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Calling Van Dwellers in Portugal

Looking for short term & long term volunteers who can park up or pitch up and help us in return for food and a place to stay awhile.
We have recently taken over at a Permaculture Project and are creating a Food Forest, which is one of many jobs we need help with.
We have 5 Chickens, 2 Guinea Fowl, 12 ducks, 6 quail, 4 cats and a dog.
We welcome singles, couples and families with or without animals. All animals must be cool with other animals as all ours free range across the hectacre site. This is nestled in a valley and is a mix of forest and field with a river on one side and forest on the other.
It's completely off grid here with a compost toilet and solar power. Our water is what's collected from the rain and river. There's a water point 1/4 mile down the track.
We are aiming for zero waste and could do with volunteers with a creative streak to help with getting that under control and making art.
Help with animals also could be helpful.
We really could do with eco builders and carpenters as we want to fix the reciprocal building up and rebuild the ruin.
Green fingered folk would be happy enough with over half the site being turned into food forest, a herb garden and veg patch are being developed.
Fencers and general help needed to get up perimeter fencing and manage the land as previous owners hadn't been able to do that.
So if your passing of fancy taking us up onthe offer, drop us a message because we are 2 people and we would love another set of hands or more to make some headway.
We have a website YouTube AhimsaFoodForest a Facebook Ahimsa food forest and permaculture project and an Instagram AhimsaFoodForest plus we are on Google maps Inc reviews from previous volunteers over last 6 months.
So come have a go at living off grid and learning permaculture if you feel called. Likewise if you got skills then contact us too.
Our main aim is to create a sustainable community intergrating people with a similar vision to help mother earth by reconnecting with our natural selves through nature.

message posted by Em McGowann