People needing Communal Places

People needing Communal Places

Two Free Spirits

I’m a 33 year old single mother living with my 7 year old son looking for a less conventional way of living that is much closer to nature, preferably in the South West. We both love being outdoors, are non religious and very laid back, but are prepared to work hard. I am a care worker, trained as a dance teacher and am very creative with many crafting hobbies. My son would benefit from a more organic way of learning than regular schooling. I’m very interested in permaculture and living more simply, any help achieving this would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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Looking for a Community


During the last couple of years I have been traveling a lot and visiting some communities to learn about alternative ways of life. I’m interested in renting or buying a piece of land to create a community or joining an existing community to start living simply and self-sufficiently. Does anyone know of any communities that might accommodate me? Maybe you’re in the same position as me? I’m hoping to make some connections with like minded people.

I’m 44, financially stable, single, interests are travel, photography, cooking, learning language, meditation, philosophy, hiking, fitness, yoga and self-development. I’m a hard worker with some practical skills. This strange time on planet earth has put the wind in my sails to make this happen!

It would be great to hear from you if you can help or if you’re thinking similarly.



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Two people in search of a place to grow

Hello all,
We are two people looking for a place to settle and share our skills and gifts, hands and heart. Experienced Food growing, land tending, wild food alchemy, preserving and processing, basket making and coppicing, plant medicine and creating with the gifts of nature are among our passions and joys to bring to a place.
If there is a project/community/opportunity/open folk/land in need of help and care and can offer a warm humble accomodation we would be very happy to hear and meet (:
Open to different arrangement, rent, work/part work exchange or other creative possibility.
Many thanks and warm autumnal becomings

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I’m interested in moving in to an alternative community, about July 2021 and in the Cambridge area. Currently live part time with 17 year old son in Dorset. Am separated.

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Chef looking

I’m a chef looking for a place to over winter 3-6 months. Happy to offer other skills as well

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In search of communal living

Looking to join a communal area with friendly individuals, who are socially and politically minded and enjoy having conversations, preferably in the Dundee area as I’m hoping to study there soon.
I’m hoping to become apart of a place with people who are not wired to the web and actually enjoy having conversations, broaching a wide range of subjects.
Willing to adapt to different environments and ways of living as I wouldn’t mind experiencing a setting that doesn’t conform to the social norms.
I’m into sociology and politics and I’m an avid reader and aspiring writer.
I like adventure and learning and would like to join and live with a group people that feel, not the same, but similar.
Get in touch if you think your commune or housing would be a good fit for me and the occupants of house as well.

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