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Dynamic Grange - A House Of Sound And Vision

Seeking people to form a collective within which we combine resources and use our economy of scale to buy a large and luxurious property focused on audio/visual entertainment and/or creation.

People who love music and movies are not well-suited to apartment or condo style living. Finding a detached living space that is large and secluded enough to be appropriate to play music, watch movies, or play an electric instrument at reference volume is extremely bad value in the greater London area.

Trying to do it alone is the wrong way to go about it. House sharing is growing in popularity all over the UK in response to the poor economics of sole home ownership – the Dynamic Grange project just wants to do it bigger and better. A group of people sharing a lifestyle in a mansion style complex with generously proportioned and well-utilised art and entertainment spaces, helping each other with initial cost, security, management, and upkeep - each for the cost of a good condo in the city.

The Grange will be ideal for musicians, hobbyists, film lovers, and artists in general who want to live in a lively house where one can come home and drop in on what’s screening or playing, and we can cross-pollinate our artistic experiences and/or do our own thing, as we please. It will be in close proximity to the M25 in order to support London access.

Although the plan will be to have residences comfortably sound isolated from jam/theatre spaces, this will not be a residence for ultra light sleepers. The ability to make noise when inspiration strikes is the entire point, and this right will be incontestable. Got a 9 to 5? Fine with us, but a minor sound bleed from our movie marathon at 4am is fine with you.

The property to be purchased will have on the order of a 20’ by 25’ music listening/movie watching room, with state of the art equipment (already secured), for the use of everyone present, available 24h. There will also be a jam/practice/project/anything else space with high ceiling and good acoustics, as well as one or two smaller collectively accessible practice or secondary viewing rooms. We can customise to our preference. Photo studio? Paint studio? Artisanal wood/machine shop? Let’s talk. Whatever it is that you can’t afford the space to do on your own, that’s what Dynamic Grange sets out to get done collectively.

Dynamic Grange is not a typical commune. There will be no required farming, religion, militant environmentalism, or cult-like behaviour in this collective (but the property will likely have significant grounds, and if members want to garden or farm, we can agree on how to do that). We aren’t trying to save the world, we’re trying to band together to be more fabulous. Pay your share of the bills, and enjoy the house amenities.

Dynamic Grange is NOT:
-A place for children. We are not restricting our screenings or lifestyles to G audiences. Children (friends and relatives) may visit under supervision, but the house does not cater to them.
-A frat house. Small parties of trustworthy people are encouraged and freedom of lifestyle will be respected, but there will be expensive things in the house and a significant sum will be spent by the collective on security, and we will agree on rules to ensure the safety of everyone’s instruments, equipment, and other valuables, as well as the personal security of residents and guests.

Looking to find 5-11 dynamic and considerate collaborators to come together and start planning and looking at possibly renting together during the pre-purchase phase.

message posted by Paul Jackson
Co-Housing South

Seeking fellow vegans to form a co-housing community in the Portsmouth-Southampton area, south UK

message posted by Rachel-Marie
New Community for Swansea Central

Hi there. We're a group of people living in a shared house in central Swansea with a decent size garden, couple of greenhouses and workshop (was garage), just half a mile from the beach. The garden (big for a city centre location - about the size of 2-3 allotment plots) is given over to growing fruit & veg. We are interested in people wanting join our household and share a happy co-existence with us. Though in a vibrant and cosmopolitan area with all that city life offers, we're on a quiet street, so it's a place of relaxation and enjoyment with a good community spirit. contact Dan at if you're interested.

message posted by danzyg
Change is coming...

Would you be interested in joining an organisation that supports the creation of ecological communities in urban and rural settings through knowledge sharing, grants, training and mentoring?

I am looking to link up with committed and driven people who appreciate what the future holds – one in which people must move towards complete sustainability, self-sufficiency and a circular economy. We are experiencing an unprecedented epoch of environmental change, one in which humanity is facing a societal breakdown, where other species are going extinct by the day, and where the most vulnerable are impacted hardest.

Let’s start preparing for the future, bringing our skills and experience together to create a better future of equality, justice and compassion.

The plan is multi-faceted and includes creating an independent sustainable community. But the organisation itself shall be globally rooted and have aims that include:

- bringing people and communities together who can share learning, pool resources and build resilience to the challenges of climate change.
- mitigate negative environmental impacts through encouraging local planting and community allotment schemes, sharing of private transportation, reduction of waste, together with affordable installation of renewable energy sources and heat insulation.
- promoting discussion and idea sharing around alternative socio-economic models, including non-monetary systems and circular economies.
- promoting an open, lifelong education system that is linked to respecting the environment and every member of society on a global level.
- supporting young people to fulfill their potential through work placements, community living, mentoring, workshops, sponsorship and any other means.

Who is up for making a difference?
Get in touch –


I am also conducting research on ecological communities, people who have faced impacts from climate change, and those who have gone to live ‘off-grid’. It is part of a literature and media project that hopes to educate people and empower them for the environmental and societal changes ahead. The research has little funding so contributions cannot be paid for, but I may be able to cover expenses where applicable and any case studies/stories will be duly credited. If you would like to contribute to the research, please get in touch.

message posted by Justin
A vegan Sheffield house looking for new member

Rose Common is a developing vegan housing co-operative. We currently have four members, and we live in the house we plan to buy (as it belongs to the family of one of our members). We're looking for a fifth member to join us, and move in with us in autumn 2020. 

The house is detached and set in some beautiful woods between Heeley and Meersbrook. There's a big garden where we're beginning to grow vegetables, and the house is looking pretty homely. We have a good sized sunny kitchen, a living room/dining room with loads of light (photo above), a garage, a greenhouse, a toolshed and outside loo, two bathrooms, five bedrooms and a spare room we plan to develop.

The house is communal, so we eat together, hang out, play games, have bonfires, and generally spend a lot of time together while also having our own independent lives.

We've installed a new shower, done lots of decorating, and got some good systems in place to make sure things work long term. We're currently working on establishing Rose Common as an organisation, so we can apply for a mortgage between four or five of us. The room which is going spare is on the first floor. It's a good size with a wooden built-in wardrobe, and it looks out over the woods.

Get in touch if you:
- want to live with other people and work as a team
- can imagine committing to a housing project for 2 years
- are vegan, or are happy to be completely vegan at home
- have the time and energy to put into this project
- enjoy looking after your house and cleaning
- are sensitive to your needs, and to the needs of people around you
- due to the current gender balance, we are ideally looking for someone who identifies as male or non-binary.

Email us at:

message posted by Heeley Cohousing
Meditation Community

Forming a community group to eventually find and dwell in affordable accommodation near Glastonbury, Somerset. People of all faiths welcome, with a willingness to enjoy interfaith sharings, community readings, meditations, meals with an agreement to work on community goals and principles of practice and social engagement. This is a community for young people living soulfully with a deep calling in the world. Members are under the age of 35, although older or elder applicants are still welcome to apply. POC and LGBTQIA+ inclusive and equal opportunities aware. People interested in becoming members must be willing to attend community-building meetings for 1 year before making a commitment to live together for at 3 years or longer. Send a private message to join an upcoming meeting.

message posted by Kes
Looking for a quiet life but have very little money?DEVON or CORNWALL

I've been looking for land for a long time, i can never seem to get past the £10,000 mark of savings and everything is so expensive. I have tried to get people involved to share the land but when it comes to the reality people just don't commit. Are there people out there that just want to plop a dry caravan in the woods or onto a field, continue doing there job, no desire to become an eco warrior, not a vegan, not a lecturer on how others should behave, do you just want a quiet life outside work with a few other people on the same land that can help out once in a while? 5 acres is a good size to live on, it can provide a good amount of food and provide space for individuals to exist without bumping into each other all the time. it seems to be £10,000 an acre or less depending on what state it's in. I abide by common law, I don't believe in asking a stranger for permission to provide myself with shelter, food or clothing, I believe in live and let live. I'm looking for 4 individuals or couples who want to live like this in Devon or cornwall, there is plenty of land for sale just need like minded people with maximum 10,000 spare. Please get in touch even if you would like to live on the land after it's been bought. Age doesn't matter it's more about your needs. Please note I am looking for self possessed/motivated people who are prepared to defend their home from nosy strangers in suits..

message posted by Nikki J