Places needing Members

Communities vary widely in their capacity to host guests during periods when they are not looking for new members. So don't be surprised if a request to visit is turned down. However, the communities listed below have said that they are currently looking for new members so, generally while that need remains, they will also be the keenest on visitors who have a genuine interest.

MK18 3LZ
South East England
Redfield Community is currently looking for new members. We aim to maintain an approximate gender/age/families/singles balance. In particular at the moment, we are looking for families, couples and single women. If you don't fit in to any of these categories, please do still express your interest as things can and do change. There are a variety of ways to visit us: visitor days, open days, maintenance weeks and WWOOF weekends Please contact the membership secretary if you are interested by email
S4 7AG
North of England
We have a room coming available £340 pcm inc. most bills. If you are interested in contributing to our lovely household, please get in touch and tell us about yourself! Then come see the house, have some conversations, and come for dinner. Looking forwards to meeting you; let's see if we are compatible...
NG25 0QU
The Midlands
An eco 4-bed house is for sale at Hockerton Housing Project. It is one of the five private solar passive homes on this sustainable co-housing development. The earth-sheltered house comes with shared access and use of renewable energy systems, rainwater harvesting and 6 acres of land, with a further 8.5 acres on an agricultural lease. Members own their own homes, with a private garden, carport and workshop, and share the surrounding land, energy and water facilities. Food is grown communally, with an allotment, 3 large polytunnels and an aquaponics system. Members also share the care of chickens, sheep, hedgehogs and the bees that pollinate the orchard and provide honey. The shared land includes a lake used for canoeing and swimming, a volleyball pitch and woodland walks. Each household spends time maintaining the land, energy and water systems (in exchange for our exceptionally low energy and water bills), and paid work for the cooperative business which offers a range of educational and advisory services in sustainable development. Tasks are agreed in line with members’ interests, skills and availability. The development is in the Nottinghamshire village of Hockerton, 1.5 miles from the market town of Southwell and 7 miles from Newark, with its 75 minute train link to London. The village has a pub and an active community spirit, assisted by its own community-owned wind turbine and PV arrays. Southwell is a bustling historic town with a useful range of shops, two weekly markets, and regular festivals throughout the year. £460,000 (aligned to the local housing market). Please contact us for more details
South West England
We have 2 Housing Association properties which will be available for rent shortly, one in December 2018, one in Jan/Feb 2019. Please see our website for details. If you are interested in coming to live here, you are welcome to visit, even if there are no immediate vacancies. Please see our website or email us at for more details.
South West England
Bowden House is an established community currently looking for members: We have a 2 bedroom house for sale £290,000. A very large 2 bed (potential for 4 bed) house £370,000 And a 3 bed about to come on the market See our website for photos and more details about the property.
South West England
We are seeking new Members: we have medium rooms for single occupancy and we also have one huge room for two people sharing. We also keep a waiting list if you would like to register your interest for the future. Get in touch for more information, to visit and meet us, and apply on:-
South West England
Be part of an exciting and inspiring project in beautiful surroundings! Monkton Wyld Court is looking for passionate, imaginative and resourceful people to become community members and take on a full-time job in the community in exchange for accommodation, food, a small stipend and community life! Get in touch if you think you may be interested in a role in the kitchen, garden or office. The first step? Contact us for a job description and arrange to come and volunteer.
EH10 4JQ
There are two vacancies for male members at Ploughshare. One to move in in by April, the other to move in by September. We are based in Edinburgh. We have capacity for eight persons (4 female, 4 male) and we have a cat and a garden. We work democratically, and new members are approved by consensus so the process might take a wee bit longer than expected, but we will get there! If you’re interested then drop us a line for an application form: Deadline for applications: 31st of March 2019
WR13 5EZ
The Midlands
My name is Rosie, and I used to live at Birchwood Hall Community until I moved away to take up a new job. I was really sad to leave as it’s an extraordinary place to live, for very un-extraordinary reasons. People are very genuine, respectful of each other’s space, and always ready to have fun. It was amazing to live in an environment with people who care about each other, and look out for each other in tricky times. Everyone eats together in the evenings, and this is an important part of community life. I miss the gentle mix of organisation and flux, the conversation, the laughs, the dry humour, the salad from the garden, but most of all the people. Birchwood is a wonderful place to live, and there is currently room for more members. Please send an e-mail to tell them about yourself if you’re interested in living communally, and they’ll take it from there. The members living at Birchwood Hall will look forward to hearing from you.
East Anglia
We are always interested in meeting Potential Members and we would love enquires from energetic, enthusiastic, sociable people and young families. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty in East Bergholt, famous for its links with John Constable. East Bergholt has good transport links and excellent primary and secondary schools within walking distance. Living spaces of all sizes become available at times. Potential members make several visits here over a period of time which is how we get to know each other. You have to buy into our community which means you must have capital (the amount depends on the size of space you buy). Small top up loans are occasionally available but not at the moment. Mortgages are not available. Send us a letter/email telling us all about yourselves to and we will send you more information.
EX23 0NJ
South West England
Trelay Cohousing Community in North Cornwall AONB: Searching for new members especially families with some small-holding animal/ growing skills or enthusiasm to learn. 3 or 4 bedroom semi-detached accommodation becoming available early in 2019. Other living spaces may become available too. Shared 32 acre farm and vegetable plot plus several shared community buildings. More details are being prepared; for now, add your name to our list of possibly interested people.
S3 9DN
North of England
Fireside Housing Co-op has spaces. We’ve got rooms in a couple of our houses which would suit single people, or a couple, or a single parent/child combo. Our rent is £55/week per adult, plus bills and a contribution to our income-sharing pot (which pays insurance, water rates & internet costs). At present we are 10 adults all busy doing our own things. We expect to have a new baby living here soon! Our children grew into adults and stayed, but there are children living on the street. Our outside interests range from gardening to music to cycling to campaign work. If you are interested in living with us, please get in contact and we’ll send you more information. We will invite you to come & visit and start the process of getting to know each other. This can be lengthy as it takes time for all of us to get to know you, and vice versa, and our Co-op decision meetings are only monthly.
SO17 1WF
South East England
We are currently looking for new members. Please visit our website for more information.
The Midlands
We're always seeking to encourage interested people in coming and finding out about us. We hold regular Open Weekends and we currently have a 2 bed home for sale. Our next Open Weekend is 23rd-24th March 2019: Please contact Ellie the membership secretary on for more information and to book a place on our Open Weekend.
N16 8SL
South East England
Do you want to live somewhere that is a home rather than just a house? Are you a mature and responsible person who can take initiative and enjoy the benefits of working together to make a place function for everyone? If you are vegetarian (or happy to live in a vegetarian home) and interested in living communally then you could be the right fit for The Nevill. The rent is £600/month and bills are £210/month which includes all utilities (wifi, electricity, gas, water, BT, TV license), food/drinks (except booze!) and consumables (cleaning products, washing liquid,loo roll etc...). Deposit of £600 is also required. The room is available from January 2019. We all share responsibility to cook, clean, shop etc... for the house and one another. We don't have rotas so want to live with people who can take responsibility to do what's needed. We're busy people, from various places and with broad interests (art, architecture, film, theatre, activism, football and the pub quiz!) who want to live in a friendly home, socialising, relaxing or having a rant with a cup of coffee/herbal tea or a glass of whiskey/wine/beer depending on the time of day. We share meals in the evenings whenever possible, taking turns to cook for each other. We meet people at least twice when filling rooms and have a 3 month probationary period to try and get the right fit. Please get in touch and tell us about yourself and your experiences and expectations of communal living if The Nevill sounds like a good fit for you!
The Midlands
Interested in joining Earth Heart Housing Coop? There is currently one property for sale - THE OLD STABLES AND A ROOM TO RENT ***************************************************************** RENT A ROOM - Single person required to share top floor flat of listed building farmhouse. Own room plus use of livingroom/kitchen, bathroom and garden. Vegetarian, non-smoker preferred. Resident dog and cat so sorry no more pets. Own transport necessary. £100 per week all bills included. ****************************************************************** THE OLD STABLES - £320,000 a 3-bedroom barn conversion in a beautiful courtyard of stone farm buildings. It is well insulated, double glazed, heated by communal wood pellet boiler, fully modernised and beautiful interior, with stunning views across a valley in rural Derbyshire. See Rightmove for more details at Or contact current owners - Selina or Simon on 01335 372114 or
GL54 5AQ
South West England
We are currently looking for new members to join our community and have a two bedroom unit for sale. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of ages. For more information about Postlip and the unit for sale, have a look at our website: We are a small community of eight families and individuals living in separate homes within a large Cotswold manor house. Our bit of the Postlip Valley holds a mainly Jacobean house, a medieval Tithe Barn, and the 12C Chapel of St James, in Gloucestershire. We do lots of things together, from growing organically and maintaining the house and grounds to running public events but we also have private lives.
LL20 7BS
We are a small, friendly, open minded community who have come together to live co-operatively and creatively. Co-operating challenges us to take account of others' needs and place our own needs in that context. This is at the heart of what we're about and the means by which we help each other to grow. We all value living ethically, with compassion and a spirit of generosity. We have a beautiful converted water mill and outbuildings, with 5 acres of land with woodland and a stream, in our own secluded valley. There is easy access to Llangollen - a vibrant, welcoming town in N E Wales which has good schools. We live in our own separate households but co-own and co-manage the co-op and share many resources. We have a two bedroomed home available to rent or by lending loan stock to the co-op. The rental cost is £585 pcm and there is a service charge of £200 pcm per adult (covering all bills, including council tax.) Much work has already been done to create the foundations of our community, it’s a great time to join us! If you’re interested, please get in touch and feel free to ask any questions. Please contact: Teja: 01978 862944 / Tom: 07403708000 / Markus: 01978 448757.
SA42 0QJ
We are actively seeking new members to join our lovely community and help us to steward this eighty-acre farm, working with, rather than against nature. Do you have, or wish to develop, skills such as carpentry, building/maintenance, bee-keeping, gardening, animal husbandry, cooking, mechanics, painting/decorating, preserving/winemaking,renewable technology, electrics, admin/IT, creative skills, or indeed any other wonderful skills we haven't thought of :)
SA39 9LX
We are actively seeking pioneers to join the community and help us realise this project. People who are not only looking for a home but a social purpose. People with the right attitude and skills and who don't mind working hard as part of a team to secure a happy future for themselves and others. We are right at the start of this project and if you would like to join us on the journey then we would encourage you to read further details on our website and send us your application. KindaVillage will become a global reference model; demonstrating the wealth in sufficiency for a healthy, happy, purposeful life, from joyful birth to contented death.
OX10 6AN
South East England
Hello! Looking for a change in your life? Looking for new challenges and new scope for fulfilment? Looking to explore new ways of thinking, and co-operating, and being and feeling? We're not currently searching, but people organically move on to other places - so, apply now for your future here! We are presently seeking new lodgers to join us: