People Forming a Group

People forming a Group

Yorkshire (West/North) – Sustainable Smallholding & Rewilding Community

Yorkshire – Sustainable Smallholding & Rewilding Community

We are looking to live more rurally, sustainably and simply in harmony with the natural world. We’d like to co-operate with other like-minded people to achieve this and we envisage some communal elements (sharing resources, some common land/buildings) as well as the possibility of pursuing our own ways of life on the land and having personal space and privacy. Alongside this we want to prioritise making space for rewilding and nature too; increasing biodiversity, improving our surrounding habitats and creating areas that are reserved for wildlife.

We are pretty open-minded about what form this will take in terms of ownership, location, land, and living situation and obviously this will be influenced by others who join us. From a fair bit of research into the possibilities and a lot of self-reflection, this is our vision so far:

– Obtaining a piece of land within an hour’s reach of Leeds that already has the required number of dwellings, or scope for them to be built. Ideally this would include existing woodland, but otherwise we intend to plant some.

– Building or adapting low-impact living spaces for everyone involved, as well as a communal social space and workshops as needed.

– Growing as much food as possible to sustain ourselves and managing the land using ecologically sound methods.

– Creating opportunities for the wider community to be involved in and inspired by the project e.g. skills and crafts courses, open days, community action days, hosting volunteers and events.

We have spent a lot of time travelling and working on land-based community projects around the UK and now want to concentrate on making our idea for a sustainable community in Yorkshire happen by meeting other passionate folk. Collectively, we have experience in organic food growing and gardening, wildlife conservation, land management, carpentry, communal living and community project work. We thrive on good food and company, fresh air and exercise, love to be outdoors in nature and like to have fun whilst we work.

We have some money, but to buy enough land for what we’ve described we need to find others to collaborate with. If you have ideas, skills, enthusiasm and a similar ethos we’d love to hear from you!

Please get in touch.

Mike, Sarah and Matt

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Earthrise community - for unschooling families

We’re currently 3 families, forming a semi-rural intentional community (Earthrise) for unschooling families in South Devon. We are passionate about creating a culture where we are more connected with each other; where we live in a regenerative relationship with the earth and where our children self-direct their learning through life. Weaved through all this is our commitment to conscious presence and wholehearted living.

Check out our website for more information on who we are and our guiding principles and vision;

We’re looking for a couple more families to join our core group and take this forward together soon (we have no land at present). We’re looking forward to hearing from you if you’re interested and can meet the criteria on our website. 

Nickee and Edward

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A Conscious Community in Wales

Hello there. My name is Jivan and my partner is Georgia.

We are both keen to either join, or failing that, create a conscious community in Wales (or elsewhere in the UK) with the aim of being as self-sufficient and resilient as possible to the likely/impending/ongoing collapse of the current economic model of materialism and capitalism, due to the effects of the climate catastrophe and ecological destruction that is ongoing and accelerating.

We are both committed to living in harmony with nature and helping to restore natural ecosystems as far as possible, although we both believe that animal husbandry is an important part of a truly sustainable food production system.

We have identified a number of potentially suitable properties/smallholdings that are currently on the market in Wales, but haven’t chosen any particular property at this time (December 2020). It would appear that there are places which would support two or more households where an initial capital investment of around £250k per household would be sufficient to provide both living accommodation and upwards of 5 acres of land.

We are also interested in living as consciously as possible, so would be looking for those who have some form of spiritual practice and who are interested in working with interpersonal dynamics as a way of healing from past trauma and living as joyfully and harmoniously as possible. We are both keen dancers (esp 5 Rhythms-type conscious dance) and Georgia is a music therapist. I have practised Buddhist meditation for many years and Georgia is a committed Christian.

If this sounds of interest to you, then please send a message……I look forward to hearing from you.

Namaste and blessings,



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Small Inclusive Community in Cornwall

UPDATE Dec 2020: we are still looking for suitable land. We have had quite a few responses off this post, but are still keen to hear from people, especially if you: a) have money to invest; or b) are local to Cornwall; or c) have Grower skills; or d) can help out with the research/organisation before the project starts. Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas.

We’re trying to find some land in Cornwall to build a disability-friendly retreat and natural community in the next 1-2 years. We’re hoping to find a few other like-minded families/individuals who would like to participate in a caring and sharing community. Our long-term aim is a small community of 2-3 permanent families and WOOFERS. We have just recruited a consultant to help with the planning application so we are serious about digging and not just dreaming once we find suitable land.

We are two 40+-year-old professionals and run 2 small businesses. One of us is disabled. We also have a 6-year-old daughter.

We don’t have pets, smoke or drink and live a very natural planet-friendly lifestyle (wholefood plant-based organic food, natural clothing, reduce/reuse/recycle, minimalist, non-consumerist, wanting to increase our connection to nature). We also home school.

We currently live in the Midlands and feel our current community has very different values. We feel we can do more for our planet if we are somewhere closer to nature.

Our aim is to build completely from natural or renewable materials inspired by earthship design features such as renewable energy, rain water harvesting and indoor growing. Off grid if possible though we would like to be fairly near transport links for tourism/business reasons.

From our own finances, we aim to build 5 accessible buildings/spaces initially: a residence, a office&warehouse, 2 rental properties and a separate space for communal activities that can be hired out. Later some Tiny Homes as space/money allows and depending on what interested parties are able to offer.

We aim to have an orchard, pond and meadow areas, sensory gardens and spaces to grow our own food and offer home ed activities (there is an active home ed community in West Cornwall) and nature trails.

To get planning, the site may have a house or building that you may be interested in buying/renovating/living in or you may be interested in renting or building a tiny home on site.

There may be home edders out there interested in this opportunity, or families interested in communal and natural living. Or you may be disabled and/or have been turned down by similar projects and seeking a community. We recognise that community contribution can take many forms besides physical labour.

We are keen to collaborate with local Cornwall residents who may have struggled to find affordable housing. We know this is a key issue in Cornwall – you may not have a lot of finances to contribute to the project, but may have skills, local knowledge and contacts you can contribute.

We’re also keen to hear from anyone with skills in growing, permaculture, forestry etc. to make the above ideas come to fruition.

You do not need to have a disabled member in your household, but obviously need to be accepting of the inclusivity we are aiming for across the site.

You will be able to pursue your own projects on the site or you may be interested in working with us (we will be employing several people) on our businesses and there will be community contribution for shared spaces.

Please get in touch if you would like to chat to us about it. Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Holistic, active community in Ireland or Wales

Looking for people interested in creating a holistic community. No hard or fast rules but important values are:
– healthy, communal living
– being mainly vegetarian or vegan
– being mindful, empathic, warm, genuine and caring
– being wholesome and active in mind and body
There’s a lot of things on the list but I don’t expect people to tick all of them. It’s mainly a guide of what I value and what I’d like in a community. Hopefully, it gives you an idea what I’m like and should help you decide whether I’m someone you’d like to spend time with!

If it helps, being active for me means gardening, yoga, walking, climbing mountains, sailing and jogging.
Other things I enjoy are log burners, occasionally brewing my own beer and tinkering with off-grid living with solar panels and hydro.
I have funds which I will be putting towards buying a communal property in Ireland or Wales.

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A lovely plan - SW England/Wales

We are three people inspired by nature, community, friendship and wellbeing, looking to start a co-housing project with the values of permaculture, living close to nature, open and honest community, and joyful living. A predominantly plant-based lifestyle is important to us.

We are intending to purchase a smallholding + land in SW England/Wales within the next two years.

We are at very early stages, we are looking for other people who want to join us in this adventure and be part of shaping the plan.

What we end up creating will depend on who else joins us and what land we can buy. These are some of the things we aspire to creating:

  • A place where we can collectively work to lower our impact
  • A place with shared indoor space (we wish to be connected)
  • A place with private living areas (we value our privacy and alone-time too!)
  • A place with land to rewild (we wish to restore what we can)
  • A place with land to farm (we want to grow our own!)
  • A place that is welcoming (we intend to build community)
  • A place that is connected (we hope to be a welcome part of an existing area!)
  • A place that is peaceful (we wish to enjoy the sounds of nature)
  • A place which allows us to work less (we wish to experience life more fully)

Please drop us a line for a chat if you are interested in finding out more. 

Andrea, Máire, Steve

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Co-op living in the Forest

Hi, I’m a gardener and herbal student, settled in the Forest of Dean, West Gloucestershire, for many years.
I’m a seasoned eco activist with experience in communal living, pining for the land now my landshare’s ended with the owner’s decision to sell up. Planning a small local housing cooperative. Thinking of a four-five bedroom house with up to an acre of land, something fairly modest and achievable. With help from Radical Routes we could set up a fully mutual housing coop where everyone is a member and tenant, has limited liability and pays rent. We could use Radical Routes loanstock and loans/contributions from prospective members to raise the deposit money and any extra funds for repairs etc. so people like myself who have a small amount of capital who can’t afford to go it alone would be ideal. The model would be neighbours who can work and socialise together on a communal piece of land while living a private life as well. It might be manageable to divide the property into mini private apartments and have extra rooms in the form of yurts, sheds etc. on the land plus compost loos.
I’ve been a founder member of an urban housing cooperative so I know all about the fun, chaos and cabaret of community life, yet still want to do it all again!  I can drive, grow food, make herbal medicines, brew wine,  run a small saw bench for firewood, look after animals, be diplomatic in the face of difficult business meetings and am generally used to being very self sufficient and taking part in community life. I’d prefer to be in a community that eats what it likes, values peace and quiet, gardens organically and is not against keeping a few animals like poultry. Hoping to find people who can spare time for socialising and workdays every month while leaving room for personal freedom to work on or off the property and do our own thing. These are just some thoughts and ideas. Please email if this sounds like the way you’d like to live too, especially if you have lots more bright ideas about how we could achieve our Forest home. I’m Jane, looking forward to hearing from you.

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Wishing to set up an amazing community in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Wales


We are looking to set up a self sufficient spiritual community, where our daily practice is conscious presence, love, kindness and compassion. We aim to support people outside our community in embracing these qualities, therefore living a more contented life. We also wish to teach people to look after Mother Nature, to protect our most beautiful and precious world and all living creatures and beings in it. Our intention is to do this in a fun and creative way, welcoming joy into all our lives, which hopefully creates a ripple effect.

We have many projects and ideas to ensure our community sustains itself and significantly reduces our carbon footprint, whilst helping others lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Please help us to help others by renting us a beautiful space from which we can work. We would be delighted if this space provided us with a home, which we would lovingly look after (or the potential to build some cob homes) and some land, hopefully with a wooded area.

We appreciate this is a rather large wish list, though we feel certain there is someone who has the desire to help us spread love, unity and peace. It is what we all need now, perhaps more than ever.

We thank you from deep within our heart for taking the time to read our message and look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a day full of love, joy, fun and peace.


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Autistic Cohousing Community

We are a small group of Autistic adults in the UK who are looking for other autistic adults who might be interested in working together to:

Create a close mutually supportive Co-housing community designed by ourselves for ourselves and hopefully able to benefit our wider communities in some way also.

Accessibility is a priority: so we would like to try and work with everyone who is interested to find a way of communicating online / equal decision making that is accessible to everyone interested: We are currently using the chat platform discord as that is how we met.

If you are interested in something like this then feel free to private message.

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Heart-based Living Sanctuary

A seed project to grow friendship and community and attain a place to live together. Open to young people who wish to share a commitment to living wholeheartedly.

Wholehearted living means to generate and share heart qualities such as acceptance, compassion, intuition, joy, kindness and hope to embrace imperfection and take care of suffering

Dwelling happily in the present moment

To live life for the healing of the world, every day

To think, speak and act authentically and beautifully

To serve and maintain an inter-spiritual and inclusive sanctuary

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Diggers & Dreamers
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