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Considering Cohousing on Facebook.

Considering Cohousing. Not your standard information but an essential read for anyone considering joining or already a member. This looks behind the usual claims about cohousing, based on detailed research and years of personal experience. Questions you should ask, and analysis of patterns across many communities. Regular updates. Check it out. “A rich resource .. to help individuals considering joining a co-housing community or already a member…full of great wisdom and experiences.”

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Quiet,green refuge wanted!

I am open to many posibilities – could be small cottage,house.bungalow for rent (would need to be long term or permanent arrangement as I am “getting on a bit” and need security in my autumn years!) Maybe off-grid,as long as water supply.A converted agricultural/industrial outbuilding? A cabin or other structure on small piece of land, or land with permission for one,or in the large grounds/garden of an individual or community?In an ecovillage,cohousing project or as member of a community? Large caravan/mobile home? Even a boat with permanent mooring and bankside land/garden! Do you have an unused “granny flat” or garden cabin or suchlike? I coul also act as a caretaker. Doesn’t need to be remote – on edge of/near a smaller country/market town/village would be fine . Needs to be as free as possible from “electro-smog” (I am trying to cope with and hopefully recover from some long term health issues and finding it difficult in my present situation and eletrosensitivity is part of this,e.g.wifi or nearby masts ) and have a secluded garden or a part of one for own use and some privacy. I feel this would make a huge difference in my recovery.Maybe could  team up with other(s) looking for similar situation? Possible purchase of small piece of land or cabin (or?) but around 10k would be my limit at present Peter.

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Greek Island Off Grid Sculptor’s Cottage For Sale

Off grid sculptor’s studio for sale on Greek Island of Thassos with organic gardens of fruit and walnut trees 650m2. Another open workshop which is a lean to ideal for marble or other artistic project. Island life of self sufficiency 5 minutes from the beach and option to buy fully renovated stone cottage in village for artist residency. Thassos white marble known across the world and free off cuts from mountain quarries. Beautiful green island of forests and antiquities. See

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Vegan Activist Seeking 2 to 3 Nights Acommodation in Leeds

Hi Everyone Please can anyone help me out as I am seeking accommodation from the evening of 28/07/21 and will leave on Afternoon  of 30/07/21; Anywhere in Leeds would be great! Thanks!!:@)  

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Land required for recreational purposes.

Hello, anyone out there looking to buy land in partnership or a small community for low impact living, permaculture. Cash buyer awaiting. Location 50 miles from Shropshire. Wales considered. VG 🌱 👨‍👦. Committed and firm leads appreciated.   

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Looking for help

Offering initially 2 weeks to camp/park in a field next to our smallholding home. We are a friendly couple in our 60s looking for help with our garden. We have 3 polytunnels a large veg patch and a flower garden. There will be weeding wartering and general gardening jobs. We also need supporting help repairing fences. No real heavy lifting or labour. Not looking for specific number of hours a day – this can be negotiated. In return we can offer a secluded spot to camp/park your camper on a field next to a wood and surrounded by farmland. Plenty of cake and a vegetarian supper every night, privacy, lots of nature and quietness.This would suit someone willing to help out,those looking to recharge their batteries and a lover of the countryside/ peace and quiet. Sorry no children or dogs please as we have our own senior dog plus ducks ,chickens etc . Transport is needed due to rural area as there is no public transport! We are in South Staffs location 4 miles from Stourbridge. The field has no mod cons and is basic. Thank you        

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Long stay volunteering in Bulgaria.

Many people are interested in Bulgaria as a place to access affordable land and have a much more land based life. We have an opportunity for one or two people to stay for two to three months to help with mostly gardening work. We’ve had two lots of long stay people this year and the current ones are leaving at the beginning of August so ideally we’re looking for people sometime in August. There’s a load of information about this opportunity and about out life in general at Please read it all before you get in touch and please contact me by email. Thanks for reading and I look forward to talking to you. Kathy

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36 yr old woman and dog woof woofers looking for community

I am writing to see about any volunteering experiences available and/or any opportunities to stay at an eco-community. The lockdown and pandemic have made me ask some big questions about my life and made me realise more than ever that I need to be part of a community working together to make and grow stuff; the city life really isn’t working for me anymore, perhaps it never has done.    I’ve decided I would like to create some kind of eco-community-meets-permaculture site–meets-nature retreat as a place to learn about yourself and the environment and to make it accessible for all. In order to do this, I need to learn, and quick because I’m working remotely at the moment and need to use this opportunity of not being tied to a city to learn as much as possible to steer my life in the direction that feels right. So my intention is to spend this next year experiencing the eco-community life, learn as much as possible while helping out, meet some great people and start my own journey into this world. Then by 2022 aim to set something up myself. Location-wise, open to suggestion! This is what I could potentially bring to the table if you could accommodate me:  Practical skills: I can plant and garden, I can cook, I’m a qualified yoga teacher, I’ve some carpentry experience, I’ve some plastering experience, I can make and fix clothes, I can cook, I can paint, do DIY, knit. I’m quite good of making use of what’s there and improvising.   Not-so-practical but maybe useful: online communications, content writing, editing, research and data analysis, website development/updates, time-planning and project management.  I’m also very interested in organic farming, non-violent communications, plastics removal, zero waste cosmetics, using the land but serving the land, fungi, and foraging. I try do bits and bobs of a lot of things in my spare time including hiking, foraging, making stuff, painting, collage. As mentioned, I am working remotely so need a reliable internet connection. It’s not particularly demanding so I can still commit 15-20hrs/week, probably more, to helping out. Alternatively I’d be willing to pay for accommodation and help out for fewer hours providing I can still learn about the set-up and organic growing. Open to suggestion. Also, I’ve got a small dog, and I feel like she’s my soulmate now so need to keep her with me. She’s a 8kg shitzu/poodle cross (so doesn’t shed/is hyper allergenic, spayed) 12 months old and loves everyone (humans and animals). If any of this sounds of interest and you’ve got any availability over the summer, it would be great to hear from you! I’m currently stuck at my parents and about to lose my mind. Many thanks

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Family Home on smallholding in Norfolk!

We are looking for another family to join us on our smallholding to grow food & friendship! From July 2021, we have the opportunity for another family to come and live in the self-contained annex attached to our home, in Loddon, Norfolk. It’s a single property split into two separate dwellings, each with its own kitchen, dining and living space. There is also a third self-contained studio room which is currently being rented. Everyone has access to the gardens and views of the land. The soon-to-be vacant dwelling is a spacious two bedroom annex with a separate living space, and kitchen. There is also the possibility for the third studio room to be used as a guest room with it’s own private entrance. As a young family committed to this place in Norfolk, we’re looking for another family who wants to grow roots in Norfolk while being intentional about building relationships. We want to continue to raise our son Reuben (2 years old) with other children as it has been such a beautiful aspect of living in community so far. We value quality time and intentional connection. We value openness and honesty, and the ability to have hard conversations when things come up. We believe that honest communication is vital for the wellbeing and longevity of our relationships here. We practice a gentle parenting style and are firm believers in the power of treating children like the whole and wonderful humans they are. We don’t use punishment or rewards as a means to control behaviour. Instead, we try to relate with our son from a place of empathy and understanding, knowing that mutual respect will grow out of genuine connection.  We are truly excited for the new season ahead and to share life together with another family. We are intrigued, optimistic and open! Please see our website for more details:

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New Horizons

Hello, we’re an off-grid family of three looking for somewhere to continue living our rural lifestyle. Having spent the past 10 years on a farm, we would ideally suit a similar arrangement such as joining a community on another farm, smallholding, campsite or woodland. Between us we can offer the following skills and experience from 15 years living off-grid in the South Downs ; Rach is a Level 3 Forest School Leader, and has comprehensive experience of site managing a glamping/camp site, she is an experienced sewing machinist, crafter and general all rounder in all off grid situations. Oh – and a wonderful mum to Sid…. Mike is a designer and maker, fixer and repairer with a broad experience and interest in many aspects associated with low impact/low cost living. He makes yurts, tipis and a range of products with a focus on sustainability, permaculture, the natural world, energy and technology innovation. There is  harmony living with the seasons and it’s time to find others to share these experiences, skills and tasks with. We want to get involved and we’re ready for any suggestions or further information. If you’d like to know more – we would be pleased to hear from you. Head to for information, and please contact

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Opportunities on an Organic Farm, Somerset

We are looking for people to join the farm with an interest in, and experience of organic farming, who need access to land to develop their own ideas. Radford Mill Farm is a 115 acre farm managed organically since 1976. Currently about 90% of the land is grassland. We have a market garden enterprise utilising 6 large poly-tunnels and about 5 acres of land, an orchard and soft fruit field. We have chickens, turkeys, sheep and bees. There are also a number of arts/craft studios on site and we run a number of events including weddings and small music festivals. We are offering options for people to build their own leasehold agricultural businesses using the land available within the overall scope of the farm and working alongside other established businesses onsite. We have a successful outlet for produce through our farm shop in Bristol. In particular we have readily available options for:Field work (fruit and vegetable);Orchard, willow and other woodland projects. Alternatively we would be interested in discussing any other agricultural or horticultural project you have in mind that requires organic land. Primarily this would be on a self-employed small business basis but there may be options for some salaried work – negotiable depending on experience. Applicants may choose to live off-site but there is on-site accommodation available to rent – spacious rooms in a large farmhouse with shared living, cooking and washing facilities. There are also workshops available to rent. Please note that these opportunities are only available for people with a knowledge of organic farming and regulation, with relevant training and experience and who are able to put together a credible business plan in their area of expertise.Applicants should also be interested in living and working in a mutually supportive community of small businesses. If you don’t have this experience but are still interested in working on an organic farm we regularly have WOOFF volunteers and some paid work for those with relevant skills, or for people with energy and enthusiasm who are willing to learn and work hard! Please contact Liz Vickerie on 07765955692 or email Richard Fox

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France community changed plans due CV Regulations, Mexico or Costa Rica a better option possibly

Hi there, things are not going well in France, Regulations too strict, looking into starting something in Mexico or Costa Rica.  More later. Thanks. Carlita

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Long Term Help Offered.

Hi.I have experience of working on an organic gardens and Glamping site .Willing to work a full day. 5 days a week. In exchange for food,accommodation.Plus a monthly allowance.I live in Gloucestershire. So anywhere close by would be ideal. But not essential.Willing to stay all year round if needed. Pete.

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New Horizons

Hello, we’re a family of three who need your help finding somewhere to continue living our rural lifestyle. Having spent the past 10 years on a farm, we are familiar with the general day to day tasks and would ideally suit a similar arrangement joining a community on another farm, smallholding, campsite or woodland. Between us we can also offer the following skills and experience from 15 years living off-grid ;Rach is a Level 3 Forest School Leader, has comprehensive experience from set up and site managing a glamping/camp site, is an experienced sewing machinist, crafter and general all rounder in all off grid situations. Oh – and mum to Sid….Mike is a designer/maker, fixer and repairer with (what I think is) a broad experience and interest in many aspects associated generally under low impact/low cost living, sustainability, permaculture, the natural world, energy and technology innovation. There is a harmony living with the seasons and it’s time to find others to share these experiences, skills and tasks with. We want to get involved and we’re ready for any suggestions or further information. Knowing the right people will make it happen. If you’d like to know more – we would be pleased to hear from you.Please contact 

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Looking for a quiet life

Hi there, I’m a young professional (34, male) from London.
I’m looking to move somewhere green and peaceful, with kind and friendly neighbours.
I have a stable job online so can work virtually anywhere with good internet connection.
My interests include nature, outdoors, healthy living, yoga, meditation and similar.
I can be flexible with work/payment arrangements and can pay rent or buy into a community or co-housing, depending on the structure.
I’m open to any opportunities or suggestions, from people looking for community members as well as others in a similar position.
Please feel free to drop me a line 🙂

warm wishes,

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Nearly renovated cob house in Brittany

Nearly completely renovated old cob house, in very isolated hamlet 4 houses (British neighbours) for sale in northern central Brittany, France (loads of potential). 50 m2 downstairs, 50m2  upstairs, 2 bedrooms with possibilities of 3, heated by villager burner which heats the whole house  and could run central heating and hot water. Full possibilities of going off grid 6000m2 land, stream, well (refils in 3 hours), water source, chestnut forest 1500 m2, fertile lan. Almost fully renovated apart from finishing kitchen, bathroom and  outside lime second coat, enough land for full autonomy and animals (if you’re a meat eater). It’s a real love affair, very quaint and  completely hidden from all view, you wouldn’t even know it was there. Local products all around. Large developed UK community in the area up for trade and workswap etc. This sort of property is exactly what many people  stuck in towns right now in lockdown will be looking for. Reason for sale: I’m stuck in  SE Asia because of the pandemic and found a community.

Email: for photos and contact for visit

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Looking for a place to rent

We are a retired couple looking for a property to rent in France,Spain or Bulgaria.We are looking for a property with large garden or smallholding.We have 9 dogs that we rescued as puppies from the street in Bulgaria so would love a property that stands alone.

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