Diggers & Dreamers 25th Anniversary Edition

Chris Coates, James Dennis and Jonathan How

It’s a quarter century since Diggers and Dreamers first came out and we’re pleased to announce that communal living in Britain is as vibrant as ever.

There are many different ways to “do” intentional community… urban; rural; spiritual; secular; under-one-roof; co-housing. They’re all represented in our Directory. So if you’re contemplating a communal future this book is the best starting point – there’s even a whole hand-holding section!

Other articles look at getting new intentional communities established as well as the importance of keeping control of assets for future generations. There’s lots to learn.

Go on. Dare to Dream… but be prepared to Dig as well!

Diggers and Dreamers Publications
200 pages
numerous colour photographs
ISBN: 9780954575755

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