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Community dreamer, looking for new digs..

Ideally an independent living space within a community no rooms please, unless they have their own kitchens/bathrooms etc.. - Affordable rent, long term space required to be nurtured & loved as a forever home, a place to set down roots & assist in becoming more sustainable. A genuine requirement is it must be reasonably flat ground, I have a camper van so happy if the drive up is steep although must be accessible around the property as I have some mobility issues/ injuries. I can manage steps, although not rough terrains at this present time. Location- preferably close to a natural swimming hole or beach. Willing to look at most areas that are rural or semi rural 100 % no towns & must be in nature. I currently reside in Brighton although city living no longer serves my lifestyle. I maintain a fine home, have a adult son who will stay in Sussex, I do not own property so it is time I flew the nest. I have growing ability, possess a good nature & do my best by all beings. I do not mind what your preference is in life as long as you share a respect in other peoples choices. I have a range of skill sets, vegetarian, gentle earth dweller. I would welcome the isolation as well as a community. If you would like to know more please message or call 07773736404 Thank you D&D for a space on your notice board, I am grateful to you.. Be well Dawn xxx

message posted by Dawn76