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A fine pair of Gardener/ Makers!!

Hey, myself and partner Josh are looking for somewhere to stay on the outskirts of Bristol. We have a van, filled with tools and ideas, both very handy we have run a gardening business for years and have a workshop in fishponds where we work with wood, metal and stained glass. Ideally we are searching for a friendly group or individual who could do with a spare pair of hands. We can help out with the gardens/ renovation/ livestock or fixing and building structures that may be needed/ helping you design build spaces or just general maintenance/ being part of community however big or small- this is what we will bring. We are both friendly and sociable but as makers this will be where we have our main interests and you will see us scooting off to go work on our project most of the week! If you have any thoughts or would like to discuss opportunities than please do get in touch on this number. April: 07758083588

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Looking for potential house sharers to develop shared understanding and living.

Mature man with integrity ~ skilful, cooperative, independent, caring, solvent, genuine and trustworthy. From 2010 I sought a place to share, contribute, work in and for, call home and be actively part of ~ through quite much travel, research and a D&D post ~ with many meaningful communications and meets taking place from this though no actual ongoing 'home' materialisation in the timeframe. I did live in some special and very fine places... I thought, believed and imagined I sought 'community', now realising I need the sense of 'kin', meaningful home, and family to be fulfilled. Undaunted, this year 2018 I made a different approach and am currently living alone in the free market place of approximately middle England. Circumstances though are due to alter somewhat soon and the anticipated difference will definitely bring new opportunity for collective living in shared accommodation. I will be fortunate and privileged together with those involved to define what becomes of 'home' and now invite individuals to make contact and express their interest. There is every hope for it being towards auspicious ideals and practical realities so I am mostly upbeat and optimistic. Please ask the ??s you need answering and tell of what you seek, need or aspire towards. The greatest likelihood is for someone (a woman?) with reasonably compatible complementary views, though all is in the future and I strive to be open enough to all things so as to be both here and now, with sufficient nous for successful transition. I welcome debate and am capable of discussing contrary views constructively with interest, just preferably not forever. If enough people were to contact with somewhere, or a view to rent or buy such a place I am up for this. If you are interested in collective living, looking for 'home', open to where and want to share please reach me soon as you like to tell something of your story, while sharing mine too ~ which is currently in South Yorkshire. This message will be here for a time period less than 3 months from September. Peace and Best to you ~ especially Diggers and Dreamers

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Looking to start a new life

Hi everyone, I'm George, 32. I'm looking to leave my busy London life behind and join a friendly community to lead a more green, peaceful and meaningful life. I'm starting the ground-work now with a view to move in spring 2019 or later. About me: Biologist by education, I've worked with websites most of my life and for the past few years I've been transitioning into holistic healing and therapy, my lifelong passion. I'm currently working on an ambitious online project focused on personal development, fulfilment and spiritual growth, which consumes most of my time. == WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR == [*] Ideally, I'm looking for a place with open-minded, friendly people who are open to everyone regardless of their nationality, religion, gender, race or sexuality. [*] I love nature and looking for a location that has a lot of natural spaces to roam. I'd love a place where there's an opportunity to grow food, herbs and flowers, sadly in London that's an unachievable dream. [*] I'm a bit of an introvert, which simply means that I'm respectful of other people's space and prefer hours of passionate discussions, swapping stories and laughing in the company of my friends, rather than mingling and getting to know many new people in a large social event. [*] I'd love a balance between having my own quiet corner to retreat to when I need to work/write/do research or simply to rest; and spending time with friendly, respectful, supportive people to help one another, do communal tasks together or simply enjoying little things in life like nice hikes, playing sports or grabbing a cuppa. [*] I'm open and willing to adapt to any reasonable community ethos and values, as long as a particular belief system or religion is not mandatory to its members. I can adjust to most dietary or lifestyle preferences (I'm currently mostly vegetarian). I never had much taste for booze or recreational drugs, but don't mind either, as long as they're not a requirement for socializing within the group. [*] A group with non-religious spiritual interests (meditation, yoga, personal growth etc) would be great, but not essential. [*] My long-term vision is to have a holistic healing practice and perhaps join forces with other practitioners in similar fields to run our own small retreat centre. This would bring in visitors to stay in natural environment while recovering mentally and physically, attending lectures, courses, workshops as well as having group and one-on-one therapy sessions to make the most of their visit. == WHAT I CAN OFFER == [*] I have a lot of experience with all things IT and web, including website development, graphic design, photography, marketing and advertising. I'm always happy to share my expertise and devote time to worthy causes, which could help bring visitors, funds and raise awareness to any community venture or project. [*] I have a reasonably stable, location-independent income and am happy pay a fair rent + my share of community expenses. [*] I have a long-term goal of running a holistic therapy practice, perhaps growing it into a retreat centre. My current online project can provide a flow of interested visitors, which can be of benefit to local community by providing accommodation, local recreation, events, services, selling locally grown/prepared/produced goods, offering other complimentary therapies etc. There is a huge potential for growth and expansion in the right setting. [*] I'm polite, respectful, friendly, helpful and reliable (I've been told). I like my space clean and tidy, cook well (both veggie and omnivore), am well-rounded and well-versed in many subjects and always eager to learn more from others. ======= Thank you for reading thus far. I'm always happy to get to know anyone who's on the same path, whether you're already in a community, looking to start one or, like me, looking for one yourself - please feel free to message me, email me or reach out on Facebook: Email: warmest regards, George

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looking for comunity/space for bell tent

hi, i am a young mature and independent lad in search of an alternative way of living that will bring me closer to nature. i am very passionate about nature and living outdoors and would love to find a way to live more naturally with nature as opposed to outside of it. I am seeking a community with space for my own belltent which i can become a part of and help work together with. I am very hard working and well motivated and not afraid to get stuck in. im also very eager to learn new skills in horticulture and permaculture and find more ways i can live sustainably. I am currently based down in Devon and ideally would like to find a community down here however i am more than happy to consider communities outside of Devon.

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Looking for a community please.

Hey guys, I will keep this short and factual. My son Boedi 13 and myself Chris 45 are currently living and working on a holiday park where i am in charge of all the general maintenance on 80 holiday homes, the swimming pool, complex and kitchen, my son Boedi is home educated and washes cars on the park for his money. We are well traveled and used to living and working with folk from all walks of life, countries and cultures but we are ready to settle down in a family orientated community now where we would offer our skill sets, happiness, love and ideas and also our willingness to learn new things to help everyone grow. To know more if you're interested in us please get in contact :

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looking for a community

for the end of the academic year of 2019 (a year from now) I'm looking for an off grid community to stay with from the summer of 2019 to December of 2019. I live in Scotland but the plan is to go to Argentina for when winter hits this country, I have a good Idea on where id like to stay but any suggestions of places in Scotland would be amazing (maybe even England) Thanks

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