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Looking to make some connections...


During the last couple of years I have been traveling a lot and visiting some communities to learn about alternative ways of life. I'm interested in renting or buying a piece of land or joining an existing community to start living simply and self-sufficiently. I am particularly interested in doing this in Europe. I'm hoping to exchange my hard work for knowledge and experience. Does anyone have any advice or information that might be useful? Or know of any communities that might accommodate me for a while? I'm hoping to make some connections with like minded people.

This strange time on planet earth has put the wind in my sails to make this happen!

It would be great to hear from you if you can help or perhaps you're in a similar position?



message posted by JPRB
Single lady with two small dogs looking for a community and new friends

I have been back in the UK for about 6 months after many years of travelling and living off-grid. I am looking for a friendly place to live and work for me and my two dogs.
Peace and love, Dani

message posted by Danielle
Flexible House/Land Sitters needed with Off-Grid Living Experience! SPAIN.

Hi all, we are seeking the right people (couple would be best) to clean up, care for and love our beautiful and beloved off-grid home and sustainability project in the Catalonian Mountains until we sell. As we are both working overseas at the moment, we would highly value reliable and trustworthy people with the right skills to stay in and care for the land until the new owners move in. About you: you have off-grid/farm/rural living experience, resilience, respect, great communication skills, integrity, value honesty and accountability, you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty, and have an eye for making and keeping beautiful spaces. Handyman/woman with permaculture knowledge, solar power set up, power tools and plumbing experience highly preferred, familiar with Spanish is a bonus. We are looking for people with a ‘can do’ attitude who will keep in communication with us about the state of the land and will contribute to weeding/strimming/land and space clearing and overall living in, looking after and loving the property so it is ready for the next people. Time frame could be anywhere from a month to a year. Flexibility Needed. If you are seriously interested and feel you would be a good fit please message me for further details. I will be requiring a police check and references of reliability. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thank you and blessed 2020!

message posted by rawrandwild
Yurt-Based Couple Looking for a Project


We’re a practical, ecologically-minded, yurt-based couple looking for a new home.

Depending on what we find, we’re open to medium or long-term situations. We would be really happy to find a medium-term arrangement where we can rent a plot or join a community on a non-permanent basis for a year or two. Eventually we want to join a fully mutual co-op or similar collective, but we’re not trying to rush that. We live in a yurt, so either way, we would need to build a 5.5m platform. We can contribute affordable levels of rent, and/or offer practical help with an ongoing project.

We’re both early 30’s, forest-loving and anarchist-leaning. We’re vegetarian and cook pretty well. Tiger has experience with consensus facilitation and conflict resolution, and earns a little money from fine-crafted wooden personal items which he sells online. Dusty is organised and proactive, and runs two Etsy shops selling organic hand-modified clothing and DIY handpoke tattoo kits. We’re useful people to have around, with plenty of assorted life skills and a willingness to learn more. We love to engage communally for activities, work and play, but we also like to keep our own space and let others have theirs. We’ve recently started growing vegetables for the first time.

We have a two year old border collie who is well behaved and loves kids and adult humans alike. Her main motivation in life is to get you playing, and people tend to fall in love with her. Wherever we go, we also want to bring around 4 hens, who provide us with eggs.

If you think we might have something to offer, we’d love to come and visit for a short while, lend a hand on your project and get to know everyone. We started to think about our next move in January, but when lockdown started it scuppered our plans and opportunities fell through. September or October would be the best times for us to move our yurt as we’d need to do this in a dryish period before the winter rains, so we’re looking to make connections over the summer. 

Is that you?

Dusty, Tiger and Toshka-dog

message posted by tiger
Permagricole, Near Bordeaux, France

Want to live & work on an organic farm in France? We're looking for people to join our community!
• Long-term use of our farm land and buildings for your project / enterprise.
• In return, varied hands-on work / help to support our evolving permaculture project.
• Accommodation and shared organic meals.
• A long term communal living arrangement.
Permagricole - About Us
'Permagricole' is a Permaculture project situated on our farm in South West France, 45 minutes North of Bordeaux. We bought the 100-acre site, a former distillery, with the intention of starting a working farm using the principals of agroforestry. We're growing trees amongst our perennials and annuals and raising animals in a symbiotic system. The farm now consists of a grove of young walnut trees, a vast vegetable plot, a lake, two streams and expansive meadowland. We've converted half of the distillery building, the other half remains vacant. We're in the process of building lakeside eco-accommodation and a natural swimming pool. We're now inviting others to join our community and help on the farm.
Skills we’re looking for
• Builders, eco-builders, carpenters, painters,
• Farmers, growers, gardeners, beekeepers, animal husbandry,
• Designers, PDC graduates, landscapers,
• Innovators, clean energy experts, potters, yoga teachers, winemakers, distillers, cheesemakers
• Housekeepers, cooks, cleaners
Permagricole - The Future
Develop the Organic Farm - We're planting a further 500 trees in the next six months and introducing new perennial crops to the fields (vines, asparagus, pear, plum, elder, hazlenut, etc.) Next year we plan to start selling produce from our vegetable garden locally.
Nurture Sustainable Business - We're building lakeside eco accommodation and facilities to host retreats and courses (yoga, meditation, permaculture). In time we hope to also add a cafe, art studio and pottery studio to the site and to host workshops and events. We're also interested in wine and gin production.
Build The Community - For all of this to happen we need great people with energy and passion. People who share our dream and want to join this new community. We welcome people with ideas who want to develop their own projects and add new skills and directions to the community.
How to Apply
To register your interest or find out more please email Kath:
Don’t forget to tell us all about you and your interest in permaculture, what relevant skills you have and about any project or business you would like to start here.
Find us Online

message posted by Permagricole
Primal Homestead - Regenerative Farming Community

Newly forming co-housing and co-working community with 5 adult members.
Seeking suitable smallholding/farmstead in south Scotland preferably but open to other areas that fit our criteria.

Looking to initially rent to enable us to raise the full capital to purchase.

What we need:

Minimum 5 acres decent not too sloping land - ideally 10+ including some woodland or access to woodland.
Large dwelling with 5+ bedrooms, multi purpose outbuildings. Some members have physical limitations which need to be accounted for.

Space for yurts and other low impact structures. Ability to run retreats, workshops and courses year round.

Specialist residents in multiple skills; bushcraft, Permaculture, foraging, Viking re-enactment camps, holistic therapies.

We are seeking a fantastic landlord in no rush to sell but open to our plans to create a unique sanctuary to offer training, nurture and respite to others on their path to setting up other communities around the world over the coming years, drawing on our many offerings to assist them on their way forwards.

IS this you or do you know of anything that could be a possible fit?

message posted by Raven
Looking for like-minded to help at ancient forest near Horsham

We are a friendly, open minded, life loving family of three, who have managed to actualise the dream of owning a small woodland. The woodland is 10 acres and forms part of a surrounding 70 acres of relatively isolated ancient woodland.
The woodland is less than 30 minutes from Gatwick, less than 30 minutes from Crawley, 45 minutes from Heathrow and 45 minutes from Brighton.
Harvey is a psychologist/sociologist having completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield. Harvey uses a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury acquired through a car accident many years ago. He employs a team of Personal assistants to help with day-to-day living and aspirations.. Sheree is a chainsaw and sawmill operator and furniture maker. Keswick is a 14 year old talented guitarist interested in anything to do with music.
Our long term goal is to live on the land but in the meantime we are trying to think of ways to generate an income from the woodland in order to finance the many projects and jobs that need completing.
Some ideas:
We have a sawmill, power tools and forestry tools and would like to make furniture
Organise workshops/courses on foraging and herbalism
To provide conservation workshops/awareness courses for children
To provide eco-therapies
Adventure days or weekends for people with learning difficulties
We intend to start a beekeeping business and hope to manufacture and sell hardwood beehives, provide courses and of course sell honey.
We would also like to develop a wildlife pond in the woods where we would also keep ducks
We are seeking like-minded friends and volunteers who think they can help.
We have constructed two cabins on the land, have a mobile home sited and so could accommodate a small number of people for one month at a time.

Thank you for reading and hope to meet you soon.
Harvey, Sheree and Keswick

message posted by White rabbit
Rural South West France

We have a large rural farmhouse in SW France which we are planning to develop as
a retreat/Creative space. There is a single or double room available at present for which we would ask £150 (dbl) per week. Very negotiable, depending on requirements and, or willingness to work in house/garden.
Facilities include Swimming pool/garden/ developing vegetable plot/workshop.
Flexible regarding time scale-either weeks or months.

message posted by gingerman
Temporary accomodation

I have a small off grid home (two insulated statics with Rayburn and burner) just outside Oxford that is available from next month until February in exchange for dog sitting while I am in Portugal, looking for our new place. I don't want to take them over till the autumn because of the heat. If you are in between places and not quite clear on what to do next, this might be a cheap way to take time out. Two dogs, lurcher and a terrier, located on a small farm.

message posted by Shadiya
Looking for ancient woodland

In the near future I hope to sell my house and reinvest in Woodland with mature trees. I will not be looking intensively until my house is sold. I also have a small building plot for sale. If anyone knows of a quiet, remote mature woodland for sale in Europe I may be interested in viewing it subject to a reasonable price. Contact me through this site. Trevor7

message posted by Trevor7
Mother and child looking for new community home

I am a parent of a 12 year old son ,looking for a new wild beautiful communal home to get stuck into with perhaps homeschool , creative gallery ,music studio forest garden etc Must have natural well/springwater and organic gardens and peaceful happy living . Open to suggestions! 07598884131
We are into healthy eating , partying sometimes (but dont use drugs or alcohol and would not tolerate living with people who take drugs), rock music ,meditation , yoga , chigung, martial arts , climbing ,kids stuff , art, holistic therapies , crafts , forest school and fun. Wanting to share cooking together and share childcare and be mutually supportive.

message posted by Rose red
Seeking Work / Exchange with contribution

Thank you for taking time to read my message.I am.a well traveled lady in her mid 50s. A contract Nanny and Holistic Therapist. Actively seeking to gain some community living preparation to looking for a long term option. Hard work conscientious. Worked onnexchanges in Switzerland and Mexico. As well as festivals..interested in tinny house living. Community living with own space. Pref alternative.happy to work with Animals. Children the house. Setting up retreats. Helping with Glamping. Last year spent the summer as a campsite warden on a wild to interesting ideas.lolove sharing skills and learning new ones. So look forward to hearing from you.

message posted by Amanda
Land for living

Hi all

Just looking at land and struggling as I am looking for a small plot and not a massive budget Has anyone got advice as where to look uk based

message posted by Garth1989
Great Accommodation, South Pembrokeshire

House share available for one or two persons in nice victorian house in small hamlet by estuary in south pembrokeshire. Use of whole house and productive organic garden overlooking the waterway.English as a Foreign Language tuition available as an option.Working studio in house also.No extra utility bills.State support is fine.£330 pcm fully inclusive.Thank you.Contact glyn james either via this site or direct on 07392060754 or Thank you.

message posted by Glyn
Opportunities on an Organic Farm, Somerset

We are looking for people to join the farm with an interest in, and experience of organic farming, who need access to land to develop their own ideas.

Radford Mill Farm is a 112 acre farm managed organically since 1976. Currently about 90% of the land is grassland. We have a market garden enterprise utilising 6 large poly-tunnels and about 5 acres of land, an orchard and soft fruit field. We have chickens, turkeys, sheep and bees. There are also a number of arts/craft studios on site and we run a number of events including weddings and small music festivals.

We are offering options for people to build their own leasehold agricultural businesses using the land available within the overall scope of the farm and working alongside other established businesses onsite. We have a successful outlet for produce through our farm shop in Bristol.

In particular we have readily available options for:
Field work (fruit and vegetable);
Orchard, willow and other woodland projects.

Alternatively we would be interested in discussing any other agricultural or horticultural project you have in mind that requires organic land. Primarily this would be on a self-employed small business basis but there may be options for some salaried work - negotiable depending on experience.

Applicants may choose to live off-site but there is on-site accommodation available to rent - spacious rooms in a large farmhouse with shared living, cooking and washing facilities. There are also workshops available to rent.

Please note that these opportunities are only available for people with a knowledge of organic farming and regulation, with relevant training and experience and who are able to put together a credible business plan in their area of expertise.
Applicants should also be interested in living and working in a mutually supportive community of small businesses.

If you don’t have this experience but are still interested in working on an organic farm we regularly have WOOFF volunteers and some paid work for those with relevant skills, or for people with energy and enthusiasm who are willing to learn and work hard!

Please contact Liz Vickerie on 07765955692 or email Richard Fox

message posted by Liz Vickerie
Bungalow share on organic farm 2020

Available in 1 to 3 months; shared bungalow -own bedroom and bathroom ensuite (shower) separate tenancy, lovely organic farm near Stroud. preferably mature female. reasonable rent

contact: Holly on email:

message posted by Holly Barker
Seeking tenancy of a garden house, an annexe or a converted barn.

While staying in my home in The Netherlands, for as long as the pandemic lasts, I'm planning to travel overseas again, westwards. Springtime 2021 at the latest.
I've lived for almost 5 years in Britain. Since June 2018 I've lived in the S. East of Devon, as a caretaker/gardener in an old Georgian home.

I've worked in a market garden, as a volunteer. Working on the land is the kind of work I love to do 1 or 2 days a week. My wish is to live for the remains of my years, on the coast close to a harbor or beach. With organic farms nearby.
A tourism overdose with empty holiday homes, turning the village or town into sleeping mode isn't my cup of tea.

I've grown fond of the seaside while living with a coast all around, Brixham and Dartmouth were on comfortable distance, traveling by bus. I don't drive, but I've got an electric bike.

I'm on the lookout for an independent tenancy, on the coast of Sussex (South Downs) or the west coast of Ireland. A home for 1 person, with a garden for growing vegetables in a rural area, is welcome, as long as there's a road to ride my e-bike and a bus-connection to shops, etc. I'm making long bike rides now, in Holland and I do walk for hours as well.

The rent I can offer to pay is about 400 BP a month, all bills included. With housing benefit, the rent could be more. My offer to maintain the garden, if there's one, is an option in exchange for a lower rent. I do appreciate proper talk and honesty.

Coming July 1st I shall have received settlement status in Britain, with the right to receive housing benefit in tow. It's my intention to remain Dutch by passport and I receive my income from the Dutch government, as a retired woman of 69. My skills are gardening, garden maintenance, growing organic vegetables and flowers, crafting with wool, cooking, and making preserves. I know how to find food in the wild.

I've worked as a self-employed organic caterer, childminder, and nutritionist, now retired since Jan. 1st 2016. Writing, hiking, swimming, and singing are favorite pastimes for me, as well as spinning wool and dry-needle-felting.

I'm not in a hurry to move yet, for I'm in my home in Holland, probably for the remains of this year 2020. But please, when you've decided to rent out part of your property, for private tenancy, or your home, on a long-term basis, your email message is appreciated. Thank you!

message posted by Marian B.
Open for new community member(s)

Don't want to pay rent in cash but have lots of energy for rewarding hard work? This might be the place for you. We are on a lovely old farm in the heart of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in East Sussex, surrounded by 10,000ha of common land. For miles around all we can see is woods and heathland. A couple of miles away is a thriving village widely known as a centre of alternative lifestyles and ecological activities. Our small community is open to a new couple or individual who will have lovely private accomodation, and will be part of the community, with use of extensive gardens, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, woodlands, farmyard etc. There will be no rent to pay. Instead, the contribution will be in the form of some hours of work to be agreed in advance depending on skillsets of the applicant, but will include some (or al)l of the very wide range of activities: garden work, looking after animals (pigs, chickens, bees plus potentially adding more to the smallholding), ecological woodland management, DIY, building / maintenance, childcare / home ed. Current household consists of a family of 4 with two young children, a professional musician / music teacher, a professional forager & foraging trainer, a Woofer, a trainee school teacher, an environmental campaigner, an author. We all lead our busy private lives alongside each other, and come together for some shared activities, cooking etc.

message posted by Tristram
Calling Van Dwellers in Portugal

Looking for short term & long term volunteers who can park up or pitch up and help us in return for food and a place to stay awhile.
We have recently taken over at a Permaculture Project and are creating a Food Forest, which is one of many jobs we need help with.
We have 5 Chickens, 2 Guinea Fowl, 12 ducks, 6 quail, 4 cats and a dog.
We welcome singles, couples and families with or without animals. All animals must be cool with other animals as all ours free range across the hectacre site. This is nestled in a valley and is a mix of forest and field with a river on one side and forest on the other.
It's completely off grid here with a compost toilet and solar power. Our water is what's collected from the rain and river. There's a water point 1/4 mile down the track.
We are aiming for zero waste and could do with volunteers with a creative streak to help with getting that under control and making art.
Help with animals also could be helpful.
We really could do with eco builders and carpenters as we want to fix the reciprocal building up and rebuild the ruin.
Green fingered folk would be happy enough with over half the site being turned into food forest, a herb garden and veg patch are being developed.
Fencers and general help needed to get up perimeter fencing and manage the land as previous owners hadn't been able to do that.
So if your passing of fancy taking us up onthe offer, drop us a message because we are 2 people and we would love another set of hands or more to make some headway.
We have a website YouTube AhimsaFoodForest a Facebook Ahimsa food forest and permaculture project and an Instagram AhimsaFoodForest plus we are on Google maps Inc reviews from previous volunteers over last 6 months.
So come have a go at living off grid and learning permaculture if you feel called. Likewise if you got skills then contact us too.
Our main aim is to create a sustainable community intergrating people with a similar vision to help mother earth by reconnecting with our natural selves through nature.

message posted by Em McGowann
Alternative Living - Photography Project

Hi everyone,

I am a photographer based in the UK an I am looking for people who would like to take part in my project over the year.

I am wanting photograph a number of people living alternatively. This can be anything from living in vans, boats, shipping containers, tiny houses, yurts, tipis, communities... You get the idea.

if you would like more information or are interested in taking part please contact
via my website

Thanks :)

message posted by kayb
Community dreamer, looking for new digs..

Ideally an independent living space within a community no rooms please, unless they have their own kitchens/bathrooms etc.. - Affordable rent, long term space required to be nurtured & loved as a forever home, a place to set down roots & assist in becoming more sustainable. A genuine requirement is it must be reasonably flat ground, I have a camper van so happy if the drive up is steep although must be accessible around the property as I have some mobility issues/ injuries. I can manage steps, although not rough terrains at this present time. Location- preferably close to a natural swimming hole or beach. Willing to look at most areas that are rural or semi rural 100 % no towns & must be in nature. I currently reside in Brighton although city living no longer serves my lifestyle. I maintain a fine home, have a adult son who will stay in Sussex, I do not own property so it is time I flew the nest. I have growing ability, possess a good nature & do my best by all beings. I do not mind what your preference is in life as long as you share a respect in other peoples choices. I have a range of skill sets, vegetarian, gentle earth dweller. I would welcome the isolation as well as a community. If you would like to know more please message or call 07773736404 Thank you D&D for a space on your notice board, I am grateful to you.. Be well Dawn xxx

message posted by Dawn76