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Swedish Lapland anyone?

Hi! Some time ago I discovered a lovely place on Arctic Circle called Vuollerim - beautiful nature, clean waters, sparkling snow... A real paradise for people who are not afraid of long winters...I have bought a house there and I am planning to move there with my 9-year-old boy. People in the village are very friendly and trying to make the village a good place (they opened a hotel, a free school,a dairy (they have mountain cows). However, many young people move south to cities where life is easier and faster and this means that house prices are amazingly low. Our neighbour has sold hers for £5000 (yes, 5 and 3 zeros :) ) I am just sharing this with you because I would love to attract more good, nature loving people into this place. They are many opportunities (tourism, permaculture, natural therapies...). We can help village thrive and form a great community where we have time to be with each other, create things and get a new quality of live. It is a perfect place for people who also appreciate privacy and can't see themselves living in the same house or on the same plot with others. Please, contact me if you want to know more about the village. There is a chance to rent our house for a small amount of money (to cover electricity bills) while we are not there or a room when we are there :)

message posted by norra