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This noticeboard is intended for individuals, small handfuls of individuals or families that would like to find others to get something going. People are likely to be at a very early stage and so not big enough or thought-through enough to go into our Forming Groups section. We would always urge people to consider whether they really want to "reinvent the wheel" all over again. Existing communities are often looking for new members (take a look here) and there are usually several forming groups who've already got some way down the line here.
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Hi I am a 50 year old spiritual female. Single parent to a wonderful 8 year old boy. I am a district nurse, I love herbs, pottery and the out doors. I am looking to form a group with a vision of developing a co housing community in Somerset, the Chew valley. Looking for like minded people who want to share resources and care for each other and really build a community. This is very much at the start. I am number 1 group member at the mo. I’ll keep it short for now..

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We are starting a land based community! (South West Wales)

We are starting a land based community so we can live more in tune with nature, create an inclusive and connected culture, and explore alternative ways of living and working together. Working as a One Planet Delvelopment (OPD) project, we want to use Permaculture principles to grow our own food, generate our own power, and build our own homes. We aim to make a living from the land and will structure our business based on co-operative values. As a community, we want to experiment with resource and income sharing, and consensus decision making, facilitated by non-violent communication. We are currently looking for land in South West Wales, and a group of interested people who share our passions, to take the next steps towards making it happen. If living off the land has always been your dream, but you'd struggle to achieve it alone, then this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for! ­­ Get in touch Ems & Ryan: +44(0)7722831413

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Barney Fields Elders

Sustainability-minded elders with capital needed to buy into a brand new elders cohousing project in Hartland, north Devon. Lovely site, right in an AONB. See:

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One or two serious parties needed

(Aug 2019) Forming a small group of people wanting to move fast with the move as we have a place ready. The focus is joyful creation and deep land connection those ready to work with the land with integrity and perhaps not shy to express gratitude through art, song, dance and prayer. The site has natural spring water, ancient woodland and mature vegetation, it is near the sea. Truly a garden of Eden. It also has two existing businesses a plant nursery and a cafe, fallen into some disrepair but offering an incredible potential for revitalisation to provide financial sustainability. There is residential accommodation, half an acre of covered growing space, outbuildings and positive planning opportunities. This stunning property, also mentioned in the suitable properties section, the Lanjeth Plant Nursery in South Cornwall. The owners are retiring and the place would be an incredible co-op. If you are ready to live a life of beauty and can ideally contribute to help secure with capital or co-signing loan please get in touch, this is a very real chance we need one or two serious parties to go for it. Thank you.

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Sustainable community living

Funding secured for an outward looking,  sustainable community project in Nova Scotia Canada. Do you long for an alternative lifestyle away from the pressures of rampant consumerism? Exciting new opportunities to create harmonious ways of living with our environment and each other. Become part of our vision and inspire others to live with less impact on our planet and "Be the change you want to see in the world" For more information please send a 60 second video introduction and written personal statement about yourself, your skills, what you feel you would like to contribute and what you would hope to gain from living a low impact lifestyle,  in closer harmony with nature and in fellowship with other people who share a common purpose. Email In partnership with

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Faith and Farming in Cambridgeshire

Anyone interested in forming a Christian farm-living community in the Cambridgeshire area? Particularly interested in teaming up with other families interested in homeschooling.

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