Places needing Members

Communities vary widely in their capacity to host guests during periods when they are not looking for new members. So don't be surprised if a request to visit is turned down. However, the communities listed below have said that they are currently looking for new members so, generally while that need remains, they will also be the keenest on visitors who have a genuine interest.

OX10 6AN
Hello! Looking for a change in your life? Looking for new challenges and new scope for fulfilment? Looking to join a thriving community living in a socially and environmentally responsible and thoughtful way? Looking to explore new ways of thinking, and co-operating, and being and feeling? We have a number of interesting opportunities available for people wishing to join our community as working residents. We are currently looking for a Kitchen Co-ordinator, and two Maintenance peoples. Check the Job descriptions, the procedure to apply and the application form on our website:
GL54 5AQ
We are currently looking for new members to join our community and have units for sale. For more information about Postlip and the unit for sale, have a look at our website: We are a small community of eight families living in separate homes within a large Cotswold manor house. Our bit of the Postlip Valley holds a mainly Jacobean house, a medieval Tithe Barn, and the 12C Chapel of St James, in Gloucestershire. We do lots of things together, from growing organically and maintaining the house and grounds to running public events but we also have private lives.
Interested in joining Earth Heart Housing Coop? There are currently two properties for sale - THE OLD STABLES, and THE MOAT HOUSE ****************************************************************** THE OLD STABLES - £299,950, a 3-bedroom barn conversion in a beautiful courtyard of stone farm buildings. It is well insulated, double glazed, heated by communal wood pellet boiler, fully modernised and beautiful interior, with stunning views across a valley in rural Derbyshire. Please contact current owners for more details if you are interested - Selina or Simon on 01335 372114 or ***************************************************************** THE MOAT HOUSE - £350,000 - 4 bedroom farmhouse - see details on Right Move at *****************************************************************
We are currently looking for 1 or 2 new members. Members renovate our buildings and some share the management of our seven acres of land. We are specifically seeking applications from people who are keen to get involved in our ongoing large-scale renovation project, restoring our three Edwardian buildings to create living space for more members. The way to apply is by using our website - - please read it carefully to work out if this co-op could be for you. We are also hosting an open day in June 2018 for people interested in applying, please look at our website for details. Closing date for applications is 20th October.
SA42 0QJ
We are actively seeking new members at present, to fill our accommodation and help us do all the things necessary in running an eighty-acre farm.
Bowden House is an established community currently looking for members: We have a 2 bedroom house for sale £290,000. See our website for photos and more details about the property.
We are always interested in meeting Potential Members and we would love enquires from energetic, enthusiastic, sociable people and young families. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty in East Bergholt, famous for its links with John Constable. East Bergholt has good transport links and excellent primary and secondary schools within walking distance. Living spaces of all sizes become available at times. Potential members make several visits here over a period of time which is how we get to know each other. You have to buy into our community which means you must have capital (the amount depends on the size of space you buy). Small top up loans are occasionally available but not at the moment. Mortgages are not available. Send us a letter/email telling us all about yourselves to and we will send you more information.
We run a rolling advert for Short Term Core, our essential supporting people, who are with us for 3 months to 1 year, with full board & lodgings & a small stipend. This position is available from NOW. Even if you are not available until later in the year you are very welcome however to start the recruitment process now as it can take several months to complete. Short Term Core members support the team and help provide a good experience for our visitors. You may be taking a gap year, a career break, a change of direction or want to explore service and hospitality. Personal attributes include a desire to live in community, mature outlook, self awareness, sensitivity to others, flexibility and adaptability, enjoyment of working in a team, being on a spiritual journey, possessing good health and an open-mind. You also receive time off, opportunity for personal development, a contract, and extensive experience in beautiful natural surroundings. If you live in the UK, we will want you to visit Othona as part of the recruitment process. If you’re interested please email Caroline at
S3 9DN
Fireside Housing Co-op has spaces. Firstly we’ve got rooms in a couple of our houses which would suit single people, or a couple, or a single parent/child combo. Secondly we’re buying the house next door (Hurrah!). We’re hoping to find a family for this space as we really want to have children in the Co-op again. Our rent is £53/week per adult, plus bills and a contribution to our income-sharing pot (which pays insurance, water rates & internet costs). At present we are 9 adults all busy doing our own things. Although there's no children here, there are children living on the street. (Our children grew into adults and stayed!) Our outside interests range from gardening to music to cycling to campaign work. If you are interested in living with us, please get in contact and we’ll send you more information. We will invite you to come & visit and start the process of getting to know each other.
MK18 3LZ
Redfield Community will soon be looking for new members. In particular, families, single parent families and single people. we try to maintain a rough gender/age/families/singles balance. There are a variety of ways to visit us: visitor days, open days, maintenance weeks and WWOOF weekends Please contact the membership secretary if you are interested by email
SA66 7XS
Over the next five years we will be looking for new people to join us. Initially we would be interested in people with some capital to invest in order to pay off existing loans. After this we may be in a position to offer membership to those without capital investment. Whilst it is not necessary to have experience in a particular area of community living and renovations, the current community would greatly benefit from people with those skills. The process of applying to live in the community includes the following: Phase one: Initial request for consideration to the group. Day visit and information sharing. Weekend visit and joining in activities. Group decision. Phase two: Further weekend visit. Trial period. Group decision.
Live-in community members and volunteers are needed at Guiseppe Conlon House. Come and be a part of a community of hospitality and resistance. If you want to live simply, in community with the poor, and work for peace and justice, then this is for you! Tasks are diverse and include housekeeping, repairs, gardening, administration, case work, random creative projects and spending time with guests. We usually expect volunteers to make a minimum commitment of 3 months. We offer free accommodation and meals. Please email for more information.
ME19 6HH
New Member Needed: We are looking for a new community member to assist in the running of pilsdon at malling, ideally you would enjoy kitchen management and cooking and sharing your skills with others who would appreciate learning from you. We would like you to commit to a 2 year period after a 6 month trial to ensure stability for our guests and yourself, a monthly allowance and clothing/dental/holiday/optical package are included as well as onsite accommodation&all meals and 2 days off per week. If you would like to know more please contact the guardian here Viv Ashworth at
We are currently seeking new members to join our co-operative in Edinburgh & the Lothians, to look for a house with us, to move in with us and make the place our own together. If you're interested in joining Redcurrant then please send an e-mail to and we'll send further details about the joining process.
We are currently looking for individuals and a family, ideally two or three young to early teens children with a parent or a couple with two children, who are motivated for communal living.
We're always seeking to encourage interested people in coming and finding out about us, currently we are particularly interested to encourage families or couples for our larger living spaces. We currently have a 4 bed detached house for sale. Please contact the membership secretary on if you may be interested.
EH10 4JQ
There is currently a vacancy for a male member at our housing co-op in Edinburgh. We have capacity for eight persons (4 female, 4 male) and we have a cat and a garden. We work democratically, and new members are approved by consensus so the process might take a wee bit longer than expected, but we will get there! If you’re interested then drop us a line at
We want to connect with people with similar ideas, aspirations and goals who would like to join the project: creating the Hope House Community and developing its direction, living at Hope House as a member of the community. We are also seeking people interested to join as founding members at the founding stage of our proposed coop. Please contact us for current availability in different memberships, how to apply, and to arrange a viewing and meet us. We are particularly interested in older members as we wish to be a truly multi-generational community. We are also interested in male or genderqueer members and housemates as we like having a gender balance where possible - but what is most important to us is finding the right match regardless of gender. For full-time resident members we have a number of rooms that come available: two huge rooms @ £750 for two people /couples sharing and two medium rooms for single occupancy @ £425. The rooms are furnished and all bedding can be provided if required. Deposit of one month's rent and two references are required. Six months’ minimum length stay, one year or more preferred. No maximum length stay. We also have temporary, flexible and seasonal membership. CONTACT If Hope House Community sounds like the kind of home and community you are looking for, we would love to hear from you: Huddl: Hope House Intentional Kommunity Abode Facebook:
We are looking for new members committed to community and openness It will be good if you are interested in some of; personal development, meditation, awareness, ecology, yoga, movement/dance, tantra. Enjoying life, love and nature! Please note you do have to pay some rent or via housing benefit.
Looking to find people interested in forming a coop to purchase the house next door. It is a large 6 bed town house with a retail/cafe facility. Or perhaps another group of people with similar eco/self sufficiency ideals. The house is not yet for sale but will be within 6 months Also have room in our existing property for another couple of residents. See main description.