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Open for new community member(s)

We are a household of 10-11 people with more in adjacent cottages in a on a beautiful farm in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. A couple of miles away is Forest Row, a thriving village widely known as a centre of alternative lifestyles and ecological activities. Our small community is open to a new couple or individual (sorry, we don’t have space for more children) who will have private accomodation, and will be part of the community, with use of extensive gardens, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, woodlands, farmyard etc. There will be no rent to pay. Instead, the contribution will be in the form of some hours of work to be agreed in advance depending on skillsets of the applicant, but will include somel of the very wide range of activities: garden work, looking after animals (pigs, chickens, bees plus potentially adding more to the smallholding), ecological woodland management, DIY, building / maintenance, a big plus for willingness &/or experience in childcare. Current household consists of a family of 4 with two young children, a musician, a professional forager & foraging trainer, a physiotherapist, a trainee school teacher, an environmental campaigner, an author among others. We all lead our busy private lives alongside each other, and come together for some shared activities, cooking etc. The veg garden is heaving and there are always jobs to do on the land.

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