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Preparing for 2050+: post-global, post-carbon futures; LAND BLOC STRATEGY

Hello, a lot of who I am and my goals is well explained on my blog so feel free to visit The core vision and Heroine Quest is here: Due to likelihood of civilisation crash and / or Transition / Descent / Powerdown before 2080 (read oil industry insiders, plus David Fleming, Shaun Chamberlin, Richard Heinberg, James Lovelock etc) I am looking for likeminded folk with very specific foundational skills to help negotiate the difficult time ahead and build an international resilient, broadly leftist land bloc (not a 'commune') in mid Devon, expanding outwards from the 20 acres or so that I already help manage. Strongly feminist and anti-imperialist, I seek similar. Representation from BAME communities also sought. Additionally, I am seeking folk who are broadly sympathetic to all elements of the Heroine Quest, although this is open to amendment. Please, do not contact me if you are looking for someone's land to live on; I cannot help. What I am looking for is more private land buyers with capital to expand the bloc, entrepreneurs of all kinds including web-based, who seek to accumulate wealth in order to redistribute it again with the aims of local economic resilience, and folk who are strategy and security minded. An eventual aim is to build a critical mass in this one area of likeminded land owners, affording possibilities for self-governance, self-policing, alternative economics, re-wilding and local sufficiency in food, along proven permaculture lines. Additionally, a very localised microrenewables and hydrogen based energy infrastructure. My name is Tehanu, also known as Matthew. My number is 07538746677 // Other interests: ENM relationships, international relations; Rojava (N Syria), Tamera (Portugal), ZEGG (Germany), Zapatistas (Mexico). The UK will likely be a relatively safe haven mid-century. While our borders are still open, come and join me. Help me change the landscape, literally and metaphorically. We have no time to lose. Additional to the land bloc project I am looking for global helpers in the 18-25 age range to help with Epic Tomorrowss Heroine Quest (see top of post). In return I offer mentoring, if I am considered worthy. I am 38 years old.

message posted by Tehanu