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Co Housing/Eco Housing including those 50+ North Wiltshire

Hi Looking for interested folks who are tired of hearing about how YOUNG people need to 'get on the housing ladder' and for whatever reason are not so young but still can't get out of unsustainable expensive renting. Land is expensive round here, and for work and family reasons we need to stay around here (Devizes,Calne,Chippenham area) so we need some creative thinking. Not thinking to exclude younger people, just stressing older people need homes too. At this stage would just like to form a discussion group for ideas - co housing, eco housing, even an eco village? So email or facebook group would be fine but please only if you are local to this area, or definitely can be.

message posted by Live Light Wiltshire
Sunflower Cohousing Society

Sunflower Cohousing currently has four members, and we are looking for others to join us in an environmentally conscious cohousing project. We have recently purchased a property in a small hamlet near Champagne-Mouton in France, where there is an infant’s school, doctor, pharmacy, post office, and supermarket. The property comprises a modernised 2-bedroomed house, with stone barns on both sides and a hangar, all facing into a central grassed courtyard. We have started to convert one of the barns into 2 small, self-contained cottage-style houses. We also have consent for 3 additional houses, and plans for 2 larger family dwellings. Each house will have its own private garden space to the rear, and a semi-private patio area to the front, facing onto the courtyard. The new houses are all highly insulated, with solar heating pipes under the tiles of a sealed roofing system, and with wood-fired back-boilers producing heat and hot water from regenerative sources. One section of the barns will house a community building, with a larger kitchen and dining/meeting area, craft room, a laundry, office space, and additional bedroom space for visitors. There is also an existing workshop area, machinery bay, and garden tool workshop, all of which will be incorporated into the community space. We have started to create a community vegetable garden (our potager) and a new orchard in an adjoining 4 acre field which is also owned by the community. We intend to keep a small selection of livestock on this field, to complement the chickens and geese that already share our space. We are working towards an ecologically friendly lifestyle, and to be self-sufficient where possible, but we also recognise that true self-sufficiency is very labour intensive, and so we try to achieve a sensible balance in order that we may also enjoy life. We have a range of systems already in place – composting bins, worm bins, aquaponics, vegetable and fruit production – and are constantly looking at ways to improve upon our arrangements but also to minimise our impact on the surrounding countryside. ᅠ Between us, we have gained experience in developing permaculture systems and organic practices in the UK and Spain, in both wet and arid conditions and would be looking to introduce and expand upon those techniques as part of the production of food for the community. We also have a wide range of practical and creative skills, such as building, IT, animal husbandry, fleece spinning, weaving and knitting, willow weaving, preserving, sewing, dying, and basket making. We are looking for others with a similar outlook on life to come and join us. Investing members will be asked to match our own investment to date (we are not looking to make a profit), and will in return receive an equal share and an equal say in the ownership and development of the community as a whole.

message posted by Martin Prosser
New Community for Swansea Central

Hi there. We are Dan and Zyg, two brothers looking to welcome new members to form a community in Swansea. We have a 7-bed house with a decent size garden, couple of greenhouses and workshop (was garage), just half a mile from the beach. The music room has a grand piano and other instruments - bring yours too. The garden (big for a city centre location - about the size of 2-3 allotment plots) is given over to growing fruit & veg. We are interested in people wanting to participate in the eco-renovation of the house and growing food in the garden, and then share a happy co-existence with us. Though in a vibrant and cosmopolitan area with all that city life offers, we're on a quiet street, so it's a place of relaxation and enjoyment with a good community spirit. contact Dan at if you're interested.

message posted by danzyg
Looking to form a naturist/alternative lifestyle commune

I am looking to form a naturist/alternative lifestyle commune at a location yet to be decided. As a naturist myself I would like to choose to live with other naturists as they are generally free of life’s inhibitions, clothes and the greed and class structure that appears to prevail us in society today. I want to get back to a society where people talk to each other again and enjoy each other’s company around the table without them feeling the need to be better than each other. The persons joining the commune will be expected to live together in comfortable dormitory style accommodation much like was practised in the olden days with long house etc. There will be no discrimination based on age, race, colour, beliefs or sexual preferences. Toilet facilities will also be communal and shared. It is envisaged that the commune will be owned by its members in the form of a company limited by shares. Members will be expected to contribute to the commune in a number of different ways as suits their existing skill set and life experience, and there will be no buy in fee as I would not want to preclude anyhow from applying. Depending on any business ventures that the commune may partake in, a small allowance will be paid, although ideally this should not be required as food, heat, lighting and daily requirements will be provided by the commune. It is also envisaged that the ratio of the commune will be roughly 50% Male and 50% female although I do not believe this will be set in stone and it will ultimately depend on the view of the members. We will welcome singles, couples and families. Where possible we will use technology to help us in our daily lives while balancing technology with an environmental vision. An example of this is that we may choose to use technology solutions to provide the commune with renewable power and for communication but we may choose to use re-use items that are for sale in the market place rather than buying new items for the commune. In addition we will follow a “Buy in the local community” first ethos where ever possible. It would be nice if we could also grow our own food, but that will depend on the location, land available and the required experience being available within the members. If any of this is of interest to you please contact me at for a short survey questionnaire (single page) which will help us identify member’s requirements.

message posted by adultsland
Preparing for 2050+: post-global, post-carbon futures; LAND BLOC STRATEGY

Hello, a lot of who I am and my goals is well explained on my blog so feel free to visit The core vision and Heroine Quest is here: Due to likelihood of civilisation crash and / or Transition / Descent / Powerdown before 2080 (read oil industry insiders, plus David Fleming, Shaun Chamberlin, Richard Heinberg, James Lovelock etc) I am looking for likeminded folk with very specific foundational skills to help negotiate the difficult time ahead and build an international resilient, broadly leftist land bloc (not a 'commune') in mid Devon, expanding outwards from the 20 acres or so that I already help manage. Strongly feminist and anti-imperialist, I seek similar. Representation from BAME communities also sought. Additionally, I am seeking folk who are broadly sympathetic to all elements of the Heroine Quest, although this is open to amendment. Please, do not contact me if you are looking for someone's land to live on; I cannot help. What I am looking for is more private land buyers with capital to expand the bloc, entrepreneurs of all kinds including web-based, who seek to accumulate wealth in order to redistribute it again with the aims of local economic resilience, and folk who are strategy and security minded. An eventual aim is to build a critical mass in this one area of likeminded land owners, affording possibilities for self-governance, self-policing, alternative economics, re-wilding and local sufficiency in food, along proven permaculture lines. Additionally, a very localised microrenewables and hydrogen based energy infrastructure. My name is Tehanu, also known as Matthew. My number is 07538746677 // Other interests: ENM relationships, international relations; Rojava (N Syria), Tamera (Portugal), ZEGG (Germany), Zapatistas (Mexico). The UK will likely be a relatively safe haven mid-century. While our borders are still open, come and join me. Help me change the landscape, literally and metaphorically. We have no time to lose. Additional to the land bloc project I am looking for global helpers in the 18-25 age range to help with Epic Tomorrowss Heroine Quest (see top of post). In return I offer mentoring, if I am considered worthy. I am 38 years old.

message posted by Tehanu
Encroaching Shadows

The shadows are encroaching. Maybe the time has come to plan; for things are not as we would have wished or have always thought they would be. Those of us of the same age or similar (I am fast approaching 70, maybe my last birthday divisible by 10) grew up during a period of social growth and the acceptance and adoption of ideas and lifestyles different to our parents’. Maybe you are living an alternative lifestyle; in an eco-village, a permaculture paradise or a long lived community and the dreams of the ‘60s and ‘70s have come true; perhaps you are self-sufficient in food and land and maybe in love! Be happy, you made it happen. Maybe for some of you, like myself although we dreamed of living an ideal lifestyle, things worked out differently. For me, a child and marriage happened and although I avoided wage slavery and had a long but not particularly lucrative career as a photographer and later a lecturer in photography; my dream of a loving community of friends/lovers/co-workers and extended family never happened. But maybe there is still time. Can we, even now, create a multi-generational extended family, working together to provide a legacy for our next generation? With minimal rules, dogmas or thou shalt nots; embracing everything between polyamory to celibacy; an ongoing, cosmic group hug for ourselves and the universe; letting love and closeness manifest. The result may well be happiness. Let us email then get together and talk, have shared meals and a bottle or two of a nice red. Camp together in various locations, write, draw or sculpt and maybe an extended family will evolve, maybe a community, maybe we can dodge those shadows. I am happy to share my off-grid basic 150 yr old Normandy cottage as a first venue for our meetings/campings, it’s a bit rough around the edges, but it will do for a start.

message posted by Chris W
Looking for people interested

Hi I am looking for people who live on the wirral or close by I.e: chester, Liverpool, Cheshire, North Wales etc. Who would be interested in meeting up to share ideas about forming a community that is sustainable, conscious, creative and vibrant.

message posted by AmandaRoxanne8
People willing to Buy a large house together.

Hi, we are looking for like minded people who are fed up with having to run their own homes single handedly. We are open to many suggestions but the prime aim is to live together happily into old age. We havent a particular area in mind so are not fixated on either coast or city.The importance is having a collective, which should enable us to have many more valuable possessions ie: swimming pool, gym, large garden with gardener, cook, possible river or coastal views,sports car, motorhome, caravan, timeshare holidays, the list is endless.. I am not interested in living off the land or living on a shoe string budget, just a really good living. Equally importantly we will be amongst new companions. If you think you might be vaguely interested,or indeed know someone else who could be, by all means give me a call, many thanks, Tom. 07825687131 Investors would also be very welcome. And people willing to join at a later date. For anyone reading this for the first time, please do not feel left behind, the opportunity to have a collection of smaller groups in different areas is also another possibility, which I find particularly exciting. Look forward to hearing from you, Tom. I have recently visited a property near Carlisle called Scalesceugh Hall and Villas. Met with Anita, one of the proprietors. Gleaned a lot of information from her. I urge anyone reading this to take a look at them on-line as it is a great model to be working from.

message posted by Tom Oliver
Youthful Seniors Renting in Penzance (Updated March 2018

Youthful Seniors Renting in Penzance CHARACTERS - Community Housing Association of Retired Arty Crafty Types and Environmentally Responsible Souls Imagine a cross between “Last Of The Summer Wine” and “Friends” – a friendly and eco friendly community set up with the aim of improving individual quality of life as well as substantially reducing the collective footprint. I am a semi-retired fella seeking like-minded-souls to join me in a rental property in a lovely area that my kids would want to visit - and not just to see me... preferably big garden and by the sea - boat share anyone? Not sure how to go about setting this up but students seem to be able to manage... Perhaps all members could put up a bond sufficient to initially acquire a suitable property as well as helping to ensure the group maintained its focus and had time to vet replacement candidates when necessary? Looking for people who enjoy the likes of:- working/playing together, live music whether listening or playing, cooking, arty-crafty stuff, gardening, good conversation, sport etc... When I searched the internet there were any number of expensive Care Homes and the likes for the aged but I am neither old nor in need of any care. A rental property would seem the quickest and simplest way forward – a hotel or big Guest House or? I suspect a minimum personal requirement would be to have a double, preferably en-suite, bedroom and access to social areas both indoors and out to relax proportionate to the group. Perhaps the group, or a subset thereof, would have a desire for a more permanent arrangement as some kind of Cooperative through what I believe is called Crowd-Funding - maybe a property suitable for development both internally and externally. I believe there would be a place for all kinds of members with different financial portfolios from investors at one extreme to those purely wanting a relatively fixed modest rent. ADVANTAGES-FINANCIAL. The expenses associated with acquiring accommodation can be drastically reduced as well as day to day living expenses – especially for someone living on their own. For someone like myself who is “managing” by themselves there is the prospect of being relatively “comfortable” ADVANTAGES-SOCIAL. Especially for a single person, the prospect of independent living far beyond that which might be enjoyed living alone - in particular with regard to their mental health. Pals to play with and share life’s ups and downs. Having the option of sharing the graft and joy associated with meals - it all just seems so much more civilised! We are all old enough to have acquired hobbies and interests that others might be interested in and I would dearly love to be introduced to more... Consider this – unlike a transient student accommodation this would be an opportunity to settle in a beautiful area with like-minded souls with time at their disposal who would become your good friends – of course there would be challenges along the way but there are thriving groups out there proving group living can be done... Possibly the most powerful reason to some might be that a surviving partner would not suddenly be left alone – a very comforting thought... DISADVANTAGES. HARD work at first... as with everything where some kind of gain is possible there are of course risks hence renting first to hone the group and learn how best to go forward successfully. If any of this appeals and you are interested and/or know someone who might be and/or know of any existing groups along these lines please get in touch. Den

message posted by Dreamer Den
Property sharing

Having lived abroad since 98 and travelled a lot since early retirement, I am 20 years later, indulging in the exploration of suitable (for serious amateur astronomy) roomy properties in South West France . Anyone interested to join me to form a group/community is / are welcome.

message posted by Avionna
Smallholding for the good life

Hello, I am looking to find some like minded people to join me in my journey to build a self sufficient smallholding. I dream of living off the land, bill free and therefore hopefully stress free too. I am looking to buy land in early 2019 and am currently considering the idea of building a small house using reclaimed wood. I don’t have strong views on how things should or shouldn’t be run. I would love to join with others young and old to learn from and create a community with. My main aim is to create a sanctuary away from the modern world not defined by money and technology. If you feel this is something you could be interested in please get in touch. This is very much early days and so any advice or information you have would be welcomed. Thanks.

message posted by Emma Louise
Sunny SW France

At the moment this is just to get a feeling for if there is anybody out there who would share my sensibilities towards the planet. I have not started my adventure except for acquiring the property. I have some things to sort out in the UK and so the earliest that I will be starting will be Spring 2019. I'm considering sharing my 2.8ha in SW France, just over 500km South of Cherbourg or Le Havre. It would be on some sort of contribution towards the costs of running the place and renting a house; it could include some of your labour. Since I have only just bought it I don't know how much that would entail. In return you would get a life in a sunny, quiet and beautiful part of France on a really good piece of land. I looked for a few years in Portugal around the Castelo Branco area and couldn't find anything as nice as this. The land has excellent soil quality and consists mainly of flat meadow but there is a little higher ground, by perhaps 3m. There's a small river running along the Western boundary and a stream crossing the property as well as what looks like two springs near the house. They'd need to be dug out in order to be usable. It has an old stone house on it that could easily be converted into 3 small houses with two floors, each floor being around 20m2 i.e. 40m2 per house. Each house would overlook the river and the trees in front of it. The house is structurally sound with 700mm thick walls, and has a new roof, but it has not been lived in for about 200 years and so it is just the shell. I will need to investigate renovating and the time scales involved. So, what I want from you is to understand what are the sorts of things that you would do with a place like this (stone house and land) and also to get an idea of your approach to life i.e. what is your world view. Since it is zoned N there is apparently no scope for new build and so this might curtail some of your ideas. However, there are two fairly big buildings on the land that could be divided up for different uses. I already know what needs to be done but I need to know something about you to figure out if we would be able to get along. I will be a 50 year old man (not planning on changing my gender, just thought that you might want to know) next year. I have a large amount of detail about myself and my plans and if I think that we will get on I will show that to you so that you can consider whether you are still interested. We would have one neighbour on 1.8ha who shares my vision and is ready to get stuck in and another, from whom we bought the land, on 1ha who has similar views. I might take some time to reply since I have a lot of commitments at the moment but hopefully I will reply to everybody.

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