Anatomy of a Commune: Laurieston Hall 1972 - 1987

Compiled by Dave Treanor, Linda Mallett, Catriona Stamp and Patrick Upton. Janet Snell (editor)

Laurieston Hall was set up as a commune 50 years ago and is still thriving today, amidst the beautiful landscape of Galloway in south west Scotland.

Anatomy of a Commune tells the story of those who have lived there in their own words. Some are poetic, or show a wry sense of humour, or paint a revealing picture of daily life. Others seek a more objective evaluation of their successes and failures.

Read how they fell in and out of love, admired, respected, envied, and comforted each other, sometimes riven by conflict but often overcome by joy. They had a lot of fun, and created a place that gave pleasure, and sometimes a life-changing experience, to a great many people.

Diggers & Dreamers Publications
358 pages
Dozens of black and white, photos and illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9545757-9-3

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom


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