Print Resources

Here are some interesting resources in printed form.

Mix Café

In the summer of 1972, nine adults plus eight young children set up their communal home in a 65-room mansion – Laurieston Hall in Kircudbrightshire. This personal memoir says little or nothing about drugs and rock and roll.

An Adventure Shared

This book tells the story of one particular community first-hand. Here you'll find all the highs and lows of the first Bamford Quaker Community over its 25 year life.

Diggers & Dreamers 25th Anniversary Edition cover

Many articles plus a directory of intentional communities in the UK - now in full colour. This edition marks Diggers and Dreamer's 25th Anniversary.

A survey of the ground-breaking inventiveness and ingenuity of low impact living communities around Britain

A 500 page encyclopaedic tome which shows how communal living has actually provided a viable way of life for thousands in the last half century. This Magnum opus surveys all that happened between 1939 and 2000.

Private homes sitting alongside communal facilities. Is cohousing the perfect combination? After decades of stories about cohousing in other countries it's finally arrived in Britain. Here's a survey of the current state.

Many articles plus a directory of intentional communities in the UK marked a return to Diggers and Dreamer's original format for its twentieth Anniversary Edition.

A rough guide to the utopian futures of the past in the British Isles. Utopian ancestors all the way from the 1300s to the twentieth century.

In 1971, more than three hundred hippie idealists—in a caravan of sixty brightly painted school buses and assorted other vehicles—landed on an abandoned farm in central Tennessee.

Detailed descriptions of 430 communities, ecovillages, settlements and cohousing projects throughout Europe plus many articles and much, much more.

Pages and pages of community anecdotes, poems, photos, journal extracts, reminiscences, archival accounting pages, newspaper ads, and drawings

From the tribal anarchy of Tipi Valley through to the ordered structure of the Brithdir Mawr intentional farm community. Paul Wimbush shares his truth in an epic journey spanning two decades.

An anthology of contributions from authors from all over the world - each with a fascinating breadth of experience in setting up communities and eco-villages

Communities Directory USA

The essential reference tool for those interested in finding or creating community - particularly in North America. Listings, maps, charts and articles. A comprehensive production from the American Fellowship of Intentional Communities.

The Utopia Experiment

Imagine you have survived an apocalypse. Civilization as you knew it is no more. What will life be like and how will you cope?

Findhorn Reflections cover

Findhorn: a ‘love letter’ and a critique from Graham Meltzer

An introduction to the different types of intentional community and a guided tour of communities around the globe

Jan Bang should know what he's talking about - he's spent a lifetime working in alternative communities, ranging from a Kibbutz to a Camphill community. This is his background and history of the ecovillages movement.

Read all about members of the Plotlands Movement - the ancestors of New Age travellers.