Places needing Members

Places needing Members

Keveral Farm Community

Keveral Farm is not currently (May 2021) looking for new members – but if we were, you should be easy to live with, responsible, self-reliant, eco-minded, and willing and able to get involved and take on responsibilities. Co-ops are about everyone participating – we are not just a place to live !

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Fruit Corner

If you are interested in joining one of our communities, please send a short email, ideally with a bit about you and your current situation.

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Pendragon House

We are currently looking for individuals and families, ideally a single parent with 4 – 12 year old children, but also individuals, who are motivated for communal living. We would need you to come and visit us once or twice prior to joining.

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Pendragon House, House Rear

Canon Frome Court

We’re always open to interesting people to come and visit and have rolling programme to welcome people interested to join us as communards.  We hold regular Member Open Weekends in Spring and Autumn for those interested in joining our community, are open to volunteers who want to work alongside us and share the joy and have short term rentable spaces for thise who just want to check us out – please see our website for details.

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Shirle Hill Cohousing

Shirle Hill Cohousing is currently not looking for new members as its unit are currently full. When the pandemic permits, we would love to invite interested people to our working days again so please do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more, but unfortunately we do not have any units for sale or rent at present. 

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Wild Peak Housing Co-op

Wild Peak is looking for members!   We have six spaces opening up at our housing and land coop in Derbyshire.

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Redcurrant Housing Co-op

Our house is currently full and likely to be full for the foreseeable future. However, we are open to prospective members at all times. If you’re interested in joining Redcurrant then please send an e-mail to and we’ll send further details about the joining process.

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Old Hall Community

May 2021: Stop Press. From May 17th Potential members who have contacted us and recieved an information pack can now book a visit by contacting We are always interested in meeting Potential Members and we would love enquires from energetic, enthusiastic, sociable people and young families. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty in East Bergholt, famous for its links with John Constable. East Bergholt has good transport links and excellent primary and secondary schools within walking distance. Living spaces of all sizes become available at times. Potential members make several visits here over a period of time which is how we get to know each other. You have to buy into our community which means you must have capital (the amount depends on the size of space you buy). Small top up loans are available. Mortgages are not available. Send us a letter/email telling us all about yourselves to and we will send you more information.

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Threshold Centre

We are a co-housing community of 14 properties in rural north Dorset, aiming to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Some properties are owned, and some rooms and houses are rented. Vacancies do come up intermittently and you are welcome to visit in order to have a look around, meet some of the residents and learn more about our whole setup first hand. Since the membership process can take weeks or months, it is advantageous to have visited at least once before a vacancy comes up. Please see our website or email us at for more details.

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Redfield Community is currently looking for new members. We aim to maintain an approximate gender/age/families/singles balance. In particular at the moment, we are looking for families, couples and single women. If you don’t fit in to any of these categories, please do still express your interest as things can and do change. There are a variety of ways to visit us: visitor days, open days, maintenance weeks and WWOOF weekendsPlease contact the membership secretary if you are interested by

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Redfield, Buckinghamshire

Wellhouse Community

Looking to find 2 more persons to live with us longer term. Ideally we are after people that are looking to find a communal home and will love the space we have as much as we do. Our set up may suit a couple with a younger child as we’d have a great space to grow up in and there the obvious synergy of us having a toddler. We follow ‘gentle parenting’ and intend to home school We have a single and double room available. If you are interested please contact us with info about you and why you are interested in our set up.

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the well house front

Temple Druid Community

Over the next five years we will be looking for new people to join us. Initially we would be interested in people with some capital to invest in order to pay off existing loans. After this we may be in a position to offer membership to those without capital investment. Whilst it is not necessary to have experience in a particular area of community living and renovations, the current community would greatly benefit from people with those skills. The process of applying to live in the community includes the following:Phase one: Initial request for consideration to the group. Day visit and information sharing. Weekend visit and joining in activities. Group decision.Phase two: Further weekend visit. Trial period. Group decision.

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Cornerstone Housing Co-operative

Cornerstone Housing Co-op has 1 vacancy (as at June 2021), but we kinda wanna make the room warmer first. Cornerstone is (in non-pandemic times) a chaotic hive of activists, gardeners, printers and other communards. Vegan communal meals, big gardens, lots of DIY (needed rather than done currently), inner-city Leeds, lots of visitors and friends, too many computers, queer-friendly. Cornerstone is a member of Radical Routes. For an application pack: or 0113 262 1534

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Share Instead

Share Instead is looking for new members to join our 5 person co-op. Our supportive community shares a large, cosy house in Sheffield, which we manage co-operatively. We are a member of Radical Routes and aim to create a place where we can live securely, affordably and gently, working for social change. We need new members keen to learn and share skills while helping with the development of the co-op over at least a couple of years. Sorry, our limited space means we aren’t able to accommodate children. Contact us for more details:

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Rubha Phoil

During the summer of 2021, We’re open for people to come and stay with us for a few days to have a feel of who we are and what we do.

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rubhaphoilinspringfor permaculturemagazine

Hoathly Hill Community

Family home within Hoathly Hill Community for sale. It’s a detached four-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Contact Helena Ford directly on

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Mulberry House

Gorsehill Housing Cooperative

We registered our housing cooperative with the FCA last year, and moved into a house in New Brighton on the Wirral at the end of January, which we rent. We are looking for at least one and possibly two new members.

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Monkton Wyld Court

Be part of an exciting and inspiring project in beautiful surroundings! Monkton Wyld Court is looking for  passionate, imaginative and resourceful people to become a community member and take on a full-time job in the community, in exchange for accommodation, food, a small stipend and community life! Get in touch if you think you may be interested in a role in the office, house, grounds or kitchen The first step? Contact us for a job description and arrange to come and volunteer.

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Cambridge Cohousing Marmalade Lane

We hold a waiting list for when homes become available to buy or rent and post on our facebook page CambridgeK1CoHousingProject. Currently (April 2021) we have this opportunity as a family is going away for a year:  Try cohousing for a year, Marmalade Lane, Cambridge – 4 bed terraced house to rent.Fully equipped terraced house which comprises 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms  (with toilet, shower or bathtub), a walk-in closet, a large open kitchen, a spacious dining/living room with oak flooring,  underfloor heating and downstairs toilet. It has a high speed internet connection and is part of a site wide network.  The rear garden gives onto a large south-facing shared garden where residents grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and look after the wildlife. There are several shared facilities including a common house (with lounge, kitchen, laundry, playroom, an adult only room and guest rooms), a gym, a workshop, a shop and bike sheds. It is located next to a stop on the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway and close to a network of cycle ways which provide fast and direct access to Cambridge city centre (15 minutes by bike), the new Cambridge North railway station (10 minutes by bike) and other destinations.Monthly rental fee: £1800 (bills are not included).  Typical bill: c. £150/month (electricity, water, internet).Service charge: £10/month.  Available from August. Contact:

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