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Join Extinction Rebellion and help expand southwest England land bloc

Hello! Please read this post very very carefully. I get many inappropriate emails which would have been saved had the writers read this advert more carefully! Okay, so I am advertising here for two projects. 1) Forming a land bloc. This is a regional strategy to build a land bloc of likeminded people, for political reasons, facing an increasingly unstable world. We seek the second land-owner in the land-bloc. Organic growing, biodiversity conservation and a hard work ethic are a must. We are seeking a land buyer with capital. We do not have land for rent or any space for you to build on our land. 2) Recruitment for the international direct action campaign Extinction Rebellion, against government inaction on climate breakdown. From November 2018 we will go to prison for peaceful infrastructure blocks. Join us in frontline or support roles:

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