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Large Room Available in Glasgow

I have double room to let out in my private cottage flat in Glasgow.
It would be suitable for vegans.
Near to local public transport links into the city and beyond.
Parks and local shops close by too.
£252 per calendar month for rent of room.
Need to know more please ask?

message posted by Chris Tomlinson
Couple seeking accommodation to rent

Mature professional couple (40s/50s) seeking accommodation in the Abergavenny - Monmouth - Hereford area. We have one old, non-aggressive, female cat. Ideally we would like somewhere detached, though this need not be a house. Rural areas preferred.

message posted by Christopher551
single room in east london

Single room in Leytonstone Edwardian terraced house with three bedrooms. Quiet house in friendly street. Two of us here.
£75 a week inclusive.
We'd like someone who is keen on gardening (small back garden). beautiful small front garden.
Vegetarian household. Piano, books, records... We do art, music, therapy, poetry, reading..
We like to share some meals.
You are invited to meet us. 15 Matcham Road, London E11 3LE. Phone 0208 555 5248 if you have questions. Ros

message posted by Ros Kane
Would "YOU " like to come and live in Bulgaria ?

Hiya everyone..........
I'm Annette, and my Husband is Chris...
As the title Suggests.. Would you like to come and live in Bulgaria ?
for those of you that dont know Bulgaria, let me tell you, its a lovely little Country that borders Greece and Turkey to the south ( Istanbul is only a five hour drive away from our location ) and. The Bulgarians.... well, they are the most nicest people I have ever met... they really are. OK... have I got your attention ? hope so. Over here we get in the region of 300 days of Sunshine each year.. even today (February the 10th ) its so lovely out.. i'm down to wearing just a tee shirt, .Anyway.if you would like to come and live here. and have a maximum of 10.000 Pounds.. tops.
you can buy a lovely house here with lots of land to keep animals....
( I currently have 4 horses,....15 Ducks....10 chickens ....2 Rabbits... 3 dogs and 4 cats. )
Now... your house here wouldnt cost 10.000 pounds.. no where near it in fact.. but it would have to be brought up to English standards, and thats where my husband Chris comes in.
Our house.. needed a awful lot of work to begin with
but now.... its my palace.
and he ( Chris ) has asked me to tell you.... he can put in a proper English Bathroom with a sit down Toilet ( got to have one of those, havent we girls.)
and a nice fitted kitchen, with nice cabinets and things that we all need, together with double

The cost of living here in Bulgaria ?... you will be amazed, to start with... the road tax per year is 97 Bulgarian Lev ( 42 pounds a year ) Our Property tax per year is 57 Lev ( 25 pounds ) and thats with 2 acres of land. plus..there is no T.V. license fee here either.
and...Every 4 weeks, when his pension arrives from England, we drive to the city and do out Monthly shop..
we did this last Friday ( February the 7th ) and we filled up 2 shopping carts to overflowing ( we dont skimp ) and the total bill at the check out was 390 Bulgarian Lev ( 170 Pounds ) and thats for a month.....

So, are you interested ? if you are.... please drop us a line, and I'll give you more information if you want it....

OK ... going to get some sun....
bye for now.
Annette and Chris Bulgaria.
oops... heres a important update.......
I've received several messages from people asking about the 10.000 pounds that I mentioned in my message....
so.. please let me explain, the cost of your house would be approximately 5000 pounds, and the other 5000 pounds would be for all the remodelling, appliances and double glazed windows. ...hope that makes things a little more clear and sorry for any misunderstanding. x

message posted by Annette and Chris
Transit driver/assistant required for journey to France

This is a long shot, I know, but I'm in the process of realising my dream, i.e. buying a little house in France with sufficient land to be, hopefully, sustainable. Neither my son nor I drive and our friend who usually drives us over cannot as he has a new job so would be unable to quarantine upon his return to the UK. We need someone who would be prepared to drive us and our essential items (mattresses, duvets, linen, kitchen equipment, clothing, etc.) over in a hired van, stay the night or two, and then return the van to the UK and quarantine, if it's still necessary. Perhaps you live on a smallholding or somewhere where it would be easy to quarantine or, perhaps you'd just like a change of scenery and company.There'd be no payment but you'd be fed and offered a holiday in rural France when we're settled. I was a Workaway host for six years so hope to be doing this in the again in the not too distant future. Thank you for reading.

message posted by MsJHH
Greek island Artist Cottage with option to buy off workshop studio

For sale Greek renovated home 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath plus sleeping loft. Outdoor spa baths. Gardens fruit and nut trees. Access to a second property with larger gardens 10 minutes from the house is also for sale. It is a sculptor's studio with an open work shop. The main house is fully renovated while the cottage needs finishing off. This property would suit small family or two couples. Perfect for self sufficiency living. Priced to sell. See email for photos.

message posted by Catherine
9 acre Finca Catalonia

9 acre finca has olives, almonds, vines and 3 bed house in the style of a castle, lovely views, 4 kilometers to village which has everything - house sound and dry,outside ready for painting, inside requires fitting out, top terrace suitable for rented yurts next to old moorish watch tower, excellent views and starry sky would suit DIY person who wants to live off the land and rent out.
offers around £40,000 or down payment and rest over 5 years would also consider partnership in project

message posted by Thomas Davison
Seeking tenancy of a garden house, an annexe or a converted barn.

While staying in my home in The Netherlands, for as long as the pandemic lasts, I'm planning to travel overseas again, westwards. Springtime 2021 at the latest.
I've lived for almost 5 years in Britain. Since June 2018 I've lived in the S. East of Devon, as a caretaker/gardener in an old Georgian home.

I've worked in a market garden, as a volunteer. Working on the land is the kind of work I love to do 1 or 2 days a week. My wish is to live for the remains of my years, on the coast close to a harbor or beach. With organic farms nearby.
A tourism overdose with empty holiday homes, turning the village or town into sleeping mode isn't my cup of tea.

I've grown fond of the seaside while living with a coast all around, Brixham and Dartmouth were on comfortable distance, traveling by bus. I don't drive, but I've got an electric bike.

I'm on the lookout for an independent tenancy, on the coast of Sussex (South Downs) or the west coast of Ireland. A home for 1 person, with a garden for growing vegetables in a rural area, is welcome, as long as there's a road to ride my e-bike and a bus-connection to shops, etc. I'm making long bike rides now, in Holland and I do walk for hours as well.

The rent I can offer to pay is about 400 BP a month, all bills included. With housing benefit, the rent could be more. My offer to maintain the garden, if there's one, is an option in exchange for a lower rent. I do appreciate proper talk and honesty.

Coming July 1st I shall have received settlement status in Britain, with the right to receive housing benefit in tow. It's my intention to remain Dutch by passport and I receive my income from the Dutch government, as a retired woman of 69. My skills are gardening, garden maintenance, growing organic vegetables and flowers, crafting with wool, cooking, and making preserves. I know how to find food in the wild.

I've worked as a self-employed organic caterer, childminder, and nutritionist, now retired since Jan. 1st 2016. Writing, hiking, swimming, and singing are favorite pastimes for me, as well as spinning wool and dry-needle-felting.

I'm not in a hurry to move yet, for I'm in my home in Holland, probably for the remains of this year 2020. But please, when you've decided to rent out part of your property, for private tenancy, or your home, on a long-term basis, your email message is appreciated. Thank you!

message posted by Marian B.
Mother and child looking for new community home

I am a parent of a 12 year old son ,looking for a new wild beautiful communal home to get stuck into with perhaps homeschool , creative gallery ,music studio forest garden etc Must have natural well/springwater and organic gardens and peaceful happy living . Open to suggestions! 07598884131
We are into healthy eating , partying sometimes (but dont use drugs or alcohol and would not tolerate living with people who take drugs), rock music ,meditation , yoga , chigung, martial arts , climbing ,kids stuff , art, holistic therapies , crafts , forest school and fun. Wanting to share cooking together and share childcare and be mutually supportive.

message posted by Rose red
Seeking Work / Exchange with contribution

Thank you for taking time to read my message.I am.a well traveled lady in her mid 50s. A contract Nanny and Holistic Therapist. Actively seeking to gain some community living preparation to looking for a long term option. Hard work conscientious. Worked onnexchanges in Switzerland and Mexico. As well as festivals..interested in tinny house living. Community living with own space. Pref alternative.happy to work with Animals. Children the house. Setting up retreats. Helping with Glamping. Last year spent the summer as a campsite warden on a wild to interesting ideas.lolove sharing skills and learning new ones. So look forward to hearing from you.

message posted by Amanda
Huge opportunity

As I am searching the internet for that special little place I am hoping to find I stumbled over a very interesting property.
The property is located in Derbyshire, England. This is within the peak district national park. They are looking for Tenders to land (261 acers) and buildings (including farmhouse with traditional buildings and a range of modern buildings). They will let this property to someone who will tend to the land in range with permaculture livestock. This is a huge opportunity for someone so please share far and wide!

message posted by Joyce Rundqvist
Open for new community member(s)

We are a household of 10-11 people with more in adjacent cottages in a on a beautiful farm in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. A couple of miles away is Forest Row, a thriving village widely known as a centre of alternative lifestyles and ecological activities. Our small community is open to a new couple or individual (sorry, we don’t have space for more children) who will have private accomodation, and will be part of the community, with use of extensive gardens, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, woodlands, farmyard etc. There will be no rent to pay. Instead, the contribution will be in the form of some hours of work to be agreed in advance depending on skillsets of the applicant, but will include somel of the very wide range of activities: garden work, looking after animals (pigs, chickens, bees plus potentially adding more to the smallholding), ecological woodland management, DIY, building / maintenance, a big plus for willingness &/or experience in childcare. Current household consists of a family of 4 with two young children, a musician, a professional forager & foraging trainer, a physiotherapist, a trainee school teacher, an environmental campaigner, an author among others. We all lead our busy private lives alongside each other, and come together for some shared activities, cooking etc. The veg garden is heaving and there are always jobs to do on the land.

message posted by Tristram
Vegan Castle Meditation Community

A vegan meditation community is being set up in France and we're currently in the process of chateau hunting and looking for new members to join us (so we can get a bigger, more wonderful place). We're going to have a nature reserve for local wildlife and will set up a cafe, amongst other projects. Find out all about the vision here:

message posted by laurendarn
Help with small Hut project

Me and my partner run an Airbnb. It is a small hut built from recycled wood. We have had a long year and want to get the hut re vamped for 2021 , looking for some help. The hut is a camp space, hard to heat. We are looking forsomeone to design and build and insulate the space for under 1000. If anyone is interested i can send photos and plans. If you want to get involved you can stay in the space whilst construction gos on or work remotely and give us a quote for a days labour, we are looking for someone with design and build skills who loves camping and does not mind fresh air

message posted by palletguy85
Looking for community housemates in Central Scottish Village

I'm seeking a couple of people to join me living collectively in a bright, spacious bungalow and garden in the village of Scotlandwell.

This place feels like a stepping stone towards community living, and I am looking for other folk to join me and my daughter (part time, 9yrs) pursuing our own interests, yet collectively tending the garden, growing veg, sharing food once or twice a week, and exploring creative collaboration and shared visions.

Woodland, hill and loch are within walking distance from the house, local amenities well provided in Glenrothes and Kinross (15mins drive) and Edinburgh and Perth both within commuting distance.

I make a living from storytelling and delivering outdoor learning programmes, and am inspired by models sch as the 'Art of Mentoring', 'the Work that reconnects', and Permaculture. People passionate about regenerative culture in its many guises would be a good fit.

Each room is £350 all inclusive and is free from Sep 26th.
Message me here or at for more info or to discuss more.

message posted by Dougie Mackay
Wishing to set up an amazing community in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Wales.


We are looking to set up a self sufficient spiritual community, where our daily practice is conscious presence, love, kindness and compassion. We aim to support people outside our community in embracing these qualities, therefore living a more contented life. We also wish to teach people to look after Mother Nature, to protect our most beautiful and precious world and all living creatures and beings in it. Our intention is to do this in a fun and creative way, welcoming joy into all our lives, which hopefully creates a ripple effect.

We have many projects and ideas to ensure our community sustains itself and significantly reduces our carbon footprint, whilst helping others lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Please help us to help others by renting us a beautiful space from which we can work. We would be delighted if this space provided us with a home, which we would lovingly look after (or the potential to build some cob homes) and some land, hopefully with a wooded area.

We appreciate this is a rather large wish list, though we feel certain there is someone who has the desire to help us spread love, unity and peace. It is what we all need now, perhaps more than ever.

We thank you from deep within our heart for taking the time to read our message and look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a day full of love, joy, fun and peace.


Kinderways (

message posted by Kinderways
Looking to make some connections...


During the last couple of years I have been traveling a lot and visiting some communities to learn about alternative ways of life. I'm interested in renting or buying a piece of land or joining an existing community to start living simply and self-sufficiently. I am particularly interested in doing this in Europe. I'm hoping to exchange my hard work for knowledge and experience. Does anyone have any advice or information that might be useful? Or know of any communities that might accommodate me for a while? I'm hoping to make some connections with like minded people.

This strange time on planet earth has put the wind in my sails to make this happen!

It would be great to hear from you if you can help or perhaps you're in a similar position?



message posted by JPRB
Seeking help in family farm

Hi I’m looking for a peaceful honest person to live on our small subsistence farm happy to work with me and my young son growing food, practicing permaculture and eco building, repurposing and recycling materials.

message posted by Sheilasen
Please can you help?

Hello everyone! I'm now looking for a finca or farm that could become a small b & b..anywhere in Europe considered. Looking for a good price.. Don't mind a little work but no full renovations.. thank you

message posted by Desperatelyseekingsomewhere
Looking for Property

Hello World,Looking for a rural property in Southern Europe , ideally already partly or fully off grid , some sort of accommodation , area for growing ,some fruit trees ,close to a village etc .i have £30-£50k I am looking to live the simple life , with possible Airbnb side line retreat etc . MUST BE WITHIN 45min or airport and 45min of coast.Thanks Nick

message posted by Nick Milne
Looking for ancient woodland

In the near future I hope to sell my house and reinvest in Woodland with mature trees. I will not be looking intensively until my house is sold. I also have a small building plot for sale in north rural Portugal at a reasonable price. If anyone knows of a quiet, remote mature woodland for sale in Europe I may be interested in viewing it subject to a reasonable price. Contact me through this site. Trevor7

message posted by Trevor7
Fit & active guy 30's looking to poss join or form a community

Hi, I'm a fit and active guy in my 30's currently living in SW England but have become fed up with the materialistic urban rat race. I'm a fitness trainer by trade but am looking for new purpose in my life, not feel like a rat on a never ending ball in a concrete jungle. I feel like I'm at a crossroads in my life and currently looking at all my options (boat life, community living or overseas travel etc)I love the outdoors, nature, wild camping and the off grid lifestyle, travelling and meeting new like minded ppl. I lived in an off grid community in Devon for a year a few years ago. I'm very able bodied and strong and prepared to do any strenuous work where necc in exchange for a new opportunity. I have some money but not enough to buy a farmhouse with some acres unfortunately (my dream is to run a rural community for ppl who have suffered mental health, addictions and/or or marital abuse to heal and find new hope and for wayfarers and freespirits). I'm especially interested in hearing from others who are interested in forming a brand new community. I also know of a location in a secluded woodland with a waterfall flowing out a rock where someone has built a stone cabin where free spirits and hippies can visit if anyone is interested. I'm looking at all my options and open to any suggestions, invites, ppl who want to chip in for land etc and build a community. Look forward to hearing from you. AJ

message posted by 3spirit
Primal Homestead - Regenerative Farming Community

Newly forming co-housing and co-working community with 5 adult members.
Seeking suitable smallholding/farmstead in south Scotland preferably but open to other areas that fit our criteria.

Looking to initially rent to enable us to raise the full capital to purchase.

What we need:

Minimum 5 acres decent not too sloping land - ideally 10+ including some woodland or access to woodland.
Large dwelling with 5+ bedrooms, multi purpose outbuildings. Some members have physical limitations which need to be accounted for.

Space for yurts and other low impact structures. Ability to run retreats, workshops and courses year round.

Specialist residents in multiple skills; bushcraft, Permaculture, foraging, Viking re-enactment camps, holistic therapies.

We are seeking a fantastic landlord in no rush to sell but open to our plans to create a unique sanctuary to offer training, nurture and respite to others on their path to setting up other communities around the world over the coming years, drawing on our many offerings to assist them on their way forwards.

IS this you or do you know of anything that could be a possible fit?

message posted by Raven
Opportunities on an Organic Farm, Somerset

We are looking for people to join the farm with an interest in, and experience of organic farming, who need access to land to develop their own ideas.

Radford Mill Farm is a 112 acre farm managed organically since 1976. Currently about 90% of the land is grassland. We have a market garden enterprise utilising 6 large poly-tunnels and about 5 acres of land, an orchard and soft fruit field. We have chickens, turkeys, sheep and bees. There are also a number of arts/craft studios on site and we run a number of events including weddings and small music festivals.

We are offering options for people to build their own leasehold agricultural businesses using the land available within the overall scope of the farm and working alongside other established businesses onsite. We have a successful outlet for produce through our farm shop in Bristol.

In particular we have readily available options for:
Field work (fruit and vegetable);
Orchard, willow and other woodland projects.

Alternatively we would be interested in discussing any other agricultural or horticultural project you have in mind that requires organic land. Primarily this would be on a self-employed small business basis but there may be options for some salaried work - negotiable depending on experience.

Applicants may choose to live off-site but there is on-site accommodation available to rent - spacious rooms in a large farmhouse with shared living, cooking and washing facilities. There are also workshops available to rent.

Please note that these opportunities are only available for people with a knowledge of organic farming and regulation, with relevant training and experience and who are able to put together a credible business plan in their area of expertise.
Applicants should also be interested in living and working in a mutually supportive community of small businesses.

If you don’t have this experience but are still interested in working on an organic farm we regularly have WOOFF volunteers and some paid work for those with relevant skills, or for people with energy and enthusiasm who are willing to learn and work hard!

Please contact Liz Vickerie on 07765955692 or email Richard Fox

message posted by Liz Vickerie