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Permaculture Project Opportunity

Permagricole, Near Bordeaux, France

Want to live & work on an organic farm in France? We’re looking for people to join our community!
• Long-term use of our farm land and buildings for your project / enterprise.
• In return, varied hands-on work / help to support our evolving permaculture project.
• Accommodation and shared organic meals.
• A long term communal living arrangement.
Permagricole – About Us
‘Permagricole’ is a Permaculture project situated on our farm in South West France, 45 minutes North of Bordeaux. We bought the 100-acre site, a former distillery, with the intention of starting a working farm using the principals of agroforestry. We’re growing trees amongst our perennials and annuals and raising animals in a symbiotic system. The farm now consists of a grove of young walnut trees, a vast vegetable plot, a lake, two streams and expansive meadowland. We’ve converted half of the distillery building, the other half remains vacant. We’re in the process of building lakeside eco-accommodation and a salt swimming pool. We’re now inviting others to join our community and help on the farm.
Skills we’re looking for
• Builders, eco-builders, carpenters, painters,
• Farmers, growers, gardeners, beekeepers, animal husbandry,
• Designers, PDC graduates, landscapers,
• Innovators, clean energy experts, potters, yoga teachers, winemakers, distillers, cheesemakers
• Housekeepers, cooks, cleaners
Permagricole – The Future
Develop the Organic Farm – We’re introducing new perennial crops to the fields (vines, asparagus, pear, plum, elder, hazlenut, etc.) Next year we plan to start selling produce from our vegetable garden locally.
Nurture Sustainable Business – We’re building lakeside eco accommodation and facilities to host retreats and courses (yoga, meditation, permaculture). In time we hope to also add a cafe, art studios and pottery studio to the site and to host workshops and events. We’re also interested in wine and gin production.
Build The Community – For all of this to happen we need great people with energy and passion. People who share our dream and want to join this new community. We welcome people with ideas who want to develop their own projects and add new skills and directions to the community.
How to Apply
To register your interest private message us.
Don’t forget to tell us all about you and your interest in permaculture, what relevant skills you have and about any project or business you would like to start here.
Find us Online

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Forming A Sanctuary in Burgundy countryside, very rural France, near a nice river and forests

Hi there, I am living in a French Country Cottage with an attached Barn,  there is a lot of opportunity and a lot to do, there is space for people looking for places to put tiny houses or yurts or a tree house. I had to move here in the crisis from Spain earlier this year, where I had been for a year before that I was in South America for 15 years working in the Amazon and in Ecuador. I had to leave after major trauma and death of my husband he was a vaccine awareness campaigner during the  time of the H1N1 pressure for vaccines, he had campaigned on Ecuadorian radio and tv with his South African colleague who was killed afterwards too, so you can guess my current perspective in this present situation. My background is in environmental conservation, activism, ecosolutions, free energy, ecology, healing modalities, environmental writer, teaching, hypnotherapy,  painting and studio ceramics. The central part of the barn area could make a nice communal art and raku studio ceramics studio once the roof is insulated and fully waterproofed, at the moment its just covered with ceramic tiles on wooden beams but no insulation or waterproofing against leaks.

  There’s a river nearby across the field and forest,  a road and its outside Epinac, and an hour from Dijon, and two from Lyon, three hours from Paris, 5 to 8 hours from London on Eurostar. There’s  lots of forests and rivers and canals and lakes around and a few hours from the Swiss and central European areas, and four more hours to Italy and the South Coast. We have no neighbours, Its great for cycling routes, I only cycle at the moment. I’m very fond of drum circles so that’s good… A few neighbours, a few fields away, a farm and on the other side a tiny group of houses and then the nearest village is 2.5 kms, bike ride. Autun is the nearest town, its very pretty there.

France wasn’t my first choice, but I am here as a refugee of sorts, and it may be a sanctuary for other people who have experiences of deep trauma or loss,  and who don’t know where they belong anymore as a result, or who have been displaced due to life threatening situations due to their activism or work etc.

I want to collaborate with others who have vision like I do to create a beautiful place for art, healing and spiritual growth, maybe  in the future, healing and ecological conference spaces. A unique small communal small holding  space that specialises in animal, art and ecological therapy, where you will find plants singing gardens and celtic herb spirals. Where you can swing in hammocks playing drums, make pots, paint, build a fire, pay with stones, carve wood, build a tiny house, play music, cook food with house mates or wade in the river.

Dogs welcome, I’ve already rescued six cats from South America so it’s a bit impossible to have more cats, but will consider if they are with owner in tiny house. I have one Ecuadorian dog who enoys dog company. There is a tiny woodland in the garden that I need help to restore as hundreds of glass bottles have been dumped in the soil and on the other side a lot of metal rubbish, so I need help clearing it all out and restoring the wood and planting new oak trees, I have just started to sprout acorns from the mother oak we have here. I want to build some adobe structures and recycle those bottles.

There’s potentially six bedrooms or studios in the barn area. The toilet is in the barn and a bathroom needs forming, there can also be a compost toilet, a chicken coup and some little outrooms and potentially there is another big barn at the back of the garden which could be sold to like minded folk or co shared co owned, shareholdered, possibilites are  out to potential interests if people want to live in a seperate building it can be bought cheaply but requires full restoration. In the main building I am in with the cottage attached to the main barn stairs need building to upper floor, an extensive roof and loft space needs insulating with consideration to our roosting horseshoe bats, the other side needs full restoration but its not a total ruin, there is electricity but id like to go off grid eventually, there is a well too. There is a  fireplace that needs opening, a gutter needs installing. I need to put in a rainwater collection system, solar panels, solar heating etc.

I am making a no dig veggie patch , there is room for several tiny houses and maybe a tree house. I need a few strong men and women to help with the restoration, I am currently on my own and have health problems after my husband died, Im not looking for romantic relationships, just  housemates, or people who want a tiny house space to share the veggie patch and land and are welcome to use the main kitchen and bathroom when the bathrooms completed, or and cohousing community people. I am in my forties. I have a rescue dog and six rescue cats. I may get some alpacas at some point.

 I was living in South America for 15 years and reluctantly am back here after we fled Ecuador as my Ecuadorian husband was kidnapped and tortured many times over. Organic possibilities for the right people who resonate for collaborations, cooperatives, shareholding, with an extra barn at the back of a big garden that has room for several tiny houses or yurts, there is plenty of room for  creation and for organic growth and good people to come.

 I’m looking for conscious folk, people with disabilities are welcome, I have aspergers, high functioning autistic, very empathic, considerate and care about others, I need to withdraw and recharge into my own space too, that is important to recharge my batteries. So its good if others understand that. Its great to have folks around who are aware of the deeper levels of corruption, but who focus on solutions, innovators seeking a way out of the matrix into a new way of being, mutual kindness and healing, honesty, courtesy and considerate and trusting and trustworthy, vulnerable and strong.

Must care about animals and nature, sometimes I need to go back to South America for a month or more and need to be able to trust the people when I have to leave house and pets in care for responsible folks. I don’t want to create a place with tons of rules, just for people to feel they can create their own space in this plot to heal, connect, share, but feel they have their own space to retreat to when they need to also, and maybe help others in a mutual healing area too. Human connection  and nature connection on deep levels to make a soul family who can help each other through this war on consciousness, have a base and create a healing and artistic space to thrive, you don’t have to stay for long term if you want a base to travel, maybe a good place to access the French canals so good for sailors on route to ocean sailing trips, it can  also be a base to bounce back  to if you are mostly  travelling but want a room to come back to in exchange for work on the property, in exchange for help with restoration when you are here. Im open to all ideas and offers of work, help, coinvestments,  tiny house spaces etc.

More later. Thanks.


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Male seeking...

… lively and intelligent communication/correspondence with a likeminded female based in the UK

I like dancing to the beat of my own drum and seek lively and intelligent communication with a likeminded female aged between 30-60 years old based in the UK.

I have many varied interests which are best described with the phrase – how long is a piece of string! I enjoy such things as foraging for edible wild flora/medicinal plants etc. I am also interested in permaculture, off-grid living, upcycling and anything else of an alternative persuasion. I’m definitely not a Luddite though, as I also enjoy using technology in its many different forms too!

I’m most definitely of the glass half full persuasion and look for the beauty in every situation. I have a beautiful sense of humour and don’t take myself or life too seriously! I believe uniqueness of thought is the real sign of intelligence; not regurgitated plagiarism of someone else’s thoughts and ideas masquerading as one’s own!

Thank you for reading my message – Have a super awesome day!

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Open for new community member(s)

We are a household of 10-11 people with more in adjacent cottages in a on a beautiful farm in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. A couple of miles away is Forest Row, a thriving village widely known as a centre of alternative lifestyles and ecological activities. Our small community is open to a new couple or individual (sorry, we don’t have space for more children) who will have private accomodation, and will be part of the community, with use of extensive gardens, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, woodlands, farmyard etc. There will be no rent to pay. Instead, the contribution will be in the form of some hours of work to be agreed in advance depending on skillsets of the applicant, but will include somel of the very wide range of activities: garden work, looking after animals (pigs, chickens, bees plus potentially adding more to the smallholding), ecological woodland management, DIY, building / maintenance, a big plus for willingness &/or experience in childcare. Current household consists of a family of 4 with two young children, a musician, a professional forager & foraging trainer, a physiotherapist, a trainee school teacher, an environmental campaigner, an author among others. We all lead our busy private lives alongside each other, and come together for some shared activities, cooking etc. The veg garden is heaving and there are always jobs to do on the land.

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Looking for Property

Hello World, Looking for a rural property in Southern Europe, ideally already partly or fully off grid, some sort of accommodation, area for growing, some fruit trees, close to a village etc. I have £30-£50k. I am looking to live the simple life, with possible AirBnB side line retreat etc . MUST BE WITHIN 45 min of airport and 45 min of coast. Thanks

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Seeking help in family farm

Hi I’m looking for a peaceful honest person to live on our small subsistence farm happy to work with me and my young son growing food, practicing permaculture and eco building, repurposing and recycling materials.

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Fit and active guy 30's looking to possibly join or form a community

Hi, I’m a fit and active guy in my 30’s currently living in SW England but have become fed up with the materialistic urban rat race. I’m a fitness trainer by trade but am looking for new purpose in my life, not feel like a rat on a never ending ball in a concrete jungle. I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life and currently looking at all my options (boat life, community living or overseas travel etc) I love the outdoors, nature, wild camping and the off grid lifestyle, travelling and meeting new like minded ppl. I lived in an off grid community in Devon for a year a few years ago. I’m very able bodied and strong and prepared to do any strenuous work where necessary in exchange for a new opportunity. I have some money but not enough to buy a farmhouse with some acres unfortunately (my dream is to run a rural community for ppl who have suffered mental health, addictions and/or or marital abuse to heal and find new hope and for wayfarers and freespirits). I’m especially interested in hearing from others who are interested in forming a brand new community. I also know of a location in a secluded woodland with a waterfall flowing out a rock where someone has built a stone cabin where free spirits and hippies can visit if anyone is interested. I’m looking at all my options and open to any suggestions, invites, ppl who want to chip in for land etc and build a community. Look forward to hearing from you. AJ

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Would YOU like to come and live in Bulgaria?

Hiya everyone…
I’m Annette, and my Husband is Chris…
As the title Suggests… Would you like to come and live in Bulgaria?
for those of you that dont know Bulgaria, let me tell you, its a lovely little Country that borders Greece and Turkey to the south ( Istanbul is only a five hour drive away from our location ) and. The Bulgarians…. well, they are the most nicest people I have ever met… they really are. OK… have I got your attention? hope so. Over here we get in the region of 300 days of Sunshine each year.. even today (February the 10th ) its so lovely out.. i’m down to wearing just a tee shirt, .Anyway.if you would like to come and live here. and have a maximum of 10.000 Pounds… tops.
you can buy a lovely house here with lots of land to keep animals….
( I currently have 4 horses… 15 Ducks… 10 chickens… 2 Rabbits… 3 dogs and 4 cats)
Now… your house here wouldn’t cost 10.000 pounds.. no where near it in fact.. but it would have to be brought up to English standards, and thats where my husband Chris comes in.
Our house.. needed a awful lot of work to begin with
but now… it’s my palace.
and he ( Chris ) has asked me to tell you… he can put in a proper English Bathroom with a sit down Toilet (got to have one of those, haven’t we girls.)
and a nice fitted kitchen, with nice cabinets and things that we all need, together with double

The cost of living here in Bulgaria?… you will be amazed, to start with… the road tax per year is 97 Bulgarian Lev ( 42 pounds a year ) Our Property tax per year is 57 Lev ( 25 pounds ) and thats with 2 acres of land. plus..there is no T.V. license fee here either.
and… Every 4 weeks, when his pension arrives from England, we drive to the city and do out Monthly shop…
we did this last Friday ( February the 7th) and we filled up 2 shopping carts to overflowing (we don’t skimp ) and the total bill at the check out was 390 Bulgarian Lev (£170) and thats for a month…

So, are you interested? if you are… please drop us a line, and I’ll give you more information if you want it…

OK… going to get some sun…
bye for now.
Annette and Chris Bulgaria.
oops… here’s a important update…
I’ve received several messages from people asking about the £10000 that I mentioned in my message…
so… please let me explain, the cost of your house would be approximately £5000, and the other £5000 would be for all the remodelling, appliances and double glazed windows… hope that makes things a little more clear and sorry for any misunderstanding. x

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Single room in East London

Single room in Leytonstone Edwardian terraced house with three bedrooms. Quiet house in friendly street. Two of us here.
£75 a week inclusive.
We’d like someone who is keen on gardening (small back garden). beautiful small front garden.
Vegetarian household. Piano, books, records… We do art, music, therapy, poetry, reading..
We like to share some meals.
You are invited to meet us. London E11 3LE. Phone 0208 555 5248 if you have questions. Ros

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Looking for ancient woodland

In the near future I hope to sell my house and reinvest in Woodland with mature trees. I will not be looking intensively until my house is sold. I also have a small building plot for sale in north rural Portugal at a reasonable price. If anyone knows of a quiet, remote mature woodland for sale in Europe I may be interested in viewing it subject to a reasonable price. Contact me through this site. Trevor7

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Living Simply Simply Living

The Loke Community T.L.C.

Is actively seeking new community members

Preferably aged:


Female or couples

Willing to work and engage with existing community members (currently five; 60-87) with whatever is decided via common consent.

Enjoys dancing, music making, camp cook outs, sailing, paragliding, emotional curiosity, having a laugh and communal cooking.

Current members interests include contact improv, chess, yoga, jujitsu, golf biodanza, cycling, movie nights, spoon carving, bowl turning, falconry, sailing, paragliding, story telling, poetry, gardening cookery.

Willing to gather 8:30 each morning for: check in and share in group meal 6:30 pm

Own accommodation for successful applicant.

Apply with bio to:

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Transit driver/assistant required for journey to France

This is a long shot, I know, but I’m in the process of realising my dream, i.e. buying a little house in France with sufficient land to be, hopefully, sustainable. Neither my son nor I drive and our friend who usually drives us over cannot as he has a new job so would be unable to quarantine upon his return to the UK. We need someone who would be prepared to drive us and our essential items (mattresses, duvets, linen, kitchen equipment, clothing, etc.) over in a hired van, stay the night or two, and then return the van to the UK and quarantine, if it’s still necessary. Perhaps you live on a smallholding or somewhere where it would be easy to quarantine or, perhaps you’d just like a change of scenery and company.There’d be no payment but you’d be fed and offered a holiday in rural France when we’re settled. I was a Workaway host for six years so hope to be doing this in the again in the not too distant future. Thank you for reading.

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Couple seeking accommodation to rent

Mature professional couple (40s/50s) seeking accommodation in the Abergavenny – Monmouth – Hereford area. We have one old, non-aggressive, female cat. Ideally we would like somewhere detached, though this need not be a house. Rural areas preferred.

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