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70,000 Sqm Land Portugal

Hi Everyone, I have 7 hectors of land close to Nisa, in the area of Castello Branco. The Land has 2 artisan Wells, one in perfect condition, the other needing a little repair. There are wild boar, deer and game bird that populate, and move through the land. The land contains eucalyptus, pine and oak. Currently I allow a local bee keeper to use the land as it is perfect for producing honey there. There is the potential to ask for a rental income, or start your own apiculture business. I am selling the land for 16,000 Euros as I have purchased a property in central Portugal where I now live. All documentation is correct on the land, and the new owner can move to it immediately after the paperwork is signed. This is defined as rustic land, so there are no land taxes. Property's with no foundations can be erected, wooden huts or yurts etc. If you're are interested then get in touch and I will send you the link to the selling agent ERA. Kind regards

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