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Need land to live on in the Welsh Marches (or straddling the border).

****Please help me out with details; I'm a first-timer here!**** I'm looking for some space to live and to practice (herbs - I'm a Herb-Witch, and pretty good, and Reiki-Seichem and crystal-healing) in a wild place, I think - to set up my own home (I've got several designs for a roundhouse drawn out, although a renovateable building would be accepted) as a sort of forest-and-herb-garden and keep some animals (goats, horses, sheep, etc) in a Wholistic and Biodynamic manner (some acres (I'm not sure how many, but a decent amount of space is useful - I'm guessing at 3 to 10 useable acres, but I don't really know yet) of land). I'll need access to spring water supply nearby or a clean stream on the land for water. As for rent or a price for living on the land - please say how low you can offer, as I'll be living off my family's money until I can get enough saved up from working with the herbs and making Flower and Gem Essences (I won't be able to pay much at all, so I'm really hoping to be allowed some sort of long-term agreement of being guardian of the land and living on it). Oh, and proximity to a town with decent shops (organic food and so on) would be useful, but again, not essential. About me: I try and keep media-free (ie. no TV/radio/newspapers or social media) as much as possible, but I'll need access to electricity every so often - to check my emails and write my blog. ** (I've sort of studied "Living in the Freedom Frequency", and books of that nature and I'm earnestly trying to live in freedom and abundance, after a lifetime of fear and lack (which my parents live in, and I don't like it). Also, I'm rather a private person, and I'm trying to, essentially, work out my purpose and how to fulfil it and how I'm to go about this move I'm not completely sure, as I can't drive yet, and I've never had a "proper" job in my life (alright, I'm 20, but still..) - essentially, I'm living sideways to the "normal" and accepted world, and trying to reconcile what I see with how I feel inside, and haven't yet found a place that is RIGHT for me yet - too "weird" for most folks, including those who are more "weird", so it's been a long and hard journey for me so far - I am trusting, but never foolish about my trust, and am absolute about honour, especially keeping my word, although I don't think much of a lot of the laws that exist in Britannia (the ones that aren't of benefit to ordinary folk, anyway). In a way, I'm trying to find where I belong, and how and to be able to be ME completely, and although still not really sure how to go about it, I've been learning skills as fast as I can - and I'm fast; especially with things like sewing (I can hand-sew a simple dress very neatly inside of 24 hours if I don't have much else to do), and working on my stories (2 short stories are finished, 4 longer stories are begun and 2 more are about to be begun) - I feel that I somehow live outside of the "everyday" world, yet I know that I need SOME sort of income in order to have what I need to survive and thrive in this world (eg. for getting rare-ish books), especially as I haven't got access to wool, a spindle and a loom yet, otherwise I'd only need to buy in imported food (like coconut oil, which is a wonderful thing) and things like specialist bottles and jars and so on. In addition, I can cook and bake very well (I've got a sourdough going, and I make excellent bread).** I'm very good with herbs, and I'm hoping to be able to set up my own stillroom (old word for a place to process herbs) and work from there, making all sorts of different remedies, including Flower and Gem Essences (I've already made half a dozen of the latter as Mother-Essences), and so on, and practising my Crystal Healing and Seichem. I can also look after animals quite well (I like goats), garden a bit (with instruction), and live off-grid comfortably and easily. I have a simple lifestyle and needs, and am fairly minimalist about most things. (I sleep on sheepskins on a bedroll on the floor, all of my clothes are organic or second-hand (unless I've made them myself from second-hand fabric), I'm happy without electricity/internet and spend most of my free time reading, writing or sewing (I can make simple clothes if given time and some help with cutting out), and also I'm a Tarot reader (Arthurian Tarot) and Witch, and I can sing well in several different languages (including Finnish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh), including very good covers of certain "Nightwish songs. I can do simple drumming and strum a harp or a lyre, and am quite a good storyteller at times.). I prefer NOT to live vegetarian/vegan (it doesn't lead to optimal health for me, and I try to base my diet on the principles outlined in "Nourishing Traditions"). Please contact me if you have land available or know someone who does, or know someone who could help me to clarify things- my email is

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