted sections of the old distillery, part of which makes up the living quarters for the helpers and us. We are gradually converting other parts of the building and are welcoming helpers with personal ‘sustainable’ projects that need space to be explored and developed. We are now looking for enthusiastic, hard working people to contribute their time and energy to the project. We are open to long and short term applicants. You should be interested in learning new skills and be happy to share your own knowledge. You should enjoy working as part of a team and be embracing of a communal way of living. Due to the infancy of the project it is well suited to those who enjoy practical problem solving and are interested in learning on the job about permaculture design. Experience in organic farming is ideal though not a essential. This new project is being headed by Kath Shortland. Kath is a part time blacksmith and homeopath and now a full time farmer. She has been growing food for many years and has studied permaculture in the UK. Kath’s brother Eric also contributes his time and expertise when he is not working on his organic farm in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. Please get in touch and tell us about your experience and what you will bring to this project. Come and enjoy working this wonderful piece of French countryside with us and join our team who live, work, grow and cook together. We now have instagram and facebook pages:

message posted by Permagricole
Studio /living Space S.Spain

Mature woman Artist seeks winter accommodation in Andalusia(mountains preferably) January, maybe longer. To rent possibly buy. Look forward to hearing from you.

message posted by Pheonix1
single male 26 looking for travel companions and other life experiences

I am looking for new opportunities in life, i am willing to help anyone if they are happy to receive it. would be nice to go travelling around the uk and europe with someone too, either going to new towns and cities or visiting communes eco villages etc. if anyone knows of anywhere to go please message, lets talk share ideas and stuff :) my email is

message posted by Liamplimmer1991
Villa and land now for sale in Puglia Italy

Countryside villa and amazing land close to the sea in beautiful Puglia Italy. Change in family circumstance forces sale of family home. 2 bedroom, 2 reception room, large kitchen diner. Property is surrounded by olive groves on 3 sides. Large terrace and pergola, benefits from own well. Stunningly designed mature garden. 3,500 square metres of well established land with 55 olive trees many fruit trees. much more to say . Selling for only 150,000 Euros. Can send photos video etc. Perfect for self sufficient lifestyle in ideal location. If seriously interested please contact Morgan

message posted by morganpan3
Open minded open hearted exchange

Dear friends, My name is Rade and I am trying to find someone out there who would be kind enough to try and exchange a small piece of their land where I could park a converted luton van and access it when ever needed.Ideally, as close as possible to London. What I bring onto the table is my good will to help the owner with whatever they might need help with on their land and the option of using my off grid cabin in Portugal as a place to spend some time during the year and sincere gratitude for reaching out and trying a new way of exchanging. My future Luton Van project is not done yet but I hope by spring time,possibly earlier, I will have it finished. I live in London,sadly,and I would like to be able to come and go from the land with maybe a short notice to the owner of a few days. The size of the land is not important really, just a place to park and a few square metres for access.As long as the area is dry and does not flood,we'll be happy.Woodland also fine. My 12y old daughter and me would sometimes spend a weekend there or just drive away for a few days. As I have said the owner of the land would be more then welcome to use my newly built small cabin in rural Portugal, near the river and easily accesible, possible caravan parking. I have experience with living off grid, wood working, building(with wood). Ideally, I would not like to involve money in this exchange. I am happy to help out and rest assured that I'll do my best to balance out the exchange. I am very open to any suggestions. Thank you so much for reading my post. Lots of Love, Rade

message posted by rade
Seeking Mid / Long term Project Development co-cordinators

Seeking Mid / Long term Project Development co-cordinators Location: Acequias Granada, Andalucia, Spain We are a land based sustainability project just starting out in the Granada region of southern Spain. We plan to increase biodiversity on the farm, build beautiful soil and have a bountiful harvest. We are looking at ways to help refugees / migrants / long term unemployed people gain skills in sustainable land use and equip them with the confidence and skill set to start their own ‘green enterprises’. We are seeking 2 volunteers to kick start the project with us. Either a couple or two individuals. We are looking for confident self-motivated individuals that between them cover the following skills set and are looking for an opportunity to get fully involved in the creation and fruition of an exciting project. Desirable skill set: It is desirable that at least one of the applicants will be a fluent Spanish speaker and feel confident making links between different organisations and businesses, seeking funding opportunities, relationships and potential purchasers for our products. Also navigating our way through the bureaucratic system and building beneficial relationships with our neighbours and local projects. At least one of the applicants will be a highly practical person with good basic skills in building / carpentry and able to take a central role in the renovation of a small ruin and caves and the construction of a tool shed and animal shelters. They will be confident instructing / managing volunteers to achieve this. Experience in land management, including using machinery such as brush cutters and chain saws, is desirable but not essential. Immediate tasks this winter will be to strim and clear areas of the land, clear around trees to rid parasitic plants and lots of pruning as the trees have been quite neglected. We will also be doing some olive and almond harvesting. We plan to begin clearing areas for planting and design systems of poly-cultures and understory crops. We welcome input from anyone with horticultural experience to assist in design and implementation. Setting up some propagation areas, possibly a poly-tunnel. We want to experiment with ways to create sustainable business models on the land, such as solar drying fruit, medicinal and culinary herb crops, speciality salads, unusual fruits …. ideas and creative experimentation would be encouraged. Confidence in co-ordinating / directing / managing volunteers Driving licence desirable. Communal living skills: Self awareness and initiative. Ability to contribute to cooking, washing up, cleaning and keeping communal areas tidy. Confidence and genuine like of children. We have a 4 year old daughter, she’s lots of fun, asks lots of questions and loves to have new people to play and chat to and to learn new things. We ask that prospective co-ordinators are able to invest a minimum of 30 hours a week in the project. We offer accommodation (possibly in a Mongolian yurt with wood-burnng stove, or perhaps own room in the house) and access to wifi, hot solar-powered shower, lounge, kitchen, pizza oven, BBQ etc. We normally eat at least one meal a day communally (taking it in turns to cook / wash up) and provide basic foodstuffs for other meals. We offer 80 euros a month per person towards extra costs. We are looking for mid to long-term involvement. A minimum of 6 months commitment, but for the right people there could be permanent opportunities to live and work on the land. There would be an initial (one month) trial period to establish that all parties want to make a shared commitment to work together. Availability for these roles is from now onwards, but there is flexibility about this. If you are interested, please apply by email briefly explaining how you meet the person specification and why you are interested in this kind of work; how long you would be looking to stay and what you want to learn / have opportunity to develop skills in while here.

message posted by la finca silvestre
48yr old woman and dog - both well behaved, seeking accommodation ( in-lieu)

Hello there diggers and dreamers! We are seeking a lovely community to come and live and work and play. Environmentally & spiritually tuned, smart, witty, compassionate folk with excellent manners offered and desired. Arrangement could be a waged post or reduced rent for a working-part-exchange (in-lieu). I do have extra curricular artistic pursuits and would not necessarily be on site 100% of each week but am able to structure a working week around those. Could commit to something long term should we be a good fit. My dog is exceptionally well behaved as am I. Currently working a live-in job in the South East, one month's notice would be required (as at August 2018) Happy to consider a relocation to any part of the UK. If you have suitable accomodation and need help with any of the following, then I might be worth contacting. Light gardening, cleaning, dog walking, other non commerical animal care, event organising, press and marketing, website design, newsletter writing/editing, proof reading, driving, storytelling (adults and children), cryptic crosswords, jamming, busking and laughing. I am vegetarian, my dog is not, but I could keep a separate fridge if a non meat household. THANK YOU very much for reading and do get in touch if you are liking the sound of us (or have any questions) for your community/household. All the best.

message posted by Saluki
Eco-village in France looking for interested persons

Hi, We are a family of four, planning to turn our 20-acre smallholding in beautiful France, into a small eco-village community. Shareholders would have their own homes on the site and contribute to the development and sustainability of the project by working with other members on the land, buildings and other projects. The property is located in the Charente department of France and is 30 minutes from Limoges airport. Potential members will need to demonstrate specific personal qualities and assets to bring to the project, these would include, kindness to others, a good sense of humour, a sense of adventure, a desire to live a life where helping and working alongside others for the greater good of the community is a top priority. Practical skills, (ecological building, animal husbandry, farming etc.) that are beneficial to the community as a whole are also of great importance. We have no interest in "free love" and we do not have any religious, spiritual or other beliefs or ideals. Simply put, we want a simpler, better way of living that is as self-sustainable as possible, without excess and waste, where everyone helps one another, without judgment, or prejudice, working for the greater good of the community as a whole. If this sounds like the kind of place you would like to call home and you're interested in learning more, please email us in the first instance at: We look forward to hearing from you.

message posted by Sara Bowles
Seeking part work exchange for accomadation (farm,garden,horses,carpentry)

Hello there Me and my partner Luke are looking for a place to stay for a period over 3+ months, we are both fit able bodied and have good experience of living within communities and rural settings. I am a gardener, and have been working in market gardens, farms, cut flower gardens as well as ornamental gardens. Luke has years of tree surgery and timber framing experience and is very handy all round . We both have done forestry work and have chainsaw licences. We work hard and understand the practicalities of living off grid as sustainably and are used to working for accomadation and board. We are looking for somewhere either with a community or on land where people are working and living, somewhere our skills can be utilised to create and further projects that might be underway at this place we are searching for. Ideally we are searching for somewhere to live, make, grow, garden and work with livestock and animals, especially horses, like has a great love of riding and we are both very interested in working horses in the traditional sense as well as riding and experiencing that relationship with another creature. All in all we are both very friendly and pretty people and we are looking for somewhere to help and take part in creating a place for the future.

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Place to Live

Hi all, we are early 50's vegan couple with 2 dogs who will be available to rent or work for rent on a mutually suitable Project.We are financially stable so can support ourselves but would love to learn more about off grid sustainable living that is environmentally as well as ethically noble. Where ? Let the wind be the guide ! Really flexible, not afraid of giving it a go anywhere. We would like to live amongst people & animals where all can trust & benefit. Ideally we would have a private house/yurt/lodge or cabin which we can either pay rent for or work to cover cost of. Love the idea of communal life & believe it works best when relationships have grown. We are both physically fit, neither of us are afraid of graft. Our skills are in general building work, ground maintenance, insulation, office skills, proof reading. Any challenge is worth consideration if the cause is good. We enjoy music, can knock a tune out ok when the wind blows in the right way. We have travelled extensively and lived abroad. We feel we do not belong in mainstream society, so are seeking alternatives. We will be ready from November 2017. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who may have idea's to discuss. Regards colin

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