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Exeter outskirts

Hi All, I have a bit of money and am looking for others with the same to buy a big house or land with buildings to transform. I want what most of you want, a good quality of life, sharing the load and good times with like-minded people. I want to work hard at something that matters. Grow veg, have a bit of space for my son to run around outside. Please get in touch, feel free to call, bearing in mind I need to live near Exeter. Thanks, Amber 07591234394

message posted by Amber Exeter
Want to live off grid in the uk.

This is for trailblazers,people with the energy to accomplish anything they put there minds to .I am a can do person.are you? If so we want you. Looking for people who want to live off grid in the uk who still like there comfourts. I have a theory what if we had more time to expand our creative sides rather than going out every day to a 9 to 5 job just to hand all our hard earned cash away to pay for bills and stuff we dont need. dose it seem fair to you. It never made scence to me.think of what we could accomplish.there is a better way to live. What is money any way a form of control. releases you're self become free truly free.

message posted by Joseph84
New Community for Swansea Central

Hi there. We're a group of people living in a shared house in central Swansea with a decent size garden, couple of greenhouses and workshop (was garage), just half a mile from the beach. The garden (big for a city centre location - about the size of 2-3 allotment plots) is given over to growing fruit & veg. We are interested in people wanting join our household and share a happy co-existence with us. Though in a vibrant and cosmopolitan area with all that city life offers, we're on a quiet street, so it's a place of relaxation and enjoyment with a good community spirit. contact Dan at if you're interested.

message posted by danzyg