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A vegan Sheffield house looking for new member

Rose Common is a developing vegan housing co-operative. We currently have four members, and we live in the house we plan to buy (as it belongs to the family of one of our members). We're looking for a fifth member to join us, and move in with us in autumn 2020. 

The house is detached and set in some beautiful woods between Heeley and Meersbrook. There's a big garden where we're beginning to grow vegetables, and the house is looking pretty homely. We have a good sized sunny kitchen, a living room/dining room with loads of light (photo above), a garage, a greenhouse, a toolshed and outside loo, two bathrooms, five bedrooms and a spare room we plan to develop.

The house is communal, so we eat together, hang out, play games, have bonfires, and generally spend a lot of time together while also having our own independent lives.

We've installed a new shower, done lots of decorating, and got some good systems in place to make sure things work long term. We're currently working on establishing Rose Common as an organisation, so we can apply for a mortgage between four or five of us. The room which is going spare is on the first floor. It's a good size with a wooden built-in wardrobe, and it looks out over the woods.

Get in touch if you:
- want to live with other people and work as a team
- can imagine committing to a housing project for 2 years
- are vegan, or are happy to be completely vegan at home
- have the time and energy to put into this project
- enjoy looking after your house and cleaning
- are sensitive to your needs, and to the needs of people around you
- due to the current gender balance, we are ideally looking for someone who identifies as male or non-binary.

Email us at:

message posted by Heeley Cohousing
Vegan Natural Farming Community

I am seeking other people interested in living in a vegan community which is based on the principles of natural farming as defined in the book One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka.

People from all walks of life are welcome but being vegan isn't optional as this is fundamental to the community I am looking to form or become part of.

I currently live in Liverpool but I am looking for the community to invest in at least 10 acres of land in Wales, preferably in the north but this isn't set in stone and will likely depend on where any suitable land will become available.

The reasoning for Wales is to take advantage of the one planet development scheme to become self a sufficient community. More information can be found here:

By using natural farming we will regenerate the land back to its natural state and grow an abundance of food for the community and to sell to others in accordance with the one planet development guidelines.

Contact me at if anyone is interested in discussing it further and maybe arranging some meetings in the near future to make this a reality. Also visit us at

message posted by Vegan Natural Farming
..South West Wales Intentional Community

Hello There, My name is Helen and I have been living in the west wales area for 8 years. I have experience of living in community and community group and am interested in finding people who are interested in forming a group of like minded people.
My interest are in a spiritual community, offering yoga and meditation retreats, growing food for community and possible commercial sales.
I am particularly interested in income generating activities, bringing volunteers and paying guest into the community.
I have found a potential property and would like to explore possible partners in moving forward. Business minded/social enterprise focused would be a priority for me.
Look forward to sharing further information with you.

message posted by deviharpal
Autistic Cohousing Community

We are a small group of Autistic adults in the UK who are looking for other autistic adults who might be interested in working together to:

Create a close mutually supportive Co-housing community designed by ourselves for ourselves and hopefully able to benefit our wider communities in some way also.

Accessibility is a priority: so we would like to try and work with everyone who is interested to find a way of communicating online / equal decision making that is accessible to everyone interested: We are currently using the chat platform discord as that is how we met.

If you are interested in something like this, then please email: or feel free to private message.

message posted by Tomkin
Family eco homestead

We are a young family of 4 who are looking for other families to form a group and hopefully purchase a property together. We imagine living in separate dwellings, having occasional meals together, growing organic veg, living respectfully with each other and the land, learning new skills from one another, and helping each other out with childcare, amongst other things. We are hoping to homeschool (unschool) our two children and we have 2 cats and 1 dog. My partner formerly taught English at secondary school and is now working as an organic gardener and writer. I am a mother and crafter. We are both passionate about living simply and earth-consciously and are looking to meet other families who want a similar thing. We are looking in the South West of UK. Warm wishes from us all.

message posted by Toria.king
Heart-based Living Sanctuary

A seed project to grow friendship and community and attain a place to live together. Open to young people who wish to share a commitment to living wholeheartedly.

Wholehearted living means to generate and share heart qualities such as acceptance, compassion, intuition, joy, kindness and hope to embrace imperfection and take care of suffering

Dwelling happily in the present moment

To live life for the healing of the world, every day

To think, speak and act authentically and beautifully

To serve and maintain an inter-spiritual and inclusive sanctuary

message posted by Spiritual Friend of the Heart
Keen to form a small group

I am keen to form a small group.
I currently live in Essex, but have been looking to live on Dartmoor for over 12 months now.  First my idea was to rent, but now as my finances are more liquid I have money to invest in a property with other likeminded people.

message posted by Foxforcefive
Vacancies at Hazel Cooperative

We are looking for new housemates/members at Hazel Co-op, located centrally in Oxford. 

About us: Hazel Co-op is currently a group of four socially and environmentally minded young professionals that are buying a home together as a cooperative. Read more about us here. We founded Hazel Co-op at the beginning of lockdown because, you know, the apocalypse… Our members have pulled together our visions and core principles which are based around our needs and common values. Read more about our vision

We have a house, and now we are looking for housemates/members to join us, could that be you?

About the ideal housemate: We are looking for people interested in co-creating our community, who have a keen interest in sustainability, who are looking to make the world a better place, who are good at communication and consent and who are willing to commit their time to the continued growth of Hazel cooperative and its members. We are open and welcome to everyone, regardless of genders, orientations, ethnicities, or nationalities.

If this sounds like you or anyone you know who is looking for a home, please get in touch for an application form, or just a chat by emailing  

We'd love you to join us!

Bradley, Zuhura, Katie and Claire

message posted by Hazel Cooperative
Earthrise community - for unschooling families and allies

We're in the early stages of forming a semi-rural intentional community (Earthrise) for unschooling families and allies in the Devon/Dorset area. We are passionate about creating a culture where we are more connected with each other; where we live in a regenerative relationship with the earth and where our children self-direct their learning through life. Weaved through all this is our commitment to conscious presence and wholehearted living.

Check out our website for more information on who we are and our guiding principles and vision;

We're currently forming a core group to take this forward together (we have no land at present). We're looking forward to hearing from you if you're interested,

Nickee and Edward

message posted by NIckee Stopler
SCOTLAND/ PORTUGAL - New Sustainable Community

I am looking to link up with committed and driven people who appreciate what the future holds – one in which people must move towards complete sustainability, self-sufficiency and a circular economy. We are experiencing an unprecedented epoch of environmental change, one in which humanity is facing a societal breakdown, where other species are going extinct by the day, and where the most vulnerable are impacted hardest.

Let’s start preparing for the future, bringing our skills and experience together to create a better future of equality, justice and compassion.

The plan is multi-faceted and includes creating an independent sustainable community. But the organisation itself shall be globally rooted and have aims that include:

- bringing people and communities together who can share learning, pool resources and build resilience to the challenges of climate change.
- mitigate negative environmental impacts through encouraging local planting and community allotment schemes, sharing of private transportation, reduction of waste, together with affordable installation of renewable energy sources and heat insulation.
- promoting discussion and idea sharing around alternative socio-economic models, including non-monetary systems and circular economies.
- promoting an open, lifelong education system that is linked to respecting the environment and every member of society on a global level.
- supporting young people to fulfill their potential through work placements, community living, mentoring, workshops, sponsorship and any other means.

I'm looking for people looking to become part of a new community/group, with an active interest in communal land ownership and sustainable development in SCOTLAND [SOUTH] ...or... PORTUGAL [NORTH].

Who is up for making a difference?
Get in touch –


I am also conducting research on ecological communities, people who have faced impacts from climate change, and those who have gone to live ‘off-grid’. It is part of a literature and media project that hopes to educate people and empower them for the environmental and societal changes ahead. The research has little funding so contributions cannot be paid for, but I may be able to cover expenses where applicable and any case studies/stories will be duly credited. If you would like to contribute to the research, please get in touch.

message posted by Justin
Small Inclusive Community in Cornwall

We're trying to find some land in Cornwall to build a disability-friendly retreat and natural community in the next 1-2 years. We're hoping to find a few other like-minded families/individuals who would like to participate in a caring and sharing community. Our long-term aim is a small community of 2-3 permanent families and WOOFERS. We have just recruited a consultant to help with the planning application so we are serious about digging and not just dreaming once we find suitable land.

We are two 40+-year-old professionals and run 2 small businesses. One of us is disabled. We also have a 6-year-old daughter.

We don’t have pets, smoke or drink and live a very natural planet-friendly lifestyle (wholefood plant-based organic food, natural clothing, reduce/reuse/recycle, minimalist, non-consumerist, wanting to increase our connection to nature). We also home school.

We currently live in the Midlands and feel our current community has very different values. We feel we can do more for our planet if we are somewhere closer to nature.

Our aim is to build completely from natural or renewable materials inspired by earthship design features such as renewable energy, rain water harvesting and indoor growing. Off grid if possible though we would like to be fairly near transport links for tourism/business reasons.

From our own finances, we aim to build 5 accessible buildings/spaces initially: a residence, a office&warehouse, 2 rental properties and a separate space for communal activities that can be hired out. Later some Tiny Homes as space/money allows and depending on what interested parties are able to offer.

We aim to have an orchard, pond and meadow areas, sensory gardens and spaces to grow our own food and offer home ed activities (there is an active home ed community in West Cornwall) and nature trails.

To get planning, the site may have a house or building that you may be interested in buying/renovating/living in or you may be interested in renting or building a tiny home on site.

There may be home edders out there interested in this opportunity, or families interested in communal and natural living. Or you may be disabled and/or have been turned down by similar projects and seeking a community. We recognise that community contribution can take many forms besides physical labour.

We are keen to collaborate with local Cornwall residents who may have struggled to find affordable housing. We know this is a key issue in Cornwall - you may not have a lot of finances to contribute to the project, but may have skills, local knowledge and contacts you can contribute.

We're also keen to hear from anyone with skills in growing, permaculture, forestry etc. to make the above ideas come to fruition.

You do not need to have a disabled member in your household, but obviously need to be accepting of the inclusivity we are aiming for across the site.

You will be able to pursue your own projects on the site or you may be interested in working with us (we will be employing several people) on our businesses and there will be community contribution for shared spaces.

Please get in touch here or on (underscore) if you would like to chat to us about it. Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you!

message posted by Mel and Steve