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This noticeboard is intended for notices about properties that might be suitable for communal living. Perhaps some kind of community was resident there in the past or you're an existing group who all want to leave at the same time, thereby vacating a property.
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Free House with plot for a Yurt or Caravan in Spain,Available end of April.

I have a plot of land with an off-grid three bedroomed run down house in the Sierra Mariola National Park in Valencia.It is offered free to anyone looking to live in a sustainable way,as long as you are happy to live with and respect the rules of the National Park reference fire safety,there are no strings attached.The land will be vacant within the next few weeks.There is also space for a yurt or caravan.Anybody interested can contact me for further details or any questions they might have.Or you can visit the Facebook Simon in Spain page for photographs. Originally the land was going to be used for a charity project,but unfortunately bureaucracy ended that venture. Regards David

message posted by David French
Huge property in SW France

I own with my husband a property at the foot of the Hautes Pyrenees which is now regrettably too large for us. We bought this sleeping beauty 20 years ago, it had been abandoned and forgotten for 40 years after a family disaster. The house now has enormous potential for co-housing, especially for those wanting to be in the country but at a stage of life where you need easy access to facilities and services. All the essentials have been done for the property which now offers a separate 2 bed cottage, a one bedroom first floor flat, a ground floor one bedroom apartment, the main house which has 9 bedrooms, (4 ensuite), which could easily have the top floor converted to two extra apartments, lots of communal areas including cinema, library, entertainment room/bar, very large dining room, two other very attractive rooms, outside eating/BBQ areas, outbuildings..... if you are searching for such a property, then please, get in touch. The price we are looking for is €690,000. This is ideal for a group of people wishing to start their own project or a business person looking to invest and start their own group. Ready to move in, no work required.

message posted by Maubourgetoise
Enjoy the experience of living on our Cornish retreat

Having been given the chance to work on realising my life long dream you are now welcome to share in my opportunity to open up a divine retreat in Cornwall where we can live, dance, relax, massage and generally live life to the full in a loving, open community for all. Live and share in a new property to be purchased close to the North Cornwall coast. Currently operating as a 10 bed hotel we plan to operate the rectory as accommodation for our paying guests, to our retreat to enjoy rest and relaxation in extensive grounds, situated within a wooded area. Members of our commune may share the accommodation or occupy one of our self-contained chalets and lodges, tree lodges or bubble homes to enjoy sleeping out in nature, under the stars. The grounds provide sufficient space for outdoor events for up to 100 people; plus swimming pool and indoor spa and outdoor hot tubs. There will be a shop, cafe providing artisan coffee and natural, healthy food and juices; plus a bar and underground cavern for music events. The property will be purchased by securing both bank and private funding but there will also be an opportunity for members of our commune to invest in the refurbishment of the chalets and the development of new holiday homes on a 3 acre building plot to be acquired as a part of the property purchase. The commune will operate on the basis of members working to provide the services and facilities required to operate the business to ensure our paying guests enjoy a satisfying experience; in exchange for free board and lodgings. The property is located in an area ideally suited to walking and cycling but a car will be required to go into the nearest town, just one mile away. There are many tourist attractions and beaches within a short distance including the village in which Doc Martin is filmed. To discover more and to view images please send a private message.

message posted by elgin51
Property in sw France

Large timber built single floor eco house on large plot of land in quiet rural hamlet in the gers region of sw france. The house is 2,680 sq ft and the land is a square plot of 1.6 acres. asking price of 219,000 euros (193,000 pounds). For more information please pm.

message posted by anton
Vodna Village North West Bulgaria Welcomes Settlers

Vodna is a small rural village in north west Bulgaria 25 km from the River Danube Port town of Vidin. The village Mayor welcomes couples with children also single and retired people to come and make the village their future home. Every help will be provided to purchase cheap inexpensive property with land. Much cheaper than Estate Agents. Phone +447707002173 or email via this advert for more details.

message posted by vodnavillage
EL POCITO in SW Andalucia, Spain

An opportunity for those looking to create a community based on a more sustainable/ simple/ and natural way of life, in-tune with and connected to the vast surrounding natural landscape that exists in this forgotten part of Europe. By way of introduction, I am originally from London (Sydenham/ Dulwich), but my heart has always been in the countryside, to live somewhere truly rural, where the surroundings are as natural and dramatic as possible. Bit by bit, over many years, this is what my partner and I worked at. First in North Yorkshire (near the Camphill Community of Botton Village), then from 2000-2009 exploring the wilder parts of Iberia & Canada. First living in a converted van, then a succession of “tiny” and very basic shelters, until finally we found/ built a very cosy permanent off-grid “tiny” home in SW Andalucia (Spain). All this time learning the skills necessary to survive without the need for earning money/ being vegan/ planting a herbal forest garden/ learning about alternative medicine/ foraging/ and growing organically. A full description of the transformation can be found on my site: Sadly, my partner for 35 wonderful years died in 2013. After that it has been very tough going, and finally I have decided to move on, start afresh. The land therefore needs new caretakers. It is six acres in principle (though all the surrounding forestry, owned by the council, could be purchased also. Currently though would suit from two to six people full-time, obviously far more for courses/ retreats/ festivals. Brief details (more on the site): EL POCITO Is a forest garden started in 2009, set in a larger forested area totalling 182,000 hectares. Dramatic views up to 60km in distance (the frontier with Portugal). The altitude is 600 metres above sea-level. There are literally hundreds of trees, many with an edible/ medicinal value. Including over 100 olives, which could be producing organic oil. A perfect site also for creating a vineyard (producing up to 3000+ bottles a year). Plus other possibilities, such as making incense/ perfume/ charcoal (from the vast amount of cistus ladanifer that is native here), as well as bee keeping. Self-sufficient in firewood. The property includes a totally off-grid (solar powered) stone house (42m2 with the possibility to extend). Potential to site several yurts nearby, and a local council who are keen to support any ecological initiatives. Water is from a borehole located next to the house. All of this also just 2km/ 1.2 miles, via a beautiful forestry/ donkey track, from the ancient/ Moorish and wonderfully preserved village of Almonaster la Real (pop 800), a local centre with all the usual facilities. While only 120kms (72 miles) away is the amazing city of Sevilla. 140kms (84 miles) the beach. 45kms (27 miles) border with Portugal (Alentejo). Price £125-128,00. Full details on the various pages of the official site: Extra photos on Facebook: For price and answers to any further questions, please email me: Bear in mind I do not have internet connection (by choice), so be patient for the reply. Phil Rooksby.

message posted by Phil Rooksby