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Wanting to get out of the rat race!

We are looking for an enthusiastic couple (man and woman), (non smoker or drinker) who are willing to help both in the house and gardens a few days a week, in exchange for accommodation, living in a log cabin which is situated in an old orchard away from the main house in a quite and peaceful position. If you have a craft skill such as wood carving ,sculpture art etc or can teach meditation, art, yoga etc. you may be able to sell you products or run some courses from here as well. We live in a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing area in the Monnow valley on the South Wales/Herefordshire border. For the last 29 years we have aimed to lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We have our own supply of water from the bore hole, we have installed PV solar panels and a bio-mass boiler. We endeavour to grow our fruit and vegetables throughout the year in our large and productive vegetable garden and greenhouse/polytunnel (without any sprays or chemical), When in season, we will provide you with vegetables, fruit, eggs from our free range chickens and honey from our bees. We mill our own wholemeal flour using a stone ground mill for our bread and rolls and we also make our own pasta, preserves, drinks etc. If you are a couple (Man and woman) looking for a quite peaceful life living mainly off the land, please email us at

message posted by Jeanette Ong
Great Accommodation, South Pembrokeshire

House share available for one or two persons in nice victorian house in small hamlet by estuary in south pembrokeshire. Use of whole house and productive organic garden overlooking the waterway.English as a Foreign Language tuition available as an option.Working studio in house also.No extra utility bills.State support is fine.£330 pcm fully inclusive.Thank you.Contact glyn james either via this site or direct on 07392060754 or Thank you.

message posted by Glyn
Looking for a place to live and play music.

Hello. I am a 36 year old woman. I am looking for a completely different situation for living. I want a place to live (I live in England) where I am free to sing any time I feel like it. Also, who accept DSS. Also I would like some company. If it is alone that is fine. If it is a room in your house that is also fine. I am sort of also hoping for people who know about alternative healing techniques as I am looking for complete rejuvination. If not it's fine too. Does anybody have any offers? Also I would really like to get to get together with musicians who are looking for somebody to sing. So altogether I want a place to live where I am free to sing, eg thick walls in a house or preferably no nieghbours or even better; a community where there are spiritual healers and musicians galore. A place where I can feel free and confident! Are there any offers or ideas?

message posted by Emma Kitching
Spain Off Grid House Share

I am looking for self sufficient person/s who enjoy DIY. Token rent of 100 Euros a month (+ half of bills internet, water ?) in exchange for help with maintenance of the place. Plenty of scope for projects such as a composting toilet, ecological dwellings, permaculture etc. on the15 acres of land here. The challenges of the property are: no mains water, or electrics and accessibility by a mountain track. Shops approximately 6 kilometres away. Many benefits: peace, tranquillity, good views, cheap living and its the perfect way to experience life off-grid with rainwater and solar electricity in a quiet countryside setting. Message posted by F

message posted by Fran Chalmers
Wanted:caravan parking or barn/yard/land to rent

Medically retired (59) from NHS emergency service and seeking small remote land area to rent for a touring size caravan in which i live full time.Ive no family or ties to speak of, just two cats. Ideally a quiet remote plot of land or woodland OR a parkup on a family run farm -as I do now, im happy but would really like a change.Must have water and hopefuly electricity on site. Also possibly interested in renting a rural yard or barn /steading with yard or forest/woodland site or cottage if very cheap even if requires work. I currently work part time as a photographer and writer into off-grid technology and self sufficient living. Not interested in living in a large busy working commune or religious/spiritual development centre (Im too often asked,please dont waste your time asking me.) Im very friendly but ive worked in two very stressful careers dealing in trauma now i seek solace and solitude.I like my own space, peace and quiet in the natural world,with as few people intruding in my life as possible. I am ideally looking for somewhere in the western highlands or islands of Scotland(previously lived on Harris),but will consider other more remote rural locations of England or Wales also. Nowhere near towns cities main roads or rail lines...i really do mean remote...small village nearby is as much as i can tolerate.No holiday sites. Feel free to message,Ill reply asap subject to internet being available.

message posted by CristianoR
Looking for a property...

Hello! My partner, myself, our daughter and our cat are looking for a home to rent in the West Country, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. We are thoughtful, good natured and respectful people, of others, of property and of the land and hugely interested in many traditional crafts,traditional music and culture. We would love to be somewhere rural, although on a fairly walkable distance to a bus stop would be enormously helpful as I don't drive, although my partner does. We are looking at anything up to 400-450 pcm, bills included would be great! We can pay a deposit and first month's rent and provide a guarantor. Whilst looking for work in a new area we may initially have to claim housing benefit. We are open to alternative accommodation too ie a static caravan etc, having lived in one before. A little garden space for the cat would be marvellous! Alternatively if you know of anyone offering apprenticeships in a traditional craft or farm work where we could find self contained accommodation that would be grand. We are also open to working in exchange for self contained accommodation. Thank you so much for reading and any places proposed or suggestions anyone may have, we would be so grateful for. Many thanks and best wishes Jess.

message posted by Jess
9 acre Finca Catalonia

9 acre finca has olives, almonds, vines and 3 bed house ,lovely views, 4 kilometers to village which has everything - house sound and dry but requires fitting out, would suit DIY skilled person, offers around £40,000 or 20% deposit and the rest over five years, will also swap for a flat/etc in Spain, Portugal ,France

message posted by Thomas Davison
Room to Rent in Glasgow

I have double room to let. The location is in Glasgow.On the outskirts in Kings Park area. £200 PCM includes bills(electric and gas) Double glazing central heating throughout the building. Shared lounge bathroom and kitchen. Near to local shops (post office grocers..)and public transport links to city centre. For relaxation great parks near by too. In process of creating a lovely forest garden. Vegans are welcome.

message posted by Chris Tomlinson
Wanted: Good woman 45-65 ish

You: Calm, nurturing, happy, strong, resourceful, empathetic, and open minded, with driving license and desire to become live in friend, social companion and helper. Me: Vivacious, sapiosexual lady in mid 50's with anxiety and a moderate degree of PTSD, not interested in dating. Many interests, including rocket mass stoves/heaters, composting toilets, living off grid, permaculture and community living etc :-) Accommodation is offered rent free in exchange for help with cooking, cleaning and initially help to declutter and organise other stuff around the home. You would need to pay your own way when it comes to food and housekeeping costs because I'm very much into good quality food and making as much as possible from basic ingredients, where practical, avoiding processed food. No palm oil, hydrogenated veg oil, etc... The eventual hope is to co organise and develop a structure that will be the launch pad for a small community to develop. If you enjoy a challenge, are reliable, respectful, warm and friendly with a sense of humour, integrity and desires to build a self sufficient, permaculture type way of living as as green and frugal as possible, please contact me! :-) I have my own large (but for the moment cluttered) home, 2 miles from the beach with a small garden and a friend half a mile away who has a garden that can be developed like an allotment. I am located in between the popular seaside towns of Poole and Bournemouth, on the south coast of England and ideally located for all amenities and transport links. For now, this means being located in town but my ambition is to find something quieter without being far from the necessities. I have just acquired a small, old motorhome too and am aiming to get out and have fun times as soon as I can find the right lady to enjoy helping me gently build the confidence to expand my horizons. So someone with relevant experience too would be pretty wild! :-) Long term goals are to research the foundation of building a small intentional community for the joy of mutual support and friendship. I am working to sell my home when the appropriate group of people have coalesced and when we have identified what direction we need to go in based on group skills, needs and resources. If any of this resonates with you, please do message me with details of you and your circs, hopes and dreams at bumfodderdisposal at gmail dot com and I will respond. Include a phone number and the times you are available too and I will be very pleased to phone you! For some reason I never seem to get proper notifications from this site and have missed too many messages so please do email me directly on the address above if you want to be assured of a reply. Looking forward to hearing from you. :-) Ad astra, let the adventure begin...! :-)

message posted by Sprogella Sprog
Looking to make some connections...

Hi, I live in the UK and I'm planning a trip to Europe this year to visit some communities and learn about this way of life. I'm interested in buying a piece of land or joining an existing community to start living simply and self-sufficiently. I am particularly interested in doing this in Europe. So far I have found a few very expensive possibilities (650 Euros for an experience week!) that do not interest me. I'm hoping to exchange my hard work for knowledge and experience. I'm considering WWOOFing and Workaway. Does anyone have any advice or information that might be useful? I'm hoping to make some connections with like minded people. It would be great to hear from you if you can help or perhaps you're in a similar position? Cheers. Jon

message posted by JPRB
Looking for land-based home and/or work in East Anglia/London area.

Hello there, I have recently moved to the East Anglia area. I would really love to find some land-based work, and even more so, I would love to find somewhere land-based to live. My skills are working with community, artistic, general growing knowledge, mucking in mentality, event management and probably other things I can't think of right now. I am very happy to pick veg, help out in general, and also to learn! Please get in touch if you have any offers, ideas or would just like to say hello and connect. I am very happy to explain further/say much more via private messaging. Warm wishes x

message posted by Holly PJ
Annex for a lodger/s with communal yard and nature reserve.

Located near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, we are a family looking to share our community space and our ideals. We are currently looking for a lodger or lodgers for our 1/2 bedroom annex. We would prefer to share with fellow vegetarians/vegans and, as this is a nature reserve, we are unable to accept pets. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

message posted by Cliff Grout
Would anyone like to come to Spain?

Hi, I'm a British woman living in Spain. In the south, in a vibrant community in the old part of a traditional town. It's the real Spain, the part most people never see when they come on holiday. I have an immune disorder and I struggle to keep up with looking after my home and rescue cats and dogs, and it seems like a perfect opportunity for someone who would like to live here, rent free, and help out a bit. You'll have your own double room, plus full use of the rest of the house, including the secluded patio and upper terrace. We'll need to get on well to share a house, so here's a bit about me. I'm politically very left (Political Compass calls me an anarcho socialist), passionate about animal welfare, childfree and carfree, a feminist, LGBT+, and enjoy long conversations about politics, society, psychology, the environment, and how everything intertwines. I'm currently living frugally on the residual income from old investments while I work on my writing (fantasy fiction). You need to be an animal lover and smoke and drug free, calm and non-confrontational, open minded, with a positive outlook. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

message posted by Louise Venison
Musical couple looking for somewhere to park up and help out :-)

Hi everyone! We are a couple with a very friendly dog who currently live in a self-converted camper. We are both musicians, who gig on a semi-regular basis. We are looking for somewhere rural where we could park our bus in exchange for work. Between us we have the following skills; general handy work, animal care, cleaning, teaching, aircraft mechanic skills (transferable to other engineering type work) cooking, child minding, general housework and any other tasks! We are highly adaptable :-) we are entirely self-sufficient, with no need for electric, just somewhere near to fill up on water. Any location considered, but we are currently located around South Staffordshire. Please get in touch :-)

message posted by Freebird1967
Wild Flower meddow, Looking for help starting an off grid camp sight

Hello, I am an artist, veg grower, musician, chi gong teacher, I am very dyslexic and frozen by paper work. I am looking for help to apply for and create a camp sight on my 6 acre small holding 6 miles from the cost in south Devon. Accommodation I can offer is very basic eg: a van with a burner and a very basic compost loo, until we have made a proper one. For a chat please call Si: 07971118053

message posted by si
Rural Farm Retreat Accommodation - Offering Talking Therapy (35mins from London)

Rural Farm Retreat Accommodation - Offering Talking Therapy - Comprising of a room in the farmhouse with its own access from the garden. The garden room has its own en-suite shower room. The door linking the room to the main house is locked on both sides and therefore there is no access to the main house or the kitchen. However, opposite the door to the garden bedroom is a log cabin, which has several uses and is used as an office, a talking therapy room, a lounge for relaxing, reading and watching DVDs on a small screen and where a continental breakfast can be served/prepared each morning and also where a simple evening meal can be prepared in the microwave by a guests staying in the garden bedroom.The log cabin also has a mini fridge and tea/coffee making facilities. There is also a garden table and four chairs outside the garden bedroom door, during the warmer months, for guests staying in the room to use. The farm is a non-working farm, situated in a nice quiet country lane on the North Downs in Kent in an area of outstanding natural beauty, standing in 12.5 acres of private grounds, made up of fields and woodland, which our guests are welcome to walk in and explore, with views of the neighbouring 12th century Church. Although rural, the farm is only 10 minutes drive from the A2, 25 minutes drive away from Bluewater Shopping Centre and 15/20 minute drive to the local train stations for trains into London Victoria (fast train 35 minutes and slow train 55 minutes). Central London is only 34 miles away. The retreat is offered for three nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) between 31st March and 1st November. Contact for more details

message posted by Denise Mileson
would anyone like to come and help us in Bulgaria ?

Hiya everyone.......... I'm Annette, and with my Husband Chris... have this wonderful little farm here in Bulgaria, And, as you can probably imagine, were always needing a little extra help around the place. currently, I have 5 horses....3 Donkeys...Ducks and Chickens and rabbits, we also have 3 Dogs and 3 Cats. So, we were wondering if there is anyone out there that has their own little home, such as a caravan or a camper van that would like to drive over and park in our field in exchange for helping us out, we can supply electric and water to your little home, and of course, if you help us, the parking and electric and water would be absolutely free. Bulgaria is a wonderful little country, Which is right next door to Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia to the west, and Roumania to the North, we get about 300 days of sunshine each year, even today, the sun is out. Interested ? if so drop us a line for more details, our email is... Oh.. one other thing, not sure if I'm getting my messages properly ?, so dont forget to include your email... thank you. Bye for now. Annette and Chris.

message posted by Annette and Chris
Seeking tenancy of a garden house, an annexe or a converted barn

While living in the S.E. of Devon UK, as a lodger/caretaker/gardener in an old Victorian home, I'm on the look out for an independent tenancy, in this part of the UK, choosing to live in my own space, kitchen etc. preferably also the private use of a garden, or piece of a garden. I'm Dutch by birth and moved to the UK in 2015. Living rural at the seaside is welcome, as long as there's bus-transport nearby. I'm saving for an e-bike now. The rent I can afford is max. 400 BP a month, all bills included. From July 1st 2020 I'll by able to apply for housing benefit, free to choose a higher payment of rent. I also offer work in exchange for a lower monthly rent. My skills are house/pet sitting, garden maintenance, growing organic vegetables and flowers, crafting with wool, cooking: vegetarian and a small percentage of red and white meat, plus fish. I've worked as a self employed organic caterer, childminder and nutritionist, now retired since Jan. 1st 2016. Writing, hiking, swimming and singing are favourite pastimes for me, making drawings in nature too. I'm not yet in a hurry to move, but please, when you've decided to rent out part of your property, or your home, on a long-term basis, your email message is appreciated!

message posted by Marian B.
2 bedroomed smallholding to let in bulgaria

we have a lovely 2 bed modern smallholding to let long term here in the wine growing region of Bulgaria!The cottage sits on an acre of land with barns and storage buildings.(more land if you want to rent) Cottage has modern bathroom , fully equipped kitchen , 2 bedrooms and lounge with wood burner, private garden and patio.With beautiful views down this quaint valley! here time has stood still ...horses and carts trundle by, the shepherds walk past with their cows and goats; the air is clean and the summers are long,perfect for growing and full of wildlife.We live in the next cottage ...we are permaculterists and have flocks of birds and a few sheep ...the village has bars , post office ,pharmacy doctors and shops ...also buses running to the nearest towns ..where both national and international connections can be made by train...Romania is 2 hours away , Turkey is 6 hours, Greece 3 hours Rental monthly is £250 Deposit £300....Bartering is a way of life here so open to negotiations on that rent...why not take a while out of the hustle and bustle and step into a slower ,gentler way of life !

message posted by Andrew Davis
Gardener/builder wanted N. Lincs

We are in the early stages of creating a community but have bought an adjoining property and are having all the basics done professionally and to Building Standards. For the next phase we need some help getting the garden and final stages in the house (joinery, brickies, decorating, tiling etc) done. This could take 6 months or so. We have space to park up a van if you have one. The project involves our house and the (was) derelict house next door, which we have had re-roofed, new windows, all new plumbing and gas CH now and all new electrics. It was a complete ruin six months ago. Now we need the garden sorting out too and we dont have a clue. I would like a kitchen garden plus the area behind the house into a small courtyard garden. We may also require some help in the house so anyone with plastering, bricky, joinery skills can make a home here for a while. All the infrastructure is being done to Building Standards as the long term view is a community living. Which at the moment means you have to have HMO standards or people from different backgrounds cannot co-habitate. We are getting all that done. We just need people now, preferably mature people over 45 with no dependent kids, to come and help get this thing off the ground. The idea is to build a community for cool seniors who dont want to end up in commercial care homes. I'm 55, my husband is 60. There is no capital investment needed at this point. Just an interest. But in the meantime we need younger people or skilled workmen to help us build the dream. It will be you next!

message posted by samyorks
A place in southern Sweden anyone?

Hello! Interested in Scandinavia anyone? I am looking for a place in Skåne in southern Sweden where I can realize creative and "reko" (a word in Swedish often meaning local, sustainable, fair and organic) ideas. I am interested to move to Röstånga reko-village when it is built and that is why I, or we, are interested in moving to this particular area which is also close to Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen (1h). I would like to hear from you who are interested in living in this geographical area where also other exciting projects are taking form and create a sustainable community embedded in the local community. I found a building for sale which has lots of space and possibilities. It could be a good co-space and living space as well. This is not a job offer but if you have project ideas that you would like to realize and live on this might be for you. Come and discuss your community and project visions in our Facebook community page.

message posted by Cecilia
Very experienced Multi Skilled Estate Handyman, Gardener, Chauffeur, Large Vehicle Driver and very decent van dweller seeks handyman work on an estate plus a peaceful place to park overnight in Central England/Wales/Midlands area..

Favour for a parking spot would be returned by me in the form of weekly garden maintenance or building maintenance work on your home or estate. I'm ideally looking for a forty hour per week job but I will settle for less if I can find extra work elsewhere. I'm a quality and very capable multi skilled maintenance man with good references who is presently looking for a new multi skilled handyman/gardener/driver job ideally on a single estate in the Central England/Wales or in or around the Midlands area of the U.K. I have been employed in similar multi skilled, technical building and gardening, grounds maintenance and construction positions at various places in the past including large hotels, schools, country etates and other establishments. I'm a decent, respectable, well spoken, hard working, fifty year old, presently single, peace loving, alternative minded van dweller who has an eye for detail. I love nature, wildlife, camping, living off grid and being outdoors. I'm fit and healthy and I don't take drugs. I'm not very materialistic and I choose to live a simple, cheap and very legal life living in my standard sized Ford Transit van. I am looking for a safe and peaceful place to park on evenings and weekends. I would be very open to renting out a large garage or secure shed too if you have one for let in order to store my stuff which is currently in storage elsewhere. This isn't a necessity though if you do not have any storage! I would be happy to act as a watchman while on your land or provide occasional company for an old person or for any woman who lives alone and who would like to feel more protected or less lonely. My van is taxed, insured and roadworthy. All I would need would be: access to an external cold water supply, access to a washing machine once a week, a bin,tumble drier and or clothes line. I would be very happy to shower outside behind a screen at the rear of my van using my own low voltage hot power shower system so I would need no access to any house other than for letter collection that is if you were happy for me to use your address as a care of address for my post. Very occasionally I may need a 240 volt connection but I do have solar panels and extra batteries on board my van so this would be very rare. I would be happy keeping myself to myself (if preferred) parked up in a quiet corner of a field or in someone’s country garden or estate where there is access to the road. I own a new high quality Balmoral lawnmower which gives perfect stripes on quality lawns plus other garden equipment and many other tools so I would be happy to negotiate a weekly payment or number of hours of work to pay for my nightly parking spot. I'm a country loving man who does not enjoy crowded town and city areas and I am fed up of parking over night in laybys on noisy main roads or in busy places in the city. I would also be open and willing to integrate with a group of nice peace loving, alternative minded people on a nature biased commune set up somewhere in the central England/Wales/Midlands area if I can find one. If you are looking for a handyman and gardener and if you are based in or near the areas mentioned then please get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Gram.

message posted by Gram
Vacancies in Sustainable Community in Gweek, Cornwall

Holifield Farm Project is a community project based in the beautiful hamlet of Gweek, South West Cornwall on the Helford River. We believe in renewable energy, sustainable development and recycling. The main business on the farm is a Day Care centre for adults with special needs. The trainees do horticulture, animal care, lots of arts & crafts, yoga and more. We also run events, hire out marquees, process salvaged timber, and we have several other building & maintenance jobs on the go. Including a Hostel which is nearly complete. TO READ THIS MESSAGE IN A MORE READABLE FORMAT GO TO We are looking for a couple of positive, passionate, ethically-minded people to move onsite, preferably in their own caravan (accomodation is up for discussion), in exchange for one day of work per week each on Holifield Farm Project. We ask for some extra voluntary days when we run our few annual events. THE JOBS/SKILLS WE NEED COVERED: A Personal Assistant (PA) to oversee the PR and Marketing of some aspects of our project also to manage communications and admin. The ideal candidates would have good organisational and communications skills. Experience of funding applications is desirable but not essential. The job description : To help promote and co-ordinate some of our projects including: ROOTS One Planet Thinkers Collective is a non-profit social enterprise. Read more here We need someoneto manage ROOTS: *to update the blog regularly with sustainable, environmental useful information - focusing on low-impact living. *to source and apply for grants and fundraise in order to run events about low impact living. *to organise these events which could involve workshops, flims & talks to do with low-impact living *to manage social media & marketing to do with Roots Hostel - Our hostel is nearly complete and ready for providing short breaks for people with Special Needs. The candidate would help with the PR marketing of this project along with possible funding bids. The job role would be flexible and we also welcome applicants with experience of working within the Caring professions or with building/construction experience. THE FACILITIES: We have a flat established site for a caravan/cabin/structure, have a communal shower (20p for 2 mins), compost loos, flushing loos, wifi available in the tea room in the evenings, bank holidays & weekends, communal washing machine. There are drinking water taps (from our borehole) and a possibility of access to electricity, although your own solar panels would be ideal. We have monthly community meetings and communal meals once every 2 weeks, usually on Wednesday evenings. If you feel you are the person or couple for the job (family friendly), please email us on with a bit about you & we can organise a time for you to come and meet us and get a feeling for this unique project, and whether it's for you. This would ideally be week days between 9 and 4 when the day centre is on. More info about the farm at PS. For clarity, the above jobs would take place as part of your one day per week exchange for living here - we don't currently have any paid positions.

message posted by Holifield
Villa and land now for sale in Puglia Italy

Countryside villa and amazing land close to the sea in beautiful Puglia Italy. Change in family circumstance forces sale of family home. 2 bedroom, 2 reception room, large kitchen diner. Property is surrounded by olive groves on 3 sides. Large terrace and pergola, benefits from own well. Stunningly designed mature garden. 3,500 square metres of well established land with 55 olive trees many fruit trees. much more to say . Selling for only 150,000 Euros. Can send photos video etc. Perfect for self sufficient lifestyle in ideal location. If seriously interested please contact Morgan

message posted by morganpan3
Open minded open hearted exchange

Dear friends, My name is Rade and I am trying to find someone out there who would be kind enough to try and exchange a small piece of their land where I could park a converted luton van and access it when ever needed.Ideally, as close as possible to London. What I bring onto the table is my good will to help the owner with whatever they might need help with on their land and the option of using my off grid cabin in Portugal as a place to spend some time during the year and sincere gratitude for reaching out and trying a new way of exchanging. My future Luton Van project is not done yet but I hope by spring time,possibly earlier, I will have it finished. I live in London,sadly,and I would like to be able to come and go from the land with maybe a short notice to the owner of a few days. The size of the land is not important really, just a place to park and a few square metres for access.As long as the area is dry and does not flood,we'll be happy.Woodland also fine. My 12y old daughter and me would sometimes spend a weekend there or just drive away for a few days. As I have said the owner of the land would be more then welcome to use my newly built small cabin in rural Portugal, near the river and easily accesible, possible caravan parking. I have experience with living off grid, wood working, building(with wood). Ideally, I would not like to involve money in this exchange. I am happy to help out and rest assured that I'll do my best to balance out the exchange. I am very open to any suggestions. Thank you so much for reading my post. Lots of Love, Rade

message posted by rade