Properties might suit Communities

Properties might suit Communities

Spain: Andalucia – a simple house with forest garden

A simple off-grid house in Andalucia with a forest garden in a vast natural landscape.

75,000 euros for quick sale.

Full details, including lots of photographs/ videos/ even a tv interview, can be found on the pages of the website:

Very briefly, I have spent my entire life moving towards a simpler/ healthier/ sustainable existence. To that end in 2000 we sold all our possessions and set off in a converted van to find a truly wild and remote place. Nine years later, after exploring all the forgotten corners of Spain/ Portugal/ and Canada, we found the one place that fulfilled all our criteria, here in Almonaster la Real, SW Andalucia, Spain.

That was in 2009. Where we built our cosy off-grid “tiny” (42m2) hillside house. Using stone found on site, powered by solar panels, and with its own borehole for the purest of water. Set in six very private acres (25,000m2) of what will eventually become a “natural” food forest, surrounded by 183,000 hectares of even bigger forestry/ wilderness.

Then in 2013 my partner died. I eventually met someone new, but she wanted to live in Shetland, so that’s where we are now. EL POCITO is ready for moving in immediately. All the paperwork is ready, everything totally legal, and could be yours in as little as two days.

If you are interested, the original asking price was 130,000 euros, but now has been reduced to 75,000 euros for a quick sale (please no offers, not for rent, no private mortgage). A friend in Almonaster la Real is ready to show you around.

If you recommend this to the eventual buyer we will pay a 3% commission on the sale price.

Look forward to hearing from you. Phil.

WhatsApp (+44) 0797 996 6876
landline (+44) 01806 533 393

or to send a private message to Phil Rooksby

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