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Seeking tiny home in community or smallholding

I am an active female pensioner with a dream of living in a small chalet/shepherd's hut/flat as part of a community or smallholding. I have volunteered in a couple of places on Diggers and Dreamers in kitchen, housekeeping and gardening (although I'm no horticulturist!)
I am keen to live with a community but have my own small space. Somewhere off grid maybe with self sufficiency and ecology in mind.
I have a background in accounts both paid and voluntary in commerce and charities. I can cook for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. I am happy caring for animals, domestic and farmyard inc. Alpacas! I worked in Italy for two years with rescued cats and dogs ( not fluent in Italian but woof and meow quite proficient!)
As a Yorkshire woman I am trusting and friendly but with a quirky sense of humour.
I have a clean driving licence and share a car with my daughter.
I have a small rescue cat who lives indoors and we are very quiet, clean, tidy and careful.
I'm happy to work to augment any rent but can pay small rent and/or contribution to accommodation, food etc.
Ideally a small place to live within reasonable travelling distance to outskirts of Bristol to visit family occasionally.
Anybody out there with a space for me?

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message posted by Trish no Trash
Extending Project

Currently in the process of acquiring another 5 acres in Pembrokeshire with a view to 5 One Planet applications. Totally off-grid. Anyone interested please get in touch with details. On a personal level, 63, fit, guitarist, artist, home-builder, wildlife preserver, looking for a partner in crime. Slim, active, passionate, hard working would be good :)

message posted by Galonglas
Laughton Lodge - houses for sale

We have two properties for sale in established Sussex co-housing community Laughton Lodge - details here:

message posted by Steve Hoare

I'm interested in moving in to an alternative community, about July 2021 and in the Cambridge area. Currently live PT with 17 year old son in Dorset. Am separated.

message posted by nickieh
Deep Listeners looking for communal living

We are a couple of composers/sound artists and academic professionals who are looking for a place to live in a co-housing space. We have been approved a mortgage. We are looking for ready built places, and would love to meet communities where we can share communal spaces. We work and live in Bath, and would like to live in areas of Bath and Bristol. We are interested in growing vegetables and in sustainable ways of living, respectful of the ecologies that sustain us; we are interested in making place. We are Deep Listeners and have plenty to offer to a communal space.

message posted by Ximena
Wanting Home/community

I'm a woman in fifties returned from living abroad, now in the UK/ I have small amount of funds to buy into a community/Coop or something similar/ I'd like a long term situation where I can call home. However I'm also open to renting or work in exchange for housing in an area away from Wyfi Masts preferable ie 20mls plus. I'm skilled in all aspects of house maintenance including getting down and dirty with cleaning gardening and animal care. I'm a decent cook and can make pickles, bread,crumbles and so on. I've lived in several spiritual and eco communities and have good communication skills. I've worked with the elderly and in the entertainment industry and with self help/ therapy groups. I've studied, worked,been certified in Shiatsu, Auryveda,Macrobiotics/ Five Elements, Meridian Yoga, Self shiatsu, Vocal toning/healing/coaching. I'm fairly easy going and empathetic. I spend time writing poetry and songs and like to facilitate group chanting/opening the energy gates of the body thru voice and movement and do workshops. If anyone has any ideas or just wants to connect with me please send me a message. Peace

message posted by drisco