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Seeking tenancy of a garden house, an annexe or a converted barn

While living in the S.E. of Devon UK, as a lodger/caretaker/gardener in an old Victorian home, I'm on the look out for an independent tenancy, in this part of the UK, choosing to live in my own space, kitchen etc. preferably also the private use of a garden, or piece of a garden. I'm Dutch by birth and moved to the UK in 2015. Living rural at the seaside is welcome, as long as there's bus-transport nearby. I'm saving for an e-bike now. The rent I can afford is max. 400 BP a month, all bills included. From July 1st 2020 I'll by able to apply for housing benefit, free to choose a higher payment of rent. I also offer work in exchange for a lower monthly rent. My skills are house/pet sitting, garden maintenance, growing organic vegetables and flowers, crafting with wool, cooking: vegetarian and a small percentage of red and white meat, plus fish. I've worked as a self employed organic caterer, childminder and nutritionist, now retired since Jan. 1st 2016. Writing, hiking, swimming and singing are favourite pastimes for me, making drawings in nature too. I'm not yet in a hurry to move, but please, when you've decided to rent out part of your property, or your home, on a long-term basis, your email message is appreciated!

message posted by Marian B.