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SPAIN: ANDALUCIA – a simple house with forest garden, off-grid, in a vast natural landscape.

SPAIN: ANDALUCIA – a simple house with forest garden, off-grid, in a vast natural landscape. 85,000 euros. Full details, including photographs/ videos/ and tv interview on the pages of our website: I have spent my entire life moving towards a simpler/ healthier/ sustainable existence, bit-by-bit edging away from what was considered “normal.” In 2000 my partner and I finally made the last big step, sold everything and set off in a van, to find a truly wild and remote place. Nine years later, after searching all the forgotten corners of Spain/ Portugal/ and Canada, we found the one place that fulfilled all those dreams, in SW Andalucia/ Portugal, where we built our cosy off-grid “tiny” house amidst its six acres of what will eventually become a “natural” forest garden, surrounded by 183,000 hectares of nature. Rejoicing that we had found the impossible. This journey is chronicled in two books by Maureen: TREAD SOFTLY BECAUSE YOU TREAD ON MY DREAMS (, and MUSINGS ON A MORE SIMPLE LIFE (, both free to download in pdf format. Sadly, after 35 wonderful years together, Maureen died. This was a setback that proved tougher to deal with than anything else we’d been through. But then someone came into my life and helped me back on the path again. The only problem is she lives in Shetland, so very reluctantly I am going there to join her. If you are interested in taking EL POCITO on, the asking price was 130,000 euros but is now reduced to 85,000 euros for a sale by the end of September at the latest. I would also consider a straight swap for a property in Shetland. Plus if you recommend this property to the eventual buyer we will pay a 3% commission on the sale price. Look forward to hearing from you. Phil (WhatsApp +34 633 731 906).

message posted by Phil Rooksby
Free use of a plot for a Yurt or Caravan in Valencia Spain,Available now.

I have a plot of land in the Sierra Mariola National Park in Valencia.It is offered free to anyone looking to live in a sustainable way,as long as you are happy to live with and respect the rules of the National Park reference fire safety,there are no strings attached..There is space for a yurt or caravan or both.The plot is on the edge of a forest and has a well.Anybody interested can contact me for further details or any questions they might have.Or you can visit the Facebook Simon in Spain page for photographs. Originally the land was going to be used for a charity project,but unfortunately bureaucracy ended that venture. Regards David

message posted by David French
SPANISH-PORTUGUESE border eco-living community of neighbors

SPANISH-PORTUGUESE border. Big land and houses for rebuild. Water, good access, south facing, native forest, wild animals. Eco-living community of neighbors. 4 farms for sale. More info:

message posted by rosa_terrapurna
Aquatic plant nursery for sale in Cornwall

Hello fellow diggers and dreamers, Want to post about this place, as it's beautiful, but needs some TLC. It's the Lanjeth Aquatic Plant Nursery in Cornwall near to St Austell. 13.5 acres of nursery, woodland, ponds, lake, field. Currently has 2 park homes on site and numerous greenhouses in need of TLC. John is the man to speak to. Here's the website: Too much work for me, but could be a perfect place for eco pods/yurts/retreats/holidays/aquatic plant centre. John said to me that this was the only aquatic plant centre now left in Cornwall. He and his wife have lots of plants still, plus loads in the ponds or on the land. Plus fish - goldfish and coy. The land is boundaried by streams. Natural springs on site. Well worth a look if you have the physical strength, vision, team who could revitalise this beautiful space and give it some loving. John and his wife would love for the site to remain as a natural space, not concreted over for development. All good wishes, Zelly

message posted by Zelly Restorick