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Sheffield vegan community looking for housemate

We’ve recently moved in to a detached house in Heeley, which we’re developing in to a co-housing space. We’re looking for someone who’d like to join us in sharing this space and building the project.

A bit about us and the project:

- It’s a 5 bedroom house with a big garden.

- We moved in in September, so it’s fairly new. We’re just getting our heads around how the house works and decorating.

-Plans for developing the co-housing model have only just begun, but we’re thinking of finding a way to buy the property between us. We're also looking at options for building environmentally low impact living spaces.

What we’re looking for from a housemate:

- Most important: someone we get on with, who is proactive and good at communicating, as this will be really important for making this work!

- We want someone who’s up for committing for the medium term.

- We’re all vegan, so we’re looking for someone who eats like us.

If you’re interested:

- Let us know by emailing, telling us a bit about you and why you're interested.

- We’ll have a chat between us and be in touch about meeting up.

- We might suggest some nice ways of getting to know each other better that don’t seem too formal, like doing an activity together.  

message posted by Heeley Cohousing
Dynamic Grange - A House Of Sound And Vision

Seeking people to form a collective within which we combine resources and use our economy of scale to buy a large and luxurious property focused on audio/visual entertainment and/or creation.

People who love music and movies are not well-suited to apartment or condo style living. Finding a detached living space that is large and secluded enough to be appropriate to play music, watch movies, or play an electric instrument at reference volume is extremely bad value in the greater London area.

Trying to do it alone is the wrong way to go about it. House sharing is growing in popularity all over the UK in response to the poor economics of sole home ownership – the Dynamic Grange project just wants to do it bigger and better. A group of people sharing a lifestyle in a mansion style complex with generously proportioned and well-utilised art and entertainment spaces, helping each other with initial cost, security, management, and upkeep - each for the cost of a good condo in the city.

The Grange will be ideal for musicians, hobbyists, film lovers, and artists in general who want to live in a lively house where one can come home and drop in on what’s screening or playing, and we can cross-pollinate our artistic experiences and/or do our own thing, as we please. It will be in close proximity to the M25 in order to support London access.

Although the plan will be to have residences comfortably sound isolated from jam/theatre spaces, this will not be a residence for ultra light sleepers. The ability to make noise when inspiration strikes is the entire point, and this right will be incontestable. Got a 9 to 5? Fine with us, but a minor sound bleed from our movie marathon at 4am is fine with you.

The property to be purchased will have on the order of a 20’ by 25’ music listening/movie watching room, with state of the art equipment (already secured), for the use of everyone present, available 24h. There will also be a jam/practice/project/anything else space with high ceiling and good acoustics, as well as one or two smaller collectively accessible practice or secondary viewing rooms. We can customise to our preference. Photo studio? Paint studio? Artisanal wood/machine shop? Let’s talk. Whatever it is that you can’t afford the space to do on your own, that’s what Dynamic Grange sets out to get done collectively.

Dynamic Grange is not a typical commune. There will be no required farming, religion, militant environmentalism, or cult-like behaviour in this collective (but the property will likely have significant grounds, and if members want to garden or farm, we can agree on how to do that). We aren’t trying to save the world, we’re trying to band together to be more fabulous. Pay your share of the bills, and enjoy the house amenities.

Dynamic Grange is NOT:
-A place for children. We are not restricting our screenings or lifestyles to G audiences. Children (friends and relatives) may visit under supervision, but the house does not cater to them.
-A frat house. Small parties of trustworthy people are encouraged and freedom of lifestyle will be respected, but there will be expensive things in the house and a significant sum will be spent by the collective on security, and we will agree on rules to ensure the safety of everyone’s instruments, equipment, and other valuables, as well as the personal security of residents and guests.

Looking to find 5-11 dynamic and considerate collaborators to come together and start planning and looking at possibly renting together during the pre-purchase phase.

message posted by Paul Jackson
A Humanist Settlement

Our aim is to found a humanist settlement in or near Hampshire, based on democratic, sustainable and self-sufficient living. We envisage a balance between common work and common study in life-long learning.

We are calling for potential settlers and supporters to get in touch.

At this stage, we are focusing on bringing people together, enabling familiarity and friendship. We are starting regular meetings to promote socialistion through: (1) common activities; (2) common study; (3) common work. Administration meetings include: (1) planning the structure of the settlement; (2) planning resource-allocation for the settlement.

For more information, please write to and request a policy paper. You are welcome to get in touch!

>> Who are we looking for?

At this point, we are looking for people who can commit steadily to:

- embracing unlimited life-long learning;
- building friendship to overcome conflicts.

Academics, teachers, students, lawyers, doctors, craftspeople and farmers are only a few of the people most welcome to join. The important thing is readiness to work on yourself while dealing and learning with others in the long term.

message posted by Gregory Name
New Community for Swansea Central

Hi there. We're a group of people living in a shared house in central Swansea with a decent size garden, couple of greenhouses and workshop (was garage), just half a mile from the beach. The garden (big for a city centre location - about the size of 2-3 allotment plots) is given over to growing fruit & veg. We are interested in people wanting join our household and share a happy co-existence with us. Though in a vibrant and cosmopolitan area with all that city life offers, we're on a quiet street, so it's a place of relaxation and enjoyment with a good community spirit. contact Dan at if you're interested.

message posted by danzyg
Dancing in the ruins of industrial civilization.

Hi, we are looking at people interested in getting to know each other, spending time and potentially eventually living together in mid/north wales or county galway/clare/wicklow in Ireland as that is where we already have connections and an interest in settling down and preparing for the crash/collapse to hit. We are looking for practical and realistic people who are open to deepening connections with themselves, each other and the earth in a truly sustainable manner, i.e. non civilised, earth-based and as wild as possible. We also want to have fun in what could be our last years on a living planet whilst respecting our fellow plants, animals and earth in general. Liberals, lefties, vegans, faux environmentalists [those obsessed with green technology and carbon] need not apply as these are mere fads and distractions just furthering human denial and justifying continued destruction of our beautiful planet. With Love and Wildness.

message posted by freenoddy