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looking for comunity/space for bell tent

hi, i am a young mature and independent lad in search of an alternative way of living that will bring me closer to nature. i am very passionate about nature and living outdoors and would love to find a way to live more naturally with nature as opposed to outside of it. I am seeking a community with space for my own belltent which i can become a part of and help work together with. I am very hard working and well motivated and not afraid to get stuck in. im also very eager to learn new skills in horticulture and permaculture and find more ways i can live sustainably. I am currently based down in Devon and ideally would like to find a community down here however i am more than happy to consider communities outside of Devon.

message posted by Joe Blatchford
Looking to start a new life

Hi everyone, I'm George, 32. I'm looking to leave my busy London life behind and start the next phase of my life. About me: Biologist by education, I've worked with websites most of my life and for the past few years I've been transitioning into holistic healing and therapy, my lifelong passion. I'm currently working on an ambitious online project focused on personal development, fulfilment and spiritual growth, which consumes most of my time. == WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR == [*] Ideally, I'm looking for a place with open-minded, friendly people who are open to everyone regardless of their nationality, religion, gender, race or sexuality. [*] I love nature and looking for a location that has a lot of natural spaces to roam. I'd love a place where there's an opportunity to grow food, herbs and flowers, sadly in London that's an unachievable dream. [*] I'm a bit of an introvert, which simply means that I'm respectful of other people's space and prefer hours of passionate discussions, swapping stories and laughing in the company of my friends, rather than mingling and getting to know many new people in a large social event. [*] I'd love a balance between having my own quiet corner to retreat to when I need to work/write/do research or simply to rest; and spending time with friendly, respectful, supportive people to help one another, do communal tasks together or simply enjoying little things in life like nice hikes, playing sports or grabbing a cuppa. [*] I'm open and willing to adapt to any reasonable community ethos and values, as long as a particular belief system or religion is not mandatory to its members. I can adjust to most dietary or lifestyle preferences (I was vegetarian for most of my 20s). I never had much taste for booze or recreational drugs, but don't mind either, as long as they're not a requirement for socializing within the group. [*] A group with non-religious spiritual interests (meditation, yoga, personal growth etc) would be great, but not essential. [*] My long-term vision is to have a holistic healing practice and perhaps join forces with other practitioners in similar fields to run our own small retreat centre. This would bring in visitors to stay in natural environment while recovering mentally and physically, attending lectures, courses, workshops as well as having group and one-on-one therapy sessions to make the most of their visit. == WHAT I CAN OFFER == [*] I have a lot of experience with all things IT and web, including website development, graphic design, photography, marketing and advertising. I'm always happy to share my expertise and devote time to worthy causes, which could help bring visitors, funds and raise awareness to any community venture or project. [*] I know that many communities have a lot of drive and gumption, but struggle with cash flow. Since I have a more or less stable, location-independent income, this can help ensure that there's always some monthly cash available. [*] I have a long-term goal of running a holistic therapy practice, perhaps growing it into a retreat centre. My current online project can provide a flow of interested visitors, which can be of benefit to local community by providing accommodation, local recreation, events, services, selling locally grown/prepared/produced goods, offering other complimentary therapies etc. There is a huge potential for growth and expansion in the right setting. [*] I'm polite, respectful, friendly, helpful and reliable (I've been told). I like my space clean and tidy, cook well (both veggie and omnivore), am well-rounded and well-versed in many subjects and always eager to learn more from others. I'm also quite handy, even though I'm not skilled in any particular trade. ======= Wow, can't believe you've read this far, kudos for your commitment! :D I'm always happy to get to know anyone who's on the same path, whether you're already in a community, looking to start one or, like me, looking for one yourself - please feel free to message me, email me or reach out on Facebook: Email: warmest regards, George

message posted by George
New member looking for communal site

Hi to all the community on here.Ive just joined the site as id like to pursue the idea of living in an eco community,as i like the idea of everyone helping each other to share their skills,and friendship and love with each other.I will be exploring the site as things progress for me ,as i move into a new way of living from the current materialistic way of living we currently have on our beautiful planet.Im looking for a community that is either already set up and running,or joining a newly forming community.Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Looking for Housing Co-op in or near Edinburgh

Male, late 50s, reasonably fit and financially solvent looking for co-op in or near Edinburgh.

message posted by Cam
Looking for a community please.

Hey guys, I will keep this short and factual. My son Boedi 13 and myself Chris 45 are currently living and working on a holiday park where i am in charge of all the general maintenance on 80 holiday homes, the swimming pool, complex and kitchen, my son Boedi is home educated and washes cars on the park for his money. We are well traveled and used to living and working with folk from all walks of life, countries and cultures but we are ready to settle down in a family orientated community now where we would offer our skill sets, happiness, love and ideas and also our willingness to learn new things to help everyone grow. To know more if you're interested in us please get in contact :

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Looking for short or long term parking and use of house facilities in Edinburgh :)

Hi folks, anyone interested in earning some rent to have a musician come stay in his van and use the house facilities? I'm relocating up to Edinburgh to work at the University, arriving mid August, looking for somewhere long term ideally - and with a room if it was available. Open to all options to begin with :) I like to have both my own space and social areas, love community feel and cooking together etc. I bring a caring presence, music, holistic therapies (inc. massage) and usually a few light hearted laughs. Timewise I'll be employed and continuing the music so my contribution would be more financial than working in that respect. Can get a sense of me from my music at and skype or meet when I arrive early August. If that appeals give me a shout =)

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Collective (rented) house seeks new housemate

The collective home I live in with Safaa, Divya and Rai has a space coming up from the summer. Ideally August, but its pretty flexible. We’re looking for a person or a couple. We are a youngish group (late twenties) and rent a house together in Plaistow and live together in an intentional way, this means we try to live in an intersectional anti racist feminist way. This is a house of healing and support rather than 'devils advocate' debates. We would love to hear from people who have an interest in thinking about the politics of living and welcome a response from anyone of any age or background. A bit about us… • We are a musician, theatre director, artists, MA students. • We are living collectively which means sharing food, hanging out, cooking for each other, cleaning, big dinners, bonfires, occasional house parties, monthly meetings, and whatever you would like to bring to the table. • We have long term plans to live together, potentially buying a house co-operatively. You don’t need to be interested in this per se, but we are definitely looking for long term people rather than short term. • We are creating a nurturing and supportive anti-racist, vegetarian/vegan, feminist household. And would love to hear from people who are interested in growing this with us. The room is the largest in the house, a double with lots of room to bounce around in. The house has a garden, with a bike shed, and lots of light communal space in the kitchen-living room, and also a study. See pics. There are 3 bathrooms. Rent is £546 or £700 for a couple, and bills are £80 approx p/m which includes: gas, electric, water, council tax, wifi, ALL food (we share food), organic veg box and Spotify. The house is on a quiet residential road around the back of Stratford. Great neighbours. Nearest tube stations: Plaistow 7 min walk (District and Hammersmith & City), West Ham 12 min walk (Jubilee, District and Hammersmith & City), Stratford 20 min walk / 5 min buses (Central, Jubilee, Overground galore etc.). We are bang next to lots of corner shops, post office, hairdresser, cafes, two lovely parks, canals, the Greenway, a shisha bar... i.e. we have been here for over a year and are blissed out. Divya and Safaa cycle everywhere, Raj and I tube. Getting home late night is also chilled. Much love X

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KindaVillage - Inspiring a kinder community

The Missing Kind, a UK based charity, has set up their first 'KindaVillage'. We have secured property in Carmarthenshire, Wales, the UK where we are aiming to create a self-sustaining ecovillage as a base for an intentional community. This will be a community where wealth and success are measured not by personal ownership, but by that of giving. As well as being a co-housing site, our aim is to develop social enterprise businesses as part of the village, based on the passions of those who engage with the project. Examples might be: an organic cafe and/or bakery crafted ethical products for sale, organic vegetable growth, as well as enterprises that provide social and elderly care, environmental education, wellbeing and alternative schooling facilities for the local community; attracting tourist and retreat trade. We are however open to any social business ideas that come from people committed to helping us make a success of this venture and at the same time secure a future for themselves within the KindaVillage environment. Such social enterprises will provide income to sustain the intentional community and ultimately profit to reinvest in further KindaVillage development. We are actively seeking pioneers to join the intentional community and help us realise this project. People who are not only looking for a home but a social purpose. People with the right attitude and skills and who don't mind working hard as part of a team to secure a happy future for themselves and others. We are right at the start of this project and if you would like to join us on the journey then we would encourage you to read further details on our website and send us your application KindaVillage will be a community demonstrating the wealth in sufficiency for a healthy, happy, purposeful life, from joyful birth to contented death.

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looking for a community

for the end of the academic year of 2019 (a year from now) I'm looking for an off grid community to stay with from the summer of 2019 to December of 2019. I live in Scotland but the plan is to go to Argentina for when winter hits this country, I have a good Idea on where id like to stay but any suggestions of places in Scotland would be amazing (maybe even England) Thanks

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