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Need land to live on in Wales ASAP (Snowdonia preferred!)

**I've posted on here before, and haven't yet received any offers, advice or similar - if ANYONE has ANYTHING USEFUL for me, PLEASE contact me!** I'm looking for some space to live and to build an eco-roundhouse (for my own use; I'm a rather private person, and I need. good degree of solitude without neighbours most of the time, but I'm also very adaptable!), and to practice as a Herb-Witch (I use local, nourishing herbs (and some others as and when needed) in the Wise Woman tradition, a la Susun Weed) and Reiki-Seichem and Crystal Healer in a wild place, and create/work on a sort of forest-and-herb-garden and keep some animals (goats, horses, sheep, chickens etc) on the land in a Wholistic and Biodynamic manner. Access to a spring for a water supply nearby or a clean stream on the land would be really good. As for a price for living on the land - please say how low you can offer, as I'll be living off my family's money until I can get enough saved up from working with the herbs and making Flower and Gem Essences (I won't be able to pay much at all, due to having to buy the materials, etc. for house-building (and somewhere to stay whilst it's being built) and all of my own necessities, so I'm really hoping to be allowed some sort of long-term agreement of being guardian of the land and living on it, and keeping the place wild and free and beautiful and bio-diverse! Some words that Goa degree of distance to describe me: Wild, Witch, herbs, nourishing, loving, intense, connected, Wise Woman, organic, homemade, musical, sensitive, quick, dowser, barefoot, naked-dancing-in-the-rain, sunbathing, moon-bathing, talks to the plants, singing, Crystals, energies-of-the-land... Please contact me if you have land available or know someone who does, or know someone who could help me to clarify things- my email is

message posted by Rhiannon Lynn