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EL POCITO in SW Andalucia, Spain, close to Portuguese border

SPAIN: ANDALUCIA - a more meaningful life, off-grid, in a tiny house and big forest I have spent pretty much my entire life trying to reconnect with a way of living that disappeared from the UK over 100 years ago. Working and saving, bit-by-bit moving away from the conventional, then in 2000 my partner finally sold everything and set off in a van to explore the wilder and more remote parts of Iberia & Canada. Nine years later we found the one place that fulfilled all those dreams, in a forgotten corner of SW Andalucia/ Portugal, where we settled, built our cosy off-grid “tiny” home, amidst six acres of what will become a “natural” forest garden, in 183,000 hectares of bigger forest, and rejoiced at the endurance it took to find the impossible. A full description of this transformation can be found on my site: https://elpocito (dot) wordpress (dot) com, including both of my partner Maureen’s books about our search (free to download), my blogs/ pages about the house and garden/ and videos. Sadly, after 35 wonderful years together, Maureen died, which was a really tough thing to come to terms with. But then I met someone equally special who helped me get back to living again, except she lives in Shetland and wants me to live there, so very reluctantly am going to sell El Pocito. If you are interested, the asking price was 125,000 euros but is now 105,000 euros for a speedy completion (with the buyer doing the conveyancing). Would also consider swap for a property in Shetland. If you recommend this property we will pay a 3% commission on the sale price. All the best. Phil (WhatsApp +34 633 731 906).

message posted by Phil Rooksby