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Enjoy the experience of living on our Cornish retreat

Having been given the chance to work on realising my life long dream you are now welcome to share in my opportunity to open up a divine retreat in Cornwall where we can live, dance, relax, massage and generally live life to the full in a loving, open community for all. Live and share in a new property to be purchased close to the North Cornwall coast. Currently operating as a 10 bed hotel we plan to operate the rectory as accommodation for our paying guests, to our retreat to enjoy rest and relaxation in extensive grounds, situated within a wooded area. Members of our commune may share the accommodation or occupy one of our self-contained chalets and lodges, tree lodges or bubble homes to enjoy sleeping out in nature, under the stars. The grounds provide sufficient space for outdoor events for up to 100 people; plus swimming pool and indoor spa and outdoor hot tubs. There will be a shop, cafe providing artisan coffee and natural, healthy food and juices; plus a bar and underground cavern for music events. The property will be purchased by securing both bank and private funding but there will also be an opportunity for members of our commune to invest in the refurbishment of the chalets and the development of new holiday homes on a 3 acre building plot to be acquired as a part of the property purchase. The commune will operate on the basis of members working to provide the services and facilities required to operate the business to ensure our paying guests enjoy a satisfying experience; in exchange for free board and lodgings. The property is located in an area ideally suited to walking and cycling but a car will be required to go into the nearest town, just one mile away. There are many tourist attractions and beaches within a short distance including the village in which Doc Martin is filmed. To discover more and to view images please send a private message.

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