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i've had enough of this a few relevant websites i've come across in the past few years... and so on and so on....... this lists eco villages worldwide and is beneficial to diggers and dreamers. Regards, Patrick.

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My lurcher needs a secure field where she can exercise regularly away from livestock. Pop is a rescue with difficulty mixing with other dogs/people. I dream of a field we could hire on a regular basis. Got a spare field/woodland you could rent me? Regards Louise

message posted by Louise Glyme

North Devon Vegan Fair - 28/7/18 - - AND - Pilgrimage for Animals Trees and Mother Earth - 29/7/18 - See website for info on both events. All welcome. Thank you

message posted by John Tree Mann
Make a social impact with us

The Kindavillage is a visionary project of ‘The Missing Kind’, a development of our first sustainable kindness community. With well-being and sufficiency at its core, an innovative social impact centre supporting the local community, creating national initiatives and inspiring global change. We are currently seeking pioneers, volunteers, and social Impact partners to put this together, those in search of a kinder and balanced world in which to live. Our call goes out to those that have a project, a passion and a commitment to kindness. Those in need of resource and community to support the realisation of their project. We really need someone to kickstart our microgreens project right now as well. We have all the seeds, poly tunnel and equipment, just need someone to run the project.

message posted by Kinda Village
Creatives and gardeners over 50.

I'm looking to make contact with creatives, gardeners, engineers, eco-interested, etc. who are over 50 and ready to make an interesting life change with a handful of others. Not a community, more a support group who may or may not end up pitching in together on a vision. Hoping to end up with like minded friends who like me, have not set their vision in stone yet but are ready and able to travel, meet and maybe view possibilities together.

message posted by creativesandgardenersover50
Discrete builder

Are there any farmers etc, in Surrey/Southeast looking to convert/renovate any of their unused outbuildings? I'm a seasoned builder with experience in such work Gray

message posted by giffygray
Mature man/woman needed in exchange Food & lodgings, southern Bulgaria

Hi...I'm 63 year old female young at heart & have to say a bit of a spiritual hippy, I enjoy yoga and meditation. I bought my house in southern Bulgaria, 2015 this will be my first winter here, I call it my grand design as I didn't realise what a mammoth task it would be to renovate, its mostly done now but I still need bits of diy doing and funds are running low. Hence why I'm looking for a volunteer. I have myself done voluntary work all over Europe. Firstly you need to love cats and dogs as I have 2 of each. Bulgaria is very beautiful but its a very simple life in the villages, the people are very warm and friendly but its not for everyone. we have 5 stores and a few bars in the centre. I'm looking for someone who will suit this lifestyle, and who will be able to help me do odd jobs like chopping kindling or plastering a few holes, clearing digging garden, and help with cooking etc anything else would be a big bonus for me, in exchange I offer food and lodgings. I speak a little Bulgarian but its a difficult language so have limited conversations with villagers and it can get lonely at times, so the company would also be nice. The location is in Stara Zagora region & around 50 km from Greek border. I live in a mountain village 30 km from the nearest big town, I do have transport and generally go to town weekly, as long as you don't mind a rustic lifestyle, and your not a big meat eater (I mainly eat chicken) but cook well balanced meals. If like the sound of Bulgaria & looking for somewhere to spend the winter or perhaps more permanent. If you like your own space there is a caravan available which can be hooked up to electric. In exchange for around 4 hours work (mon/fri...negotiable) I offer good 3 meals a day. I am easy going and enjoy yoga and meditation so this opportunity would suit someone more mature who is wanting a relaxed lifestyle. Get in touch with any questions you might have. Thanks for reading this and have a nice day. namaste

message posted by Diane
Holistic community in Glastonbury / Avalon (Somerset) seeks new members

We are a small but growing community with a retreat centre in development (called Avalon Priory) rurally located about 9 miles outside Glastonbury in Chilton Polden. There are 6 residents' bedrooms, 3 guest rooms in a tower, a group room, a chapel (for weddings etc.), a great hall, sauna, a 5-bed guest cottage, space for camping/live-in's, woodland (recent) and garages to be developed further. We currently have two spaces for people to live. Hopefully people will become involved with the activities, development and running of retreats, the garden, general maintenance etc. The community is inspired by universal truth, cosmic love, the mystical (true) spiritual Christian/Buddhist/Hindu teachings as well as the truth in all other world religions, faiths, traditions, philosophies, sciences etc. (e.g. Native American, Sufi, Jewish/Kabbalist, Advaitist, Jain, Greek philosophy). The aim of the community is to teach genuine spirituality, natural/sustainable ways of living and to facilitate healing, self-realisation/development & soul evolution. Living in a harmonious, supportive & joyful community helps everyone in this endeavour. We plan to host various courses & programs which members may be able to join (e.g. yoga, tantra, tai chi, ceremony & ritual, spiritual development, fasting, meditation, prayer & study of the wisdom teachings). There is furthermore plenty of opportunity to work with the land, planting trees & gardening in alignment with the principles of organic growing, no-dig, agroforestry & permaculture. We are aiming to become as self-sufficient as possible in terms of food production, water, fuel & energy. Potential members should be vegetarian (or at least ready to make the transition) with an aim to eventually become vegan. We are also into wholefood, organic & rawfood nutrition. Additionally, drug use, alcohol & smoking are not allowed on site and are discouraged. Because of current building works and the need to keep an orderly place for retreats etc., the place is not suitable for families. Additionally, potential residents should be in good health generally to cope with the work (gardening, running the centre). For further information, please contact Paz (07989 598889) or You can also check out the facebook page here - Peace, love and blessings.

message posted by Paz
Helper required

ALLERTON WILLOW SPA AND RETREAT. Recently acquired 5 acre smallholding in a rural village setting 3 miles from Kettering, Midlands. We have a gated landscaped gardens that includes a stream, 3 cascading ponds, orchard, stables, paddocks, fields, children play area and spa. To use permaculture principles alongside traditional techniques to meet the aim of building a holistic family mini farm, spa and physical, mental and spiritual retreat that also offers fresh healthy food, open to the public. We carry a small number of sheep, goats, geese, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl and pea hens/cocks and plan to increase numbers. We aim to also acquire horses, site dormant bee hives, a variety of other fish and wildfowl as well as to develop home-grown organic produce. The land does not presently have organic certification but is kept organically and the livestock live as naturally as possible. We’d love your help in all types of maintenance to the grounds and ponds as well as assist with livestock, fish and hatching, plus support in preparing the retreat for the spring summer and autumn seasons. It goes without saying that the tasks will be interesting and varied and sharing of information and skills! The work is in the development stages so it can be a little physically challenging, so please bear this in mind when applying. With a minimum commitment of a long weekend , not only will you have the obvious food and accommodation in caravan or yurt, you can also utilise the spa swimming pool, hot tub, gym and steam room facilities plus help in transportation to and from local amenities. Please feel free to get in touch for more information. Looking for 1 or 2 people (couples welcomed) Spike Khan 07746901761

message posted by Spike786
Mature craftswoman seeks a new home and work space

Spring's freshness to everyone. Over the past 12 months I have been gifted the space and time to perceive and heal my Sacred wounds. Gratitude asks that I now share my experiences and knowledge that may be supportive to Others on their healing journey; offering the Gift onward. My wish is to relocate to South East Devon where I will be closer to my family including my Granddaughter. My crafts include working with fleeces, yarns and fabrics, and hedgerow basketry. Also I preserve food stuffs, and make Natural First Aids. All of which will be for sale or exchange or teaching. My Heart's desire is to live in a quiet, rural location with, in particular, a wood burner/open fire, a bath, a work room, and a garden where I would grow food and other plants organically, for sale or trade. My funds are minimal so I am open to a variety of 'appropriate' exchange options e.g. goods, skills, and time. I will be very happy to talk to anyone who might have such a space available. Many thanks, Lynda x

message posted by Lynda Shaw
Vegans invited to join us ...

Humanity House Trust in Matlock in Derbyshire seeks new participants. We support the work of the political party Humanity (, although Humanity has no members and no-one is obliged to do or be anything other than vegan. We do what we are moved to do, in accordance with Humanity principles. Each of us is a free spirit living according to our own needs and desires. Robin Greenwood is the founder of Humanity, is the primary Trustee of the House, and has stood for Parliament in Derbyshire Dales on three occasions since 2010. We use Scott Peck's Community Building process at house meetings and any unresolvable issues are referred to the Trust, where Scott Peck's Community Building process is also used as the foundation for its decisions. As a tenant here, the opportunity is there to become a Trustee. Feel free to come and check us out ...

message posted by Humanity House Trust
North Bristol Community Project

North Bristol Community Project is a small Bristol based charity which aims to promote well-being through community participation, social inclusion and self-empowerment. If you would like to join an urban based community of like-minded people come and visit us, have a cuppa, learn new things, share your skills and make new friends. We intend to form a group of collaborative, skilled, solvent, pragmatic, like minded individuals who are interested in replicating this project in rural Spain, in an intentional co-housing community, in the near future.

message posted by North Bristol Community Project
Rare opportunity to come to Canada

Hello everyone! My partner and I are starting a big project from scratch where your help is welcomed. We are building a retreat centre that will provide a space for people to develop spiritually, physically and psychologically. If you are enthusiastic, physically fit and willing to work in construction to build wooden cabins and gardens, please contact us. Our location is spectacular: an unique natural setting by the ocean in rural Nova Scotia. We will provide you with accommodation and healthy home-made meals. Helpers are needed for summer season from June till December 2018. Look for us at

message posted by MareGold
Maggie's Farm

A home for some help. Small farm in west Wales 10 miles from the sea needs some enthusiasm and energy in exchange for food and accomodation. Can keep a horse here if you wish Ring for more details 01545 590237.

message posted by Brian Jackson
Young family seeking eco living

A young couple with two young children with a view to home educating in the future are looking for like minded people to help out either on land, farms and communes, in return for food and accommodation. My children are 2 & 8 months we bed share so we don’t need much in terms of living space or sleeping space. My partner and I have spent time at fas lane peace cam in Scotland so we have experience in a communal living setting. We also have some foraging and wood chopping /fire lighting skills feel free to email me at

message posted by Liamplimmer1991
looking for somebody

hi everyone,I am a lady late fifties looking for a partner to go halves buying barge in Holland or france for alternative living,saved half but not sure I want to do it alone,not the same adventure.sure there must be somebody out there,preferably male whom is in same situation,late fifties,slim,blonde,grey??sense of humour and quite arty,anybody want to share an adventure??please email too short have means for business on boat as already run small business etsy making clothes,also not afraid of hardwork and quite handy with drill etc so project boat also posssibility

message posted by polyanna66
LIVING WELL EXPERIENCE WEEKS: this land is calling you home...a loving response to what is being asked of us as humans at this time on Earth...

We are excited to share with you our new developments here at the magical Living Well Centre in Cornwall, where we have established a community held by nature-based teachings. Through recent winter dreaming, we are offering a response to what is being asked of humanity at this time on Earth, and to the visitors who have come here, this year we will be sharing The Living Well Experience Weeks. This summer, we invite guests to become part of co-creating community over a five day period each month, and to share the learning journey of what it means to live more consciously, allowing you to take this learning home and live it- being a co-creator of a new conscious way of being for humans on this Planet. We will be offering medicine wheel teachings and practices, healings, fire and water ceremonies at our ancient holy well, pilgrimages to local ancient sites, wild food and native medicine foraging, dance, sacred sound, story-telling, yoga and bodywork, all designed to support our awakening to the sacredness of all life and become part of the solution and a new story for the Earth. We will enjoy this glorious gift of life together, feasting on delicious home-cooked vegetarian/vegan food, celebrating around the fire and nestling into beautiful natural buildings within three acres of bountiful gardens and woodland. We will recover the Ancient nature-based teaching of our ancestors, which provide us with a time-tested map to living in balance and offer tools to create what we yearn for in our hearts – conscious, loving relationship with ourselves, each other and the land. Outside of the Living Well Experience Weeks we offer guests a beautiful space to retreat, connect and receive a bespoke range of treatments, teachings and sessions available each week by arrangement. If you hear this call and are looking for an experience of deep connection to your self, others and the land, to learn and grow together, please visit our website or email us on for further details. Many thanks Warm wishes Rachel, Linda, Jenny and Leonora.

message posted by Rachel Smart
Spiral Visions

--Please see below an intentional community vision that we would like to see fully manifested and are looking for other like minded potential members to grow it. Write to us with your contact details if interested saying why and how you feel you could be part of it. --In the short term we are part of a north London household that doesn’t embody this long term vision but it is in transition and could be an ideal place to take the vision forward. If you fit our long term vision with the values and ethics we need then you many also be interested in joining us in this holding phase. Ultimately it may be that we rebirth elsewhere in or outside London. --Again get in touch if this vision calls to you and if you have what it takes to be part of this holding embryonic visionary --*****Intentional Community - Vision Statement *******-- --To have an intentional spiritual co-op community of conscious co existence embedded in values of respect, co-operation and ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. To create a culture of community building , group process in growing & living together and transitioning to sustainable living. To hold heart centered non violent communication and use consensus in decision making where appropriate with agreed levels of autonomy. --To share food and eat together depending on the rhythm and energy of our livelihoods. To support community by sharing rent and bills. To have some common values that we believe are essential for living together; --Respect for each other’s differences and for their personal space --Respect for communal space to create a home that is mutually comfortable and safe. --Maintaining a communal space that is clear and harmonious for all to enjoy. Clearing up communal space after use. Having agreed quiet zones and times. --Participating in weekly allocated domestic tasks and chores. --Appreciating we all have our own friends, family and colleagues who we have to visit and who we are responsible for at all times. Sensitively arranging use of communal spaces to entertain guests. Being willing to negotiate with others for use of communal space. --Being committed to communicating effectively with each other & participating in alternating fortnightly meetings re infrastructure and mutual support. --Our broader aspirations are ; To become resilient as individuals, as a community and as a hub in the broader community. To acknowledge we are inextricably linked to the seasons, the elements and our larger body of the earth. To live with as low a carbon footprint as we can. To responsibly recycle and compost. To save energy; switching off lights and appliances when not in use. To eat local ( to grow as much food as possible in our back garden); To grow food for and with our neighborhood in our front garden; To practice permaculture practice and ethics of Earth care, people care and fair share. To participate in any local Community Supported Agriculture/ box scheme; To be active members of any LETS (Local exchange and trading system)/ Timebank ; To support thru membership and/or participation local grassroot community and transition/ sustainability initiatives. To always have active representation and membership in any associated housing Cooperative ctttee. To seeks repairs and renovations that are as eco as possible. To use non toxic domestic, gardening and decorating resources. To car share where possible. To share tools and resources generally where possible. To acknowledge and actively practice being inhabitants rather than tourists in nature

message posted by Spiral Visions
Lady seeking help

Lady seeking help on 20 acre organic farm. we run a small hideaway campsite I grow some vegetables and fruit. and produce jams eta to sell on site keep a few chickens for egg production I have a small plant nursery, mainly cottage garden and herb plants. I would like to make use of a large crop of willow, for weaving projects for autumn or spring. for any of you artistically inclined, there is a container needs camouflaging, to help blend in . help in the garden I am situated on a Biological heratage site the Lancashire coast There is an RSPB site nearby. There is also a boatyard and canal just over a mile away and numerous public footpathes Free accommodation and food provided. Peter (who recently stayed for 6 months) said: 'I have really enjoyed my time here. The work is varied. And the food and accommodation are great. You get to meet a varied amount of people from all over the world.'

message posted by Christine Dickinson
Swap 13 acre organic fruit and nut farm in Portugal for smallholding in Devon

My place has a small waterfall falling three levels on this beautiful place. It has clear fresh water all year round, even in the baking hot summers, it never fails. it was called 'the queen of quintas' for a long time by local people, for its water, and the sweetness of its walnuts. There are dessert grapes, apple, plum and fig, medlar, quince and almond, and many many olive trees. It is in a national park called the mountains of the stars, Seia des Eatrellas I think is the spelling. The village of Sandomil, is 15 minutes walk downhill from the land. Everything is there, and a broad river runs through it. It is a beauty spot. There are two stone houses on the Quinta, which missed the recent fire, but the third eco-house we built ourselves, had its roof burnt down. The other two houses have been pointed outside and in and re-tiled using some glass ones to allow plenty of light. They are built into the side of the hill. Currently I'm waiting for the new growth of spring to burst through and show mw all that will renew after the fire. Happily I cut most of the cashcrop pine down, to allow the natural deciduous trees to re-colonise where they once lived. The land, plants and trees are very similar looking to Dartmoor, but its MUCH HOTTER there. Fabulous views. surrounded everywhere by endless miles of sweet chestnut forest. When spring comes, I've a plan to landscape the land anew, with a view to a forest garden, and sculpt the land for social living as well as practical needs. It's always been my belief, that the best way to live is off tree food. No digging and delving, just collect the fruit and nuts when ripe, and store.It's why I bought the quinta in the first place. That, and that it had year-round running water, no near neighbours, in a beauty spot, and in a protected national park. So thats the state of play. I want to end my travels in England. If you would like to rent/buy/swap/ or have any wonderful idea for me to consider..please get in touch.

message posted by Roche
i would like to join a group

i would like to be able to join a group to live off grid and live off the land.i work hard and if i dont know how to do something i am always willing to learn.i am currently homeless in combe martin,devon and if there is any groups who can use my help i gladly willing to join

message posted by homelessghost
Horse Rescue Project

Our beautiful herd of 10 rescue horses need to find a new home. We are also looking for a couple who can share the project with us - after 6 years we realise it would be good to share the responsibility now. Do you have a love of horses? Do you have a large area of unused land (in Northern Spain preferably) that would lend itself to a project of this kind? Or do you have lots of money and would love to invest in buying property and being part of a very special project? (Worth asking!!!!) Please check out our FB page to find out more about what we do : Helios a home for horses and humans. I can answer any questions but best of all come and visit and experience first hand the magic of the Helios herd. Look forward to hearing from you. HORSES ARE THE DOLPHINS OF THE LAND Julia

message posted by Julia Ventham
Seeking Accommodation

Mature semi retired british lady seeking a room in London from june for 6 months.Can also exchange/part exchance for housekeeping /petcare.NO CHILDCARE. I have been following the summers for many years and stay in London for summer and then go to Australis for winter.I lan to do this for the foreseeable future.Wwhen in London I do fundraising for a charity I am a non-smoker but no objection to sharing with a smoker.Quiet clean and tidy and frugal with utilities

message posted by Chocolate-Labrador