People needing Communal Places

People needing Communal Places

Go Wild in the Country - "We are all prisoners of our own making" - Learn How To Set Yourself Free

“We are all prisoners of our own making” – learn how to set yourself free. Most of our daily routines are dictated by our imagined obligations. Breaking free does not involve travel, seeing new places, new ways of doing things but merely seeing who we really are, what we have become and then “The Future Is Up To You” The Crossroads in this journey came with the release of The Matrix in `99, you can`t unsee the truth .. Neo:I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you. Disaffected from before my teens, knowing there was more to life, searching but unable to put my finger on what was wrong, reinventing myself – hoping to find happiness, the light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion but the tunnel is! There is nothing wrong with the pain of making mistakes, changes only come from growth, what is wrong is the mistake of believing that if you keep doing what you always done then somehow life will be different. There is no growth without pain … Measure your life by what you have given up – not by what you have. Hosting people from all over the world for the last two decades as shown how much we all delude ourselves, how we are chasing the wrong goals. Everyone believes that travel will provide the solution they seek – it might do had we not packed all of our troubles into that rucksack we take with us. The solution is not a matter of externals (where we are, what we are doing..) – the solution lies within all of us, so stop searching for health, wealth & happiness in all the usual places – you haven`t found it yet as, quite simply, it isn`t there – realise that the answers lie within yourself. A good education, well paid job, nice house, perfect wife & children, amazing friends ..  does not equal the purpose of your life, Society has constructed these rewards to ensure that you remain on that treadmill and keep pressing the feeder bar. If you keep doing what you`ve always done – you`ll keep getting what you`ve always had. Is that what you really want ? The answers do not lie in education, employment, religion, money, power, family & friends or travel. You can never have enough of what you don`t need. Again, the answer lies within  …. purpose Bad News – you are a long time dead, you are not immortal, you don`t know when or how the end will come, try living each day as if it was your last – it might be ! Just News – your character is your destiny – try to be a better version of yourself, when you lose – don`t lose the lesson. You can`t change anything that has gone before, your past .. has passed, and you can`t live 1 day in your future, so start living in the now, being not doing Good News – there is no bad news, when things go wrong – change the plan, merely observe what has happened and start again Have hosted for almost 20 years, and have made some great friends – and whilst we don`t strictly consider ourselves a community, definitely not a cult or spiritual centre (more a man with a vision of how we can live lightly – some may say a benign dictatorship) we are looking for new people to join us on life`s journey – We have been very lucky to have had two long term “inmates” Lucie 4 years (still here) and Alice 2 years (Left in January) We (catkins, morag & lucie) are trying to live on the edge of Society, to become more resilient and self efficient, to find a better way of living in harmony with our surroundings and others. Looking for people wanting to free themselves – no recreational drugs tolerated – please don`t bring a rucksack full of your old life … start afresh. thanks catkins

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Mature Vegan Lady Seeks Tribe

 I am a friendly adventurous single vegan lady, 52, freelance writer, seeking to share with like-minded people in a supportive community, maybe a co-operative housing project.  I have a passion for nature and countryside, and would love to get out of the rat race.  I have a pet cat I would like to bring with me (fully house-trained and very well-behaved, like me), and besides being a huge animal-lover, I also enjoy cooking, reading, playing the piano, zumba, yoga, meditation and writing blogs and stories (I have a written a vegan cookbook I am trying to get published). I am clean and tidy and would say I am an easygoing person to live with; just really seeking a calm, quiet, orderly and sociable share with the right person or people. I am currently renting a small flat in Hampshire, and flexible as to area I move to, as I work from home. I am particularly interested in the Peak District and the East Midlands. It would be nice to be part of a community project with a mission. I am looking to move around October of this year. If you think you would like to buddy up with me, or if you have a room to offer in a shared please contact me. My budget is maximum 600 per month (not including bills). I will aim to reply to everyone who contacts me ASAP.

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Eats mostly animal products, but wants to get out of the unhealthy, normal society.

I have wanted to live in a community for a while, I believe that it’s how humans are supposed to live! Not locked up in individual boxes. There are some cultures that won’t lock prisoners up alone!  I have the problem that I can only live on a diet that is mostly animal based, for a medical reason. So I am not interested in living anywhere vegetarian, I also don’t believe vegetarianism to be natural or healthy.    I can help with all sorts of things, and many more than I am probably aware of. My interests are: Building and design, animal farming, forestry, security and technology. I am passionate about living as a natural human being and will use my skills and learn many more! My father was a builder, I am doing a design degree, I am great with animals (not my words only) and I have worked in and had an interest in security for years; I am also good with technology and computer STUFF, electrics too.    I am worried about the state of England, and I believe that moving away to a community may be the only way to survive freely. However, I am in the fight of getting our country back lawfully and peacefully.    I am 23, I have no partner, a couple of the most glorius cats that I actually don’t know if I will be able to leave… I will have to get past that and I live with my father right now.    Thanks for reading and I hope you consider me for your community.  

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Looking for a new life project

I am a 55 year old Italian woman living in Uk since 2014. I am residing in London but looking for the opportunity to share my life with an intentional community elsewhere. I worked for many years in business and communication, training and education, and I am still curious and interested in improving my competence and sharing it with likeminded people.

I have experienced environmentalist communities, volunteering in Switzerland and Uk, and I have enjoyed very much living in Totnes for some years in the past. I like gardening, cooking, craft making and upcycling, reading, writing, walking, music and arts, psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, physical exercise, Tai chi and Qigong.

I am also a qualified teacher, with 15 years of experience in secondary schools in Italy, and more in academic teaching, and tutoring. Currently unemployed due to covid-19, I am studying to become a childminder, as I have never lost my passion for nurturing education and childcare, and possibly to set up a social enterprise providing childcare to low income families.

I love animals and nature and would be very happy to contribute to the wellbeing and thriving of the land and of the community, in any useful role, learning what is needed. I am also passionate about unconventional therapies and herbalism.

Please get in touch for any question. We could arrange a video chat on Skype, FaceTime or any other available platform. Thank you.


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Who wants a volunteer?

Hello  beautiful people,

So it’s just me and my beautiful dog Mia, abit of a lone wolf but that’s only because I’m yet to find my tribe. I grew up in foster care and need genuine people with good intentions in life. I have always been drawn to living off the land, I’m stuck in the rat face at the moment, the goal being to find a community where I fit it, prepared to give my all to the right community. I’m looking for place that would like a volunteer for now (and a friendly Mia) in my spare time, where I can expand my skills and knowledge, and meet like minded people. I have a National Diploma in Animal management and nvq in horse care, in both I have gained practical experience. I’ve worked at petting farm, kennels and a wildlife rescue. Very interested permaculture. Love working hard for the right cause. My right cause being to do our best to work with nature instead of against it. Obviously I’m very passionate about animals, and a vegetarian but I have no problem with people eating meat I just don’t like how they are treated, I would rather eat game as I know its had a natural life. I love up-cycling things and have a creative flare. I love practicing yoga and being outside in nature. Normally in my spare time I travel around the UK taking my dog to new places in the wild, mother nature is our happy place. I’m quite active love hiking, kayaking, wild camping, painting and dancing. 

Anyone that needs help with anything I can offer please message me and we can go from there. (Free most weekends)

Hope to hear from you soon, and hopefully get to know some of you.

All the best Diggers and Dreamers, you mother nature warriors! 😊


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Two Free Spirits

I’m a 33 year old single mother living with my 7 year old son looking for a less conventional way of living that is much closer to nature, preferably in the South West. We both love being outdoors, are non religious and very laid back, but are prepared to work hard. I am a care worker, trained as a dance teacher and am very creative with many crafting hobbies. My son would benefit from a more organic way of learning than regular schooling. I’m very interested in permaculture and living more simply, any help achieving this would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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Communist in need of a commune

I am as good at fixing things, as I am at breaking them; computers, cars, plumbing, electrics, painting, …  A general handy person.  I also can teach vipassana meditation, mathematics (former secondary school teacher,) design high speed railways (former permanent way engineer,) and drink anyone under the table (former party animal.)  I don’t actually drink alcohol, I gave it up two years ago; I am quite dedicated to meditation/buddhism, communism, health without medicine.  I have no money, and I have no work, I am looking for a community that wants a person to come and work in exchange for accommodation/food. I haven’t used soap or shampoo for over two years; I am trying to live a life without the need for destructive consumer industries.  That being said, I do wash daily with water, and hopefully I don’t smell, but you only have my word on that. I’m quiet, helpful and I would like to say friendly – however, I am not big on conversation; after years of being involved in party-orientated friendship groups and growing tired of that lifestyle and its dramas, I tend to shy away from socially ambitious people. My main dedication, if it has not already been clear, is dissolving the ego, my ego in this case, through vipassana, which is the meditation taught by the Buddha.  I can actually teach vipassana correctly to others that are interested in achieving enlightenment. Several years ago I had a vision, in which I understood the nature of suffering and how it is created by the collective ego of society, and in that moment I became a communist (not in the Russian or Chinese sense of the word.)  In short, I believe in people living and working together as equals in a community, for mutual sustainment. I am skilled at computer programming, and half skilled at sql, html, javascript – I cannot imagine how these skills would be useful to a community. I spent many years studying alternative health, through books, a few courses and self experimentation. I regard myself as non-cis.

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