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Looking for communities to participate in PhD research

Hello, I am a PhD researcher at the University of Westminster, working on a project exploring environmental sustainability within cohousing and coliving communities, and I am looking for some communities to work with. For my research, I am firstly measuring the CO2 emissions of communities using surveys. Secondly, using qualitative research such as interviews and observation, I plan to explore how behaviours relating to environmental sustainability are promoted, changed, spread and maintained within the community; and more broadly, how every day happens and changes occur. I hope that my research could be useful to communities which take part, as it will result in a measurement of CO2 emissions which will give the community an insight into their environmental sustainability. I hope that this research may also aid in advocating for forms of shared living. If this is potentially of interest, please do get in touch and I can give your community some more information about what it would involve. With best wishes, Penny Clark 020 3506 6809

message posted by Penny Clark