The Midlands

Curney Bank Commonwealth

Forming Community

We are converting our 33-acre ex-Forestry Commission plantation (purchased in 2000) to agroforestry or forest farming. We produce and sell free range chicken, pork, bacon and smoked duck. All livestock play an integral role in the management of the land, eg pigs root out existing weeds and prepare the ground for planting forage crops and trees. Wwoofers are welcome.

Hockerton Housing Project

The Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is the UK's first earth sheltered, self-sufficient ecological housing development. The residents of the five houses generate their own clean energy, harvest their own water and recycle waste materials causing minimal pollution or carbon dioxide emissions. The houses are amongst the most energy efficient, purpose-built dwellings in Europe. The houses are the focus of a holistic way of living, which combines the production of organic foods, low intensity fish farming, promotion of wildlife, and the planting of thousands of trees.

community does not share income community does not require capital from members community does not have broadband internet access community does not generates any of its own electricity community does not use solar energy community buildings not insulated to a high standard bicycles not used a lot no systems to encourage carsharing community is not particularly accessible by public transport community does not have systems which encourage sharing of utilities
community does not have tool-sharing system community does not have organised systems for recycling community does not have an ecosewage system community is not involved in land management vegetables not grown by the community as a whole no communal animals no regular communal meals community does not have policy which restricts smoking wheelchair access is difficult