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Spain-Working with Animals for Healing people recovering from trauma or terminal illness

I put a notice up a while back to do this in South America. Unfortunately, my husband died recently, so things have changed and I am moving back to the EU to be closer to the little family I have. I am looking for mature caring souls who have been through a lot themselves, and who are looking to be around conscious people and to help heal others/ to share life on a finca/ farm or suitable place*not yet found* in Spain to set up the following- Sustainable Farm for Animal therapy/ Human Healing working with specific animals/ Ecology/Art therapy retreat* for Healing people recovering from PTSD/severe trauma, grief, suicidal depression, or terminal illness. Suitable for people who are experienced with animal and human healing/ to create a co-operative with 5-8 other like minded healers/ecologists/artists/writers/alternative folk, location in rural Spain but not too far from the city or town, Cataluna area, other areas also considered. Possibly we could adapt an existing finca/farmhouse/ people with pets are welcome/ people deeply interested in offering healing or working with animals and ecology. People who have experienced and have or are recovering from grief, or who have survived and are healing or overcome deep trauma also welcome. Mostly kind hearts and wise souls and people not looking for drama, but also aware that we are all human, we need to express our humanity but in considerate and respectful forms of communication and expression within a safe and supportive community, maybe a quirky caring family of supportive folks who can all help one another to make an alternative life with an alternative community of warm reliable, real human beings and animals. lastvoicesofgaia at gmail dot com I speak English and Spanish, I have been an ecologist and rain forest activist in central and south america for eleven years. Im an author, environmental writer, paint, am a hypnotherapist, reiki, energy work, qigong, meditation /wounded healer. I have recently survived some unbelievable horrors and need to create a firm ground of healing and love to help create a new purpose in my life and help others heal too, especially looking for courageous people who are at the same point, the kind of people who have been through hellfire and back, the kind of folks who understand the depth of corruption and evil, but who want to counteract that with being kind and establishing caring solutions and ways to transform the craziness of this world by doing something that will help others. This is all I can do to keep going after losing my husband who went through serious injustices and who was my soul mate.

message posted by Carla Shaw
Make a social impact with us

The Kindavillage is a visionary project of ‘The Missing Kind’, a development of our first sustainable kindness community. With well-being and sufficiency at its core, an innovative social impact centre supporting the local community, creating national initiatives and inspiring global change. We are currently seeking pioneers, volunteers, and social Impact partners to put this together, those in search of a kinder and balanced world in which to live. Our call goes out to those that have a project, a passion and a commitment to kindness. Those in need of resource and community to support the realisation of their project. We really need someone to kickstart our microgreens project right now as well. We have all the seeds, poly tunnel and equipment, just need someone to run the project.

message posted by Kinda Village
Creatives and gardeners over 50.

I'm looking to make contact with creatives, gardeners, engineers, eco-interested, etc. who are over 50 and ready to make an interesting life change with a handful of others. Not a community, more a support group who may or may not end up pitching in together on a vision. Hoping to end up with like minded friends who like me, have not set their vision in stone yet but are ready and able to travel, meet and maybe view possibilities together.

message posted by creativesandgardenersover50
Long Term Help Offered.

Hi.I have experience of working on an organic gardens and campsite.Willing to work a full day. 5 days a week. In exchange for food,accommodation.Plus a monthly allowance. I live in Gloucestershire. So anywhere close by would be ideal. But not essential.Willing to stay all year round if needed. Pete.

message posted by Peterallton

My lurcher needs a secure field where she can exercise regularly away from livestock. Pop is a rescue with difficulty mixing with other dogs/people. I dream of a field we could hire on a regular basis. Got a spare field/woodland you could rent me? Regards Louise

message posted by Louise Glyme
Discrete builder

Are there any farmers etc, in Surrey/Southeast looking to convert/renovate any of their unused outbuildings? I'm a seasoned builder with experience in such work Gray

message posted by giffygray
Wanted:caravan parking or barn/yard to rent/anything??

I'm medically retired from NHS and looking to move and so need parking to rent for a touring size caravan in which i live full time. Ideally a quiet spot on a family farm with water electricity on site -similar to how and where i live now - or small rural certified caravan site. Or would rent a rural yard or barn with yard or forest/woodland site. Or alternatively may consider caretaker/security/warden/housekeeper arrangement,Ive plenty of experience and can provide references. Must be pet friendly,ive two cat companions. I currently work part time as a photographer and writer but ive experience with heavy plant and machinery and large livestock /heavy horses and have an hgv license. Not at all interested in living in a large working farm commune or religious/spiritual development centre (Im often asked,please dont waste your time asking me.Iike my peace and quiet and have no time for religion at all.) Ideally im looking for somewhere in highlands or islands of Scotland, Yorkshire Dales,North Oxfordshire/ South Warwickshire but I'll happily consider other rural parts of UK depending on what and where. Feel free to message,Ill reply asap subject to internet being available.

message posted by CristianoR
One room simple eco houses in mountains of south spain need summer caretakers!

Hey! We are a group of parents who organise a free school/forest school/democratic style school for our kids in wooded valley in the Alpujarra mountains of south spain, there are three one room strawbale and mud houses that house the teachers during the school terms, they will need people to live in them over the summer, 4 months in total, mid may to mid September, you can take a week off here and there but to basically be in them more time then out! In exchange that you'd whitewash inside and out and linseed the floor (we buy materials) and give the houses a bit of love :-). The houses are located in Beneficio, which used to be a community but is now more a sort of free village/squat with home made shacks and houses and a very diverse mix of people, Its a 25 min walk uphill from the car park, there are small solar systems in the two bigger houses, and theres water coming from the spring in pipes. There is a water storage pool for swimming (if its been cleaned out!) and a really beautiful view of the mountains. This would suit independant hardy rugged folk! Would suit couples or a group of friends or 2 small families If your interested please contact me on +34672543933 or email, thank you!

message posted by Kids Space Bene
would anyone like to come and help us in Bulgaria ?

Hiya everyone.......... I'm Annette, and with my Husband Chris... have this wonderful little farm here in Bulgaria, And, as you can probably imagine, were always needing a little extra help around the place. currently, I have 5 horses....3 Donkeys...Ducks and Chickens and rabbits, we also have 3 Dogs and 3 Cats. So, we were wondering if there is anyone out there that has their own little home, such as a caravan or a camper van that would like to drive over and park in our field in exchange for helping us out, we can supply electric and water to your little home, and of course, if you help us, the parking and electric and water would be absolutely free. Bulgaria is a wonderful little country, Which is right next door to Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia to the west, and Roumania to the North, we get about 300 days of sunshine each year, even today, the sun is out. Interested ? if so drop us a line for more details, our email is... Oh.. one other thing, not sure if I'm getting my messages properly ?, so dont forget to include your email... thank you. Bye for now. Annette and Chris.

message posted by Annette and Chris
Holistic community in Glastonbury / Avalon (Somerset) seeks new members

We are a small but growing community with a retreat centre in development (called Avalon Priory) rurally located about 9 miles outside Glastonbury in Chilton Polden. There are 6 residents' bedrooms, 3 guest rooms in a tower, a group room, a chapel (for weddings etc.), a great hall, sauna, a 5-bed guest cottage, space for camping/live-in's, woodland (recent) and garages to be developed further. We currently have two spaces for people to live. Hopefully people will become involved with the activities, development and running of retreats, the garden, general maintenance etc. The community is inspired by universal truth, cosmic love, the mystical (true) spiritual Christian/Buddhist/Hindu teachings as well as the truth in all other world religions, faiths, traditions, philosophies, sciences etc. (e.g. Native American, Sufi, Jewish/Kabbalist, Advaitist, Jain, Greek philosophy). The aim of the community is to teach genuine spirituality, natural/sustainable ways of living and to facilitate healing, self-realisation/development & soul evolution. Living in a harmonious, supportive & joyful community helps everyone in this endeavour. We plan to host various courses & programs which members may be able to join (e.g. yoga, tantra, tai chi, ceremony & ritual, spiritual development, fasting, meditation, prayer & study of the wisdom teachings). There is furthermore plenty of opportunity to work with the land, planting trees & gardening in alignment with the principles of organic growing, no-dig, agroforestry & permaculture. We are aiming to become as self-sufficient as possible in terms of food production, water, fuel & energy. Potential members should be vegetarian (or at least ready to make the transition) with an aim to eventually become vegan. We are also into wholefood, organic & rawfood nutrition. Additionally, drug use, alcohol & smoking are not allowed on site and are discouraged. Because of current building works and the need to keep an orderly place for retreats etc., the place is not suitable for families. Additionally, potential residents should be in good health generally to cope with the work (gardening, running the centre). For further information, please contact Paz (07989 598889) or You can also check out the facebook page here - Peace, love and blessings.

message posted by Paz
New Community - France

We are thinking about changing direction! Our 'not for profit', spiritual Retreat is nearing completion after five years of blood, sweat, tears and fun. We're now looking at creating a 'like-minded' Community offering artisans, artists and creative beings the opportunity to come together to live a fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle. Could you live in Rural France and contribute skills, passion, ideas and calm on a medium to long-term / permanent basis whilst contributing to running costs and creating a rewarding, working community? We are looking for ideas, ingenuity, integrity and kind beings to come together. Have a look at our current website - BEFORE CHANGING DIRECTION and see the potential! Can you - make? bake? create? grow? do you want space and peace to explore your desires and thoughts? Open to creative ideas from like minded beings looking for peace of mind. Hoping to hear from you soon - Steve

message posted by French Retreat
Help Needed on our Small Farm -

We are looking for people to exchange part time work on our farm for accomodation and food. Very comfortable self catered accommodation in our "hut in the woods". Beef Cattle, Vegetable Boxes, Bees, Chickens, Ducks, Trout and Ferrets. Ideally a couple or friends and a long stay would be welcome. Check out our website for a detailed description of our approach to farming and pictures....

message posted by Simon Schwerdt
Mature man/woman needed in exchange Food & lodgings, southern Bulgaria

Hi...I'm 63 year old female young at heart & have to say a bit of a spiritual hippy, I enjoy yoga and meditation. I bought my house in southern Bulgaria, 2015 this will be my first winter here, I call it my grand design as I didn't realise what a mammoth task it would be to renovate, its mostly done now but I still need bits of diy doing and funds are running low. Hence why I'm looking for a volunteer. I have myself done voluntary work all over Europe. Firstly you need to love cats and dogs as I have 2 of each. Bulgaria is very beautiful but its a very simple life in the villages, the people are very warm and friendly but its not for everyone. we have 5 stores and a few bars in the centre. I'm looking for someone who will suit this lifestyle, and who will be able to help me do odd jobs like chopping kindling or plastering a few holes, clearing digging garden, and help with cooking etc anything else would be a big bonus for me, in exchange I offer food and lodgings. I speak a little Bulgarian but its a difficult language so have limited conversations with villagers and it can get lonely at times, so the company would also be nice. The location is in Stara Zagora region & around 50 km from Greek border. I live in a mountain village 30 km from the nearest big town, I do have transport and generally go to town weekly, as long as you don't mind a rustic lifestyle, and your not a big meat eater (I mainly eat chicken) but cook well balanced meals. If like the sound of Bulgaria & looking for somewhere to spend the winter or perhaps more permanent. If you like your own space there is a caravan available which can be hooked up to electric. In exchange for around 4 hours work (mon/fri...negotiable) I offer good 3 meals a day. I am easy going and enjoy yoga and meditation so this opportunity would suit someone more mature who is wanting a relaxed lifestyle. Get in touch with any questions you might have. Thanks for reading this and have a nice day. namaste

message posted by Diane
Accommodation, Pembrokeshire

House share available for one or two persons in nice victorian house in small hamlet by estuary in south pembrokeshire. Use of whole house and productive organic garden overlooking the waterway.English as a Foreign Language tuition available as an option.Working studio in house also.No extra utility bills. DSS ok. I am into personal development but not dogmatic.Contact either via this site or direct on 07392060754 or Thank you.

message posted by Glyn
Looking for a place for peace and some meeting of minds in Bulgaria

Hi to all, i have uploaded a picture but i don't know where it actually shows,( have just seen my photo !!!) anyway, i live in England but am really interested in moving to Bulgaria, i am 73 but still ok in terms of relative fitness apart from a slightly damaged nerve in my left wrist, which does grow back after a couple of months, so the consultant tells me !!!i have i guess some of the things you get when you grow older, but not losing my mind ,i am gregarious, but not to the point of annoyance ,am intelligent i guess, and get on with people i have the mindset of the early sixties, yeah you get it, used to be called beatnik/hippie etc etc i used to build boats, make furniture am conversant with all types of woodworking machines /lathes bandsaws /you name it Am a pretty good cook, make my /our own bread have lived in a commune in London am Jewish but i don't practice Judaism at all i do receive an old age pension, plus i have a small ( very small )private pension , I'm looking for accommodation and food and will pay for it by doing whatever i can, and ill contribute financially what i can afford ( don't know what will happen re pensions after BREXIT ) But i expect that from my inquiries i should be able to still collect it in Bulgaria an E U country I do drive but only automatic, still it means i can legally drive a tractor!/scooter apart from an auto car i wish i had thought of this before when my ex-wife and myself got divorced 9 years ago instead of which i moved into a housing association in which the mindset of people there is totally different to mine and i would imagine to children of the sixties which is what is the best way to describe myself as although we are of course all different I know it says England above, but i have also noticed some notifications from Bulgaria ( i know it's close to Greece so weather has to be better than England !!!!!) I do like the sun!

message posted by Russell Reuben
Resident Volunteer Opportunity

Unstone Grange is a rambling old house and retreat centre, set in 5 acres of beautiful gardens, and surrounded by lovely Derbyshire countryside. The Unstone Grange Trust is a Charity and our mission is to support and maintain Unstone Grange as a beautiful place where people come together to take another step on their life path. We make the space available to a wide variety of groups under the umbrella of personal and spiritual growth. We have no doctrine other than to celebrate the diversity of our lives and to encourage others to live consciously on the path of their choice We are currently looking for an additional resident volunteer to help care for the buildings, the gardens, and the various groups that gather here . We need dynamic, grounded practical people to join us working in a loosely managed structure, where the focus is being able to work in a self motivated and self responsible way but also as part of the existing team. We have fortnightly team meetings to discuss jobs, plan diaries and any other issues arising. You would need to be flexible and practical, work varies. We are responsible for property maintainance from cleaning to roofing(although do employ outside contractors for some jobs) and grounds management from grass cutting to vegetable growing. So ideally you would have property maintenance and building skills, or experienced in DIY. An interest in organic gardening would be a plus, as would mechanical skills oh and a good sense of humour!. On a personal level, some awareness of the issues of communal living would be an advantage, as would the desire to confront your own personal growth and development. We are not an intentional community as such but are developing our own ideas of living together. We share occasional meals and some jobs and also recognise the importance of personal space. In return for a beautiful place to live we ask 16 hours work a week, plus being on site for groups at weekends on a flexible rota basic. Accommodation would a large sunny upstairs room with a great view and own fireplace. Bathroom and kitchen shared. You would be free of all bills except personal ones such as telephone, transport and food. Having said that we do try and grow our own fruit and vegetables in our large organic garden and 80ft polytunnel and have apples, pears and plums in the orchard. You would need an outside income to meet your personal monetary needs as there is no paid employment on site and signing on is not possible from here. However we are very close with good transport links to the town of Chesterfield and the city of Sheffield. Please note this is not a woofing venue; we are looking at a longer-term arrangement. To get an idea of Unstone Grange from the perspective of the groups who use the centre for retreats etc., you could have a look at our website ( If you think you might be interested in becoming a resident volunteer here, and would like to find out who is currently engaged with the project, and a bit more about how the place works, please drop us a line through the Diggers and Dreamers website, and tell us a little about yourself.

message posted by Carol Burnett
Off grid cabin in Southern Spain

Spanish off grid adventure! Opportunity for somebody with a 4x4 to try an off grid lifestyle for 6 months....for free! I'm going to be in UK until the end of the year helping my brother to build a house (May - December). I'm looking for a couple, or somebody who's happy with their own company, to look after my place, near to Malaga, while I'm not there. You could help out by keeping an eye on the place and watering a few plants, clearing a few brambles etc. There's a very sorted 6m x 4.5m wooden cabin, a spring for water and solar panels for lighting, phone charging, 12v fridge etc. It's a mile and a half down a challenging dirtrack and you'll need to have a 4 x 4 in order to get in and out of the place. This is will not get in or out easily without a 4 x 4! Also it's going to get very hot for a few weeks between July and September! If you're interested contact me Ivan on

message posted by Ivanidea
Off Grid Island Life for a Family - Ireland

A unique chance for a family with toddlers to make a home on the beautiful 650 acre private off-grid island of Lambay, 3 miles off the coast of Co Dublin. My wife Brooke and I came here from England and are raising our 2 toddlers (1 and 2) on the island; we would like to home-school but would need help and the support of a small community in addition to the 4-5 resident workforce: a companion for Brooke; playmates for the kids; help with schooling, kitchen garden and maintenance. A cottage and use of kitchen garden (and possibly a workshop) is on offer in return for educational / gardening / building skills and a genuine commitment for a long-term stay. The island operates as a small cattle / sheep farm and is also developing its rental accommodation; it is resupplied weekly by boat. Island life can be demanding: offer suited to mature, financially stable and level-headed applicants.

message posted by Alex Baring
A non-profit community hostel in London

We’re in the process of starting the first-ever community eco-hostel in London. The vision is: ‘A hostel in London where people who share values of social change, sustainability and well-being can connect and inspire each other.’ The hostel is a non-profit social enterprise: we plan to reinvest any surplus to offer people who do pro-bono volunteer work subsidised accommodation when they come to London. The vision includes: - Communal meals around a long table each night, where people can meet other people with shared values. - Workshops and discussion groups in the evening, so that people from different places can inspire each other with stories about the work they do, and build networks and alliances together. There's a nice one minute video introducing the project at If you like the idea, it would be great to hear your thoughts and reflection on it. We'd love to talk with people, and would love to hear ideas from people with experience of communities and potential collaborators. We're currently developing the business plan, and so expertise in charity/social enterprise structure and governance, and property procurement for non-profits especially welcome. Do check out the video at

message posted by Eco Soul Hostel
Helper required

ALLERTON WILLOW SPA AND RETREAT. Recently acquired 5 acre smallholding in a rural village setting 3 miles from Kettering, Midlands. We have a gated landscaped gardens that includes a stream, 3 cascading ponds, orchard, stables, paddocks, fields, children play area and spa. To use permaculture principles alongside traditional techniques to meet the aim of building a holistic family mini farm, spa and physical, mental and spiritual retreat that also offers fresh healthy food, open to the public. We carry a small number of sheep, goats, geese, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl and pea hens/cocks and plan to increase numbers. We aim to also acquire horses, site dormant bee hives, a variety of other fish and wildfowl as well as to develop home-grown organic produce. The land does not presently have organic certification but is kept organically and the livestock live as naturally as possible. We’d love your help in all types of maintenance to the grounds and ponds as well as assist with livestock, fish and hatching, plus support in preparing the retreat for the spring summer and autumn seasons. It goes without saying that the tasks will be interesting and varied and sharing of information and skills! The work is in the development stages so it can be a little physically challenging, so please bear this in mind when applying. With a minimum commitment of a long weekend , not only will you have the obvious food and accommodation in caravan or yurt, you can also utilise the spa swimming pool, hot tub, gym and steam room facilities plus help in transportation to and from local amenities. Please feel free to get in touch for more information. Looking for 1 or 2 people (couples welcomed) Spike Khan 07746901761

message posted by Spike786
A helping hand...

Hello all, I'm currently living and working in Bristol but looking to leave for greener pastures. I work as a fundraiser but I'm seeking more living/ working outdoors, in the countryside. If there are any opportunities for work in exchange for board/ food, I'd be really grateful of a 'hello...'. It'd be wonderful to offer a helping hand. Amy x

message posted by AmySelf
Vegans invited to join us ...

Humanity House Trust in Matlock in Derbyshire seeks new participants. We support the work of the political party Humanity (, although Humanity has no members and no-one is obliged to do or be anything other than vegan. We do what we are moved to do, in accordance with Humanity principles. Each of us is a free spirit living according to our own needs and desires. Robin Greenwood is the founder of Humanity, is the primary Trustee of the House, and has stood for Parliament in Derbyshire Dales on three occasions since 2010. We use Scott Peck's Community Building process at house meetings and any unresolvable issues are referred to the Trust, where Scott Peck's Community Building process is also used as the foundation for its decisions. As a tenant here, the opportunity is there to become a Trustee. Feel free to come and check us out ...

message posted by Humanity House Trust
Looking for a Happy place

Am happy lady of 57 looking for a new life ideally shared house with similar happy people not bothered too much about age group ,ideally near the sea .Happy to muck in with everything,would be able contribute to possible purchase of property long term.Am not hippy /new age traveller or eco warrior! But love the countryside animals and like to grow my own produce.Would love to make new friends and meet like minded people.

message posted by Lizhopestofind
Mature craftswoman seeks a new home and work space

Spring's freshness to everyone. Over the past 12 months I have been gifted the space and time to perceive and heal my Sacred wounds. Gratitude asks that I now share my experiences and knowledge that may be supportive to Others on their healing journey; offering the Gift onward. My wish is to relocate to South East Devon where I will be closer to my family including my Granddaughter. My crafts include working with fleeces, yarns and fabrics, and hedgerow basketry. Also I preserve food stuffs, and make Natural First Aids. All of which will be for sale or exchange or teaching. My Heart's desire is to live in a quiet, rural location with, in particular, a wood burner/open fire, a bath, a work room, and a garden where I would grow food and other plants organically, for sale or trade. My funds are minimal so I am open to a variety of 'appropriate' exchange options e.g. goods, skills, and time. I will be very happy to talk to anyone who might have such a space available. Many thanks, Lynda x

message posted by Lynda Shaw
Looking for a like minded "au pair"

Hi there, We're a little big family of 6, Kim (40, dutch), Fred (37, French) and our four kids Mayi (9), Leo(7), Woody (3.5) and Frida (13 months). We're living in the Ariège, south of France, in a gorgeous spot. We are looking for a kind of like minded "au pair", who is familiar with or interested in attachment/natural/unconditional parenting, to come and stay with us for a longer period of time to help with our 4 children. We are homeschooling/unschooling, and would like you also to help with setting up the organic vegetable garden and some help in the house! Some keywords to describe us and things we care for : free birthing, co-sleeping, nappy-free, extended breastfeeding, non-violent communication, permaculture, biodynamic gardening, fermentation, homemade, wool, knitting, woodcarving, photography, no smoking/drugs/alcohol, barefoot, simple living, community, sacred plant medicine... We are living in the Ariège, in the foothills of the Pyrénées, in a rented house settled in 47ha of organically grown land. Amazing views on the mountains ! A very rich social network with many alternative people living around us. Our main job is to take care of these young kids so help with them would be very much appreciated, especially if you have some special skills or talents that they can learn from. We are looking for a "big brother" or a "big sister", to be part of our family for some time. It can get a bit hectic, chaotic with all these kids, but also very funny ! We have a big bedroom to offer (which is also used as a play room), in our house, so it is a bit challenging to have a lot of privacy ! Luckily the kids go to bed pretty early so at least evenings are calm ! We are pretty unconventional in our lifestyle, not sending the kids to school, not working, mainly trying to lead a simple life, as freely as we can. We eat good, local organic food, try to ban plastic from the house, use only eco friendly products, limit the exposure to EMR. Well, if you feel like joining our little crazy family for some time, please get in touch ! Fred & Co

message posted by horizon
Wanted: Good woman 45-65 ish

You: Calm, nurturing, happy, strong, resourceful, empathetic, and open minded, with driving license and desire to become live in friend, social companion and helper. Me: Vivacious, sapiosexual lady in mid 50's with anxiety and a moderate degree of PTSD, not interested in dating. Many interests, including rocket mass stoves/heaters, composting toilets, living off grid, permaculture and community living etc :-) Accommodation is offered rent free in exchange for help with cooking, cleaning and initially help to declutter and organise other stuff around the home. You would need to pay your own way when it comes to food and housekeeping costs because I'm very much into good quality food and making as much as possible from basic ingredients, where practical, avoiding processed food. No palm oil, hydrogenated veg oil, etc... The eventual hope is to co organise and develop a structure that will be the launch pad for a small community to develop. If you enjoy a challenge, are reliable, respectful, warm and friendly with a sense of humour, integrity and desires to build a self sufficient, permaculture type way of living as as green and frugal as possible, please contact me! :-) I have my own large (but for the moment cluttered) home, 2 miles from the beach with a small garden and a friend half a mile away who has a garden that can be developed like an allotment. I am located in between the popular seaside towns of Poole and Bournemouth, on the south coast of England and ideally located for all amenities and transport links. For now, this means being located in town but my ambition is to find something quieter without being far from the necessities. I have just acquired a small, old motorhome too and am aiming to get out and have fun times as soon as I can find the right lady to enjoy helping me gently build the confidence to expand my horizons. So someone with relevant experience too would be pretty wild! :-) Long term goals are to research the foundation of building a small intentional community for the joy of mutual support and friendship. I am working to sell my home when the appropriate group of people have coalesced and when we have identified what direction we need to go in based on group skills, needs and resources. If any of this resonates with you, please do message me with details of you and your circs, hopes and dreams at bumfodderdisposal at gmail dot com and I will respond. Include a phone number and the times you are available too and I will be very pleased to phone you! For some reason I never seem to get proper notifications from this site and have missed too many messages so please do email me directly on the address above if you want to be assured of a reply. Looking forward to hearing from you. :-) Ad astra, let the adventure begin...! :-)

message posted by Sprogella Sprog
Wanting to get out of the rat race!

We are looking for an enthusiastic couple (non smoker or drinker) who are willing to help both in the house and gardens a few days a week, in exchange for accommodation, living in a log cabin which is situated in an old orchard away from the main house in a quite and peaceful position. If you have a craft skill such as wood carving ,sculpture art etc or can teach meditation, art, yoga etc. you may be able to sell you products or run some courses from here as well. We live in a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing area in the Monnow valley on the South Wales/Herefordshire border. For the last 27 years we have aimed to lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We have our own supply of water from the bore hole, we have installed PV solar panels and a bio-mass boiler. We endeavour to grow our fruit and vegetables throughout the year in our large and productive vegetable garden and greenhouse/polytunnel (without any sprays or chemical), When in season, we will provide you with vegetables, fruit, eggs from our free range chickens and honey from our bees. We mill our own wholemeal flour using a stone ground mill for our bread and rolls and we also make our own pasta, preserves, drinks etc. If you are a couple looking for a quite peaceful life living mainly off the land, please email us at

message posted by Jeanette Ong
North Bristol Community Project

North Bristol Community Project is a small Bristol based charity which aims to promote well-being through community participation, social inclusion and self-empowerment. If you would like to join an urban based community of like-minded people come and visit us, have a cuppa, learn new things, share your skills and make new friends. We intend to form a group of collaborative, skilled, solvent, pragmatic, like minded individuals who are interested in replicating this project in rural Spain, in an intentional co-housing community, in the near future.

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Permaculture/forest garden in France

Permagricole Near Bordeaux France Project Permagricole: Members needed My brother and I are setting up a permaculture/forest garden project on a large scale in south west france on a farm that was a cognac producing farm 15 years ago. It consists of a cognac distillery, which is huge and in good sound condition consisting of buildings roughly the size of 6 large houses put together. It has 100 acres of meadow land, a lake, hedgerows and trees. My brother is presently running an organic farm in Orkney and will only be in France on occasions. I am planning to live on the farm permanently from this June and looking for other people to join the project. We are in the very early stages of setting up the permaculture project, which will probably take years! We also don't know how the land will grow and what will work well. We hope to produce some food by the summer. By June we will have accommodation available within the building. So for the time being to keep the project funded we are looking for people who can finance themselves, maybe artists and or creatives (potters, jewellers, carpenters, painters who would like to set up their own workshops (theres loads of building spaces) and also be interested in communal living (eating and cooking together) with permaculture ethics at it heart. I am planning to set up a blacksmiths forge and there is the beginnings of a carpentry workshop. We will charge a peppercorn rent to cover bills and food. As with all projects the plans adapt to fit. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you and if so lets chat and share ideas. Kath

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Need land to live on in the Welsh Marches (or straddling the border).

****Please help me out with details; I'm a first-timer here!**** I'm looking for some space to live and to practice (herbs - I'm a Herb-Witch, and pretty good, and Reiki-Seichem and crystal-healing) in a wild place, I think - to set up my own home (I've got several designs for a roundhouse drawn out, although a renovateable building would be accepted) as a sort of forest-and-herb-garden and keep some animals (goats, horses, sheep, etc) in a Wholistic and Biodynamic manner (some acres (I'm not sure how many, but a decent amount of space is useful - I'm guessing at 3 to 10 useable acres, but I don't really know yet) of land). I'll need access to spring water supply nearby or a clean stream on the land for water. As for rent or a price for living on the land - please say how low you can offer, as I'll be living off my family's money until I can get enough saved up from working with the herbs and making Flower and Gem Essences (I won't be able to pay much at all, so I'm really hoping to be allowed some sort of long-term agreement of being guardian of the land and living on it). Oh, and proximity to a town with decent shops (organic food and so on) would be useful, but again, not essential. About me: I try and keep media-free (ie. no TV/radio/newspapers or social media) as much as possible, but I'll need access to electricity every so often - to check my emails and write my blog. ** (I've sort of studied "Living in the Freedom Frequency", and books of that nature and I'm earnestly trying to live in freedom and abundance, after a lifetime of fear and lack (which my parents live in, and I don't like it). Also, I'm rather a private person, and I'm trying to, essentially, work out my purpose and how to fulfil it and how I'm to go about this move I'm not completely sure, as I can't drive yet, and I've never had a "proper" job in my life (alright, I'm 20, but still..) - essentially, I'm living sideways to the "normal" and accepted world, and trying to reconcile what I see with how I feel inside, and haven't yet found a place that is RIGHT for me yet - too "weird" for most folks, including those who are more "weird", so it's been a long and hard journey for me so far - I am trusting, but never foolish about my trust, and am absolute about honour, especially keeping my word, although I don't think much of a lot of the laws that exist in Britannia (the ones that aren't of benefit to ordinary folk, anyway). In a way, I'm trying to find where I belong, and how and to be able to be ME completely, and although still not really sure how to go about it, I've been learning skills as fast as I can - and I'm fast; especially with things like sewing (I can hand-sew a simple dress very neatly inside of 24 hours if I don't have much else to do), and working on my stories (2 short stories are finished, 4 longer stories are begun and 2 more are about to be begun) - I feel that I somehow live outside of the "everyday" world, yet I know that I need SOME sort of income in order to have what I need to survive and thrive in this world (eg. for getting rare-ish books), especially as I haven't got access to wool, a spindle and a loom yet, otherwise I'd only need to buy in imported food (like coconut oil, which is a wonderful thing) and things like specialist bottles and jars and so on. In addition, I can cook and bake very well (I've got a sourdough going, and I make excellent bread).** I'm very good with herbs, and I'm hoping to be able to set up my own stillroom (old word for a place to process herbs) and work from there, making all sorts of different remedies, including Flower and Gem Essences (I've already made half a dozen of the latter as Mother-Essences), and so on, and practising my Crystal Healing and Seichem. I can also look after animals quite well (I like goats), garden a bit (with instruction), and live off-grid comfortably and easily. I have a simple lifestyle and needs, and am fairly minimalist about most things. (I sleep on sheepskins on a bedroll on the floor, all of my clothes are organic or second-hand (unless I've made them myself from second-hand fabric), I'm happy without electricity/internet and spend most of my free time reading, writing or sewing (I can make simple clothes if given time and some help with cutting out), and also I'm a Tarot reader (Arthurian Tarot) and Witch, and I can sing well in several different languages (including Finnish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh), including very good covers of certain "Nightwish songs. I can do simple drumming and strum a harp or a lyre, and am quite a good storyteller at times.). I prefer NOT to live vegetarian/vegan (it doesn't lead to optimal health for me, and I try to base my diet on the principles outlined in "Nourishing Traditions"). Please contact me if you have land available or know someone who does, or know someone who could help me to clarify things- my email is

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