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People willing to Buy a large house together. (£500,000 upwards ) or maybe more.

Hi, we are looking for like minded people who are fed up with having to run their own homes single handedly. We are open to many suggestions but the prime aim is to live together happily into old age. We have decided on an area south of Bath.And the importance is having a collective, which should enable us to have many more valuable possessions ie: swimming pool, gym, large garden with gardener, cook,sports car, motorhome, caravan, timeshare holidays, annexes for business or horses, the list is endless.. I am not interested in living off the land or living on a shoe string budget, just a really good living. Equally importantly we will be amongst new companions. If you think you might be vaguely interested,or indeed know someone else who could be, by all means give me a call, many thanks, Tom. 07825687131 Investors would also be very welcome. And people willing to join at a later date. Update, we are off the ground and hovering as we speak. 'Banes' area is where we are looking, and anyone wanting a share of a million pound property are welcome to come and join us.

message posted by Tom Oliver
Sharing property in Bath area

My dream is to find like minded people, to live closely but in individual units. Like minded; eco philosophy, enjoy socialising as a group, growing own food, developing the site with style and design. Mixed ages ( I am middle aged) possibly to have a visitors accommodation for B+B or visiting families or both, workshops, or shop. In other words I would love to have friends around and a business slant to the complex. You would need to have to be able to contribute financially and have energy and drive. I am now a maker, (mostly textiles) very practical with a background in Teaching, the Arts, retail, and Hospitality. Having been self employed for most of my adult life and working at home I no longer want to live on my own and would love to create a family/group with which to share living and business. If any of this appeals and non of it is written in stone, please do contact me. My only constraint is that I very much want to stay in the Bath / Somerset area and its expensive so you would need to be able to contribute financially.

message posted by Anna Fraenkel
Swedish Lapland anyone?

Hi! Some time ago I discovered a lovely place on Arctic Circle called Vuollerim - beautiful nature, clean waters, sparkling snow... A real paradise for people who are not afraid of long winters...I have bought a house there and I am planning to move there with my 9-year-old boy. People in the village are very friendly and trying to make the village a good place (they opened a hotel, a free school,a dairy (they have mountain cows). However, many young people move south to cities where life is easier and faster and this means that house prices are amazingly low. Our neighbour has sold hers for £5000 (yes, 5 and 3 zeros :) ) I am just sharing this with you because I would love to attract more good, nature loving people into this place. They are many opportunities (tourism, permaculture, natural therapies...). We can help village thrive and form a great community where we have time to be with each other, create things and get a new quality of live. It is a perfect place for people who also appreciate privacy and can't see themselves living in the same house or on the same plot with others. Please, contact me if you want to know more about the village. There is a chance to rent our house for a small amount of money (to cover electricity bills) while we are not there or a room when we are there :)

message posted by norra
Community in north Portugal

We're a family in north Portugal. We live in a land where we have built a small house (bio construction). We're self sufficient in energy, water and others. We do homeschooling with our children. We have animals and we do some works outside to pay our expenses. We have bought another land with 2 hectares. We would like to share it with two other families with the same goals and worried about the education of their children. They can also build a small house for them. We want to create a edible paradise in our land. We have a lot of experience in gardening but we know we need some help. We live in a small and pretty village near the sea and the mountains. We're looking for families with the same enthusiasm like us for life, nature and family.

message posted by oasis
Rural, sustainable, tiny eco-home community

Hello Diggers, I am a Dreamer... I would really love to create a sustainable rural co-housing community based around a group of tiny eco-homes (there's some great designs out there now), with compost loos, shared gardens, chickens - & maybe other livestock - an orchard and communal space for shared meals, get-togethers, workshops, house concerts, etc. I would love to connect with other people who maybe share a similar concept for sustainable living and might be able to help me realise this - ambitious! - dream. I am an ecologist, musician, educator and I currently I work at an Open Air Museum where I previously did a traineeship on their working Victorian-1950s Farm, learning the basics in many practical rural skills and crafts - including fencing, hedgelaying and working with sheep. I have previous experience of communal living on boats and in shared houses and at the moment I live on my narrowboat at a large marina in the Chilterns. Ideally I would like to stay in the south of England - I grew up in the Kentish Weald which still feels like home, plus I think there could be potential for demonstrating a different solution to the housing pressures around the Black Hole of London - but the crazy land prices may make that a step toooo far and unfeasible, so I would be willing to look elsewhere. I look forward to hearing from any like-minded folk! Lynz

message posted by Lyndsey Rule
Looking for other Walkaways, especially those technically-minded.

I am spending winter in Zagreb, Croatia, helping to set a squatted building off-grid. I am also starting a series of technical workshops, to spread knowledge and to gain enough money to build electric bikes and trailers for me and my partner. In spring we plan to hit the road and start travelling from community to community, providing technical support education and healing (my partner is into spiritual and magic department). So, I am looking for kindred minds, happy to travel slowly, study and teach "appropriate technology" and help people build life support systems to survive climate change. Also, we'll be happy to meet communities that may wish to host us for a month or so, in exchange for our help. Why "walkaway"? See for explanation.

message posted by Petar Poljak
Exeter outskirts

Hi All, I have a bit of money and am looking for others with the same to buy a big house or land with buildings to transform. I want what most of you want, a good quality of life, sharing the load and good times with like-minded people. I want to work hard at something that matters. Grow veg, have a bit of space for my son to run around outside. Please get in touch, feel free to call, bearing in mind I need to live near Exeter. Thanks, Amber 07591234394

message posted by Amber Exeter
Sunflower Cohousing Society

Sunflower Cohousing currently has four members, and we are looking for others to join us in an environmentally conscious cohousing project. We have recently purchased a property in a small hamlet near Champagne-Mouton in France, where there is an infant’s school, doctor, pharmacy, post office, and supermarket. The property comprises a modernised 2-bedroomed house, with stone barns on both sides and a hangar, all facing into a central grassed courtyard. We have started to convert one of the barns into 2 small, self-contained cottage-style houses. We also have consent for 3 additional houses, and plans for 2 larger family dwellings. Each house will have its own private garden space to the rear, and a semi-private patio area to the front, facing onto the courtyard. The new houses are all highly insulated, with solar heating pipes under the tiles of a sealed roofing system, and with wood-fired back-boilers producing heat and hot water from regenerative sources. One section of the barns will house a community building, with a larger kitchen and dining/meeting area, craft room, a laundry, office space, and additional bedroom space for visitors. There is also an existing workshop area, machinery bay, and garden tool workshop, all of which will be incorporated into the community space. We have started to create a community vegetable garden (our potager) and a new orchard in an adjoining 4 acre field which is also owned by the community. We intend to keep a small selection of livestock on this field, to complement the chickens and geese that already share our space. We are working towards an ecologically friendly lifestyle, and to be self-sufficient where possible, but we also recognise that true self-sufficiency is very labour intensive, and so we try to achieve a sensible balance in order that we may also enjoy life. We have a range of systems already in place – composting bins, worm bins, aquaponics, vegetable and fruit production – and are constantly looking at ways to improve upon our arrangements but also to minimise our impact on the surrounding countryside. ᅠ Between us, we have gained experience in developing permaculture systems and organic practices in the UK and Spain, in both wet and arid conditions and would be looking to introduce and expand upon those techniques as part of the production of food for the community. We also have a wide range of practical and creative skills, such as building, IT, animal husbandry, fleece spinning, weaving and knitting, willow weaving, preserving, sewing, dying, and basket making. We are looking for others with a similar outlook on life to come and join us. Investing members will be asked to match our own investment to date (we are not looking to make a profit), and will in return receive an equal share and an equal say in the ownership and development of the community as a whole.

message posted by Martin Prosser
Join Extinction Rebellion and help expand southwest England land bloc

Hello! Please read this post very very carefully. I get many inappropriate emails which would have been saved had the writers read this advert more carefully! Okay, so I am advertising here for two projects. 1) Forming a land bloc. This is a regional strategy to build a land bloc of likeminded people, for political reasons, facing an increasingly unstable world. We seek the second land-owner in the land-bloc. Organic growing, biodiversity conservation and a hard work ethic are a must. We are seeking a land buyer with capital. We do not have land for rent or any space for you to build on our land. 2) Recruitment for the international direct action campaign Extinction Rebellion, against government inaction on climate breakdown. From November 2018 we will go to prison for peaceful infrastructure blocks. Join us in frontline or support roles:

message posted by Tehanu